Tyranitar Deck Workshop

by Ed ~ March 9th, 2010.

I don’t even know how to properly set this article up. You see, it’s not my deck, and I’m not the one that wants help with it. The problem is that I can’t seem to teach Abdi how to log into these internets. I’ve been waiting for almost a week for him to post this article asking for help with his Tyranitar deck. Last time I saw him play it, he was whining about how it wasn’t working well enough and fast enough, and he wanted suggestions. I figured “Who would be better to help him than you guys?,” so I told him to post his plea for help here. Well, since then, that Noctowl article has sat there waiting to be bumped from top spot, and I feel like we need something new for people to read. I guess that means that I have to post Abdi’s help request for him, and maybe if I disparage him enough in the process, he’ll finally log in to defend himself. It seems like a long-shot.

The problem, though, is that I don’t know Abdi’s current decklist. Omar might, though, so hopefully we’ll get a reply from him. For now, I’m going to leave this rather simple. I’ll post a decklist that I got from a thread on PokeGym by “Burglar Matt,” and start editing that. I’ll edit this info when I get something better. I want this to be a placeholder to start discussing the deck. What needs to be in? What are popular misconceptions? What are things you’ve tried, and how did they work/fail?
Tyranitar - Stormfront

Pokemon: 20
4 Tyranitar (SF)
2 Pupitar (SF)
4 Larvitar (SF)
4 Sableye (SF)
1 Pachirisu (GE)
1 Unown G (GE)
2 Claydol (GE)
2 Baltoy (GE)

Trainers: 11
1 Luxury Ball
4 Rare Candy
4 Super Scoop Up
2 Expert Belt

Supporters: 11
4 Roseanne’s Research
3 Felicity’s Drawing
3 Bebe’s Search
1 Team Galactic’s Wager

Stadium: 3
2 Moonlight Stadium
1 Broken Time Space

Energy: 15
4 Special Dark
11 Dark

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