Ten Steps to Effective Online Pokemon Card Trading

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Hello all, it’s Pikkdogs here with an article for TeamOmar.com.  Many of you Pokemon players are at regionals now, or will go there soon, or have just gotten back from one.  I love big Pokemon tournaments.  You get to show off your skills, meet new people, and most importantly get to trade cards.  Trading is important for growing a card collection, it would be a lot more expensive to get a lot of cards if you could only buy packs and singles.  Now what if I told you that you could trade like it was regionals every day.  You can, by trading online.  This article will profile my ten steps for successful online trading.   Even though I’m not the best online trader, I have been trading for  over a year and have learned many things that will help beginners.

The Ten Steps

  1. Asses your goods.  My first step for effective online trading is to assess your collection.  I recommend that you go to your binders or card box and make a list of all the cards you have that people might want.  You can do this step gradually, taking a small inventory the first time you sit down, and then add more cards to your list later.  When you are making your list make sure to make a list of the imperfections that each of your cards have, such as that scratch on the corner of your Dialga G.  Then add to the list any other things you have of value.  This includes other trading card games, video games, and especially money.  Many people will trade video games for cards, and every trader loves to receive money.

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