My Battle report for Cities in MN on 01/10/10

by Omar ~ January 11th, 2010.

So, i decided to play Palkia lock instead of lady gaga because i havent played gaga enough to know what to do in a lot of situations, so i went with a pretty basic lock that consists of Palkia g, luxray g, and then as counters i had promocroak g for luxray g and ambipom for garchomp c. here is how it went.

Round 1 vs Mamoswine G Empoleon G….

This was a joke. i won in i think like 4 turns, and his first 4 turns consisted of energy drops and his only basics were the ones listed above. idk if he know what was goin on or if he was just playing because it was free, but whatever, point being it was over 4 turns, and thats all there is to it.    1-0

Round 2 vs Beedrill

So, i play my buddy alex round 2. Everytime i play against him, it seems like he is using beedrill, and i am using a plox type deck. Turns out that was the same thing for today. He starts a baltoy, attaches a grass energy, and ends his turn. i figured id he gets powers with beedrill im screwed, so i drop mesprits turn 1, 3, 5, and 7. 2 4 6 were covered by sprays. He did however get 1 uxie off due to a heads on a SSU. He ends up setting up 3 beedrill even tho he was completely locked, with the active one expert belt heavy. I knocked that out with a little help from crobat, he was locked so he couldnt flutter, i killed claydols and power sprayed uxie. sorry dood.    2-0

round 3 vs Kingdra

This game i started terrible, getting a lone unown g and a azelf in hand start, with no supporters in hand and 5 of 6 pokemon that were critical to me prized, being palkia g x, luxray g, bronzong, mesprit, lucario.  my frist draw was cyrus. YES. i then azelf and see i have everything i need prized, grab a luxray for weakness, attack my gain and energy, and i missed out on a first turn mesprit. My opponent then end up drawing in total 14 cards with uxie and SSU heads, and got baltoy, horseas and seadras, bts, and energy, but wasnt able to get kingdra or claydol. He then does 60 damage to my active g for ko, and my next turn, i start the lock. I sp radar for luxray, roseannes for mesprit and palkia, and then ko after ko, grabbing lucario as my first prize for weakness, and then smashing his water dudes left and right. No lookin back from there.            3-0

round 4 vs garchomp c blaziken g luxray g

Saori was playing this one, and he plays very similar to abdi, he enjoys playing but since he is new to the tournament scene, this being his 2nd tourney, he is afraid of play mistakes and like all noobies, intimidated against high end players(i have way to big an ego). anyways, i start the game with a lone unown g and supporters and energies in my hand, but no other basics, and he starts luxray active blaziken benched. i go first, and top deck call (Woohoo) and get 2 basics, putting me out of donking range. The funny thing is last time i played him, it was the exact same start, literally, and i top decked call. so he then attaches an energy, a gain, and bites me. My turn consists of roseannes, placing an energy and a gain on palkia, then dropping mesprit, then uxie, and then azelf MT so his attacks cost 1 more, and then end. he plays the same, energy drop on blaziken, bite for Ko. My turn i put luxray active, Lv. X him, bring up his fire pokemon, turn my luxray, attach my energy to palkia, x my palkia, and start the lock with my mesprit and uxie in hand again, then ko his dudes left and right after that. He didnt get a supporter but aarons all game.     4-0

Round 5 vs radu.

Same deck as above with different techs. I misplayed huge in the beginning of this game. I could have set it up to a point where i would have KO’ed hus luxray turn 2 after he Ko’ed my palkia, but when i used my azelf to time walk, i accidentally put the card i needed(sp radar) as a prize, which makes it impossible to get to my toxicroak G. My hand was roseannes heavy, with no cyrus. So i prized the card that could have got me a little ahead, but after that i was always behind, and he was 2-3 turns ahead for the rest of the game, winning 4-0 on prize count (idk how i got 2 prizes)  4-1

So its cut to top 4 leaving these standings.

1. Radu  2 Me  3. Thomas  4 Soari

So 2 of the people i played are in tops, and the other one is running kindra, let alone everytime i play him i get donked.

top 4 cut vs. Thomas

I was expecting to get donked again since i always seem to. We both start crobat G. He goes first. He passes. On my turn, i drop luxray, put a water energy on him, then energy gain, poketurn my crobat, drop it and put 1 on his, drop mesprit, then azelf MT, and then uxie for like 5 or 6, and couldnt get the second turn for win, so i do 60 with bite and he has 10 hp left. His turn, he drops horsea and an energy on him, and cant do anything else due to mesprit. My turn. i top deck cyrus, get a turn, look thru the deck, and both my electric energies got prized, grab a water, and then grab another cyrus. I turn the crobat, knock his out, take a prize, and there was my electric energy. I attach it to luxray and trash bolt my water energy to finish him off.  5-1

Top 2 vs radu.

this game was intense. I top decked everything i would need to stay in the game all game. if i needed to get a supporter because i didnt have any, i would. If i needed more cards, i would top deck an uxie. it was redic. I played him Ko for Ko this game. Every time he would Ko my palkia, i would return fire with toxicroak. Everytime he snime someone with garchomp, i came back with ambipom. unfortunately, he drew blood first, and after 40 min, the count was 2-1. He outplayed me a little in some places, but i could take the loss in that game. It was a fun and exciting game to play, and i end the day in 2nd with 10 packs woohoo. :)

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