Michael’s MN State Pokemon Championship report!

by Michael ~ March 21st, 2010.

Hey everyone, this is Michael making my first post on Team Omar. Anyways, for the past few weeks I had been testing and perfecting a Flyphan list, but on the Wednesday before states at the Misty Mountain weekly Pokemon Tournaments, Radu told me it was trash and instead wrote me up Jay H’s GG list. I couldn’t resist such a good list, so I quickly set out to gather up all the cards. I finished the list on that Friday, and went to testing. Through testing, I found the lock GG puts out is one of the funnest things to do. Lukas came over and stayed the night, and I beat him 4/5 times while he used SP. That Friday night, I also playtested against Thomas V’s Gyrados, and beat it 2/3 times. Unfortunately, I would not have that same luck the next day.

Now, my friend Sabrina will also be included in this report. Why? Well, before a few weeks ago, Sabrina would play the worst decks. They would be pyramid lines, like 3-2-1, with like 20 energy and like 10 trainers, a few of those trainers being like Marleys Request and Rival. I could not stand by any longer, so I built her a 3-2-3-1 Mchamp 2-1-2 Nidoqueen deck, so she could do good, and to show her that pyramid decks suck, and that real competitive decks win. Thats the small story behind her, and it showed.

Michael Playing at the Top Tables Surrounded By the Big Boys

Michael Playing at the Top Tables Surrounded By Sharks

Moving onto the tourney:

Michael playing: GG

My friend Sabrina playing: A Machamp Nidoqueen deck I built her.

Round 1:  Michael S.(GG) VS Ryan Westgard(SP)

I start with a Ralts, he starts with Garchomp C. He has a godly hand, and I TGW(Team Galactics Wager) it away. He still manages to take three prizes, but then, I have the Gardevoir set up, and under the lock, SP could not do a thing. He keeps trying to play Uxie for 4 or 5, and I am like “No stupid, power lock”. He couldn’t do anything while I beat down everything he had.

Michael: 1-0, Sabrina 1-0

Round 2: Michael S(GG) VS Louis(Charizard)

I get a T2 power lock, and Charizard cant do a thing. He uses PONT twice, but to no avail, because he cant use Ninetails, so he scoops.

Michael 2-0, Sabrina 2-0

Round 3: Michael S(GG) VS Greg Simon(Jumpluff)

Greg Simon placed 3rd at Wisconsin states the weekend before. I was VERY nervous. I thought for sure that he would SLAUGHTER me. Well, before the round started Radu kept cheering me up(surprise surprise), telling me I can beat him, I can win, my deck will beat his, everything to get me pumped. It didn’t really work. Anyways, he starts with a Hoppip, and I with 2 Ralts. I future sight his deck, putting a BTS on top. This allowed him to grab a Jumpluff T1, but he didn’t do enough damage to KO me.  He plays Azelf, and looks in his prizes. He grabs Uxie from them, putting a random card back. When he set his prizes back down however, he put Expert belt BEHIND Unown G, and that was the mistake that cost him the game. I set up Gardy and proceed to just power lock him, hitting for 80 w/ my 150 HP Gardy X, setting up a second and third Gardy on the bench in the process. He sends up Luxray and Xs it to stall. He sends up Hoppips to stall, all to save that Jumpluff that has 80 damage on it from dying. When I set up my 3rd Gardy with the DCE finally, he scoops, knowing that his Jumpluff, Baltoy and Claydol are no match under the power lock. Radu watched the game as he was sitting next to us, and turned to talk to Greg Simon, and he was like “Hold on Greg” and fist bumped me. That made me feel really good because Radu showed a lot of respect for me.

Michael: 3-0, Sabrina 3-0

Round 4: Michael S(GG) VS Tyson something(SP)

I thought this would be a repeat of my first round, and it was the opposite. I had Gardy out for 1 turn, and then afterwards there was NOTHING I could do. I scooped.

Michael: 3-1, Sabrina 3-1

Round 5: Michael S(GG) VS Alex S(SP)

I was nervous to see whether this would turn out like 1st round, or 4th. It was like 1st :P. I set up power lock and just run through everything, he is passing turns left and right. Now problem. I won with EASE.

Michael: 4-1, Sabrina 4-1

~Seniors talk for Sabrina~

As you know, it was cut to top 4 for seniors. Sabrina makes it, placing 3rd. She is in top! For her first time EVER! She is both excited and nervous, and I am calming her down, telling her all the strategies and moves she will need to pull it off and win. She is facing Eric, who has SP.

Round 1 for Sabrina

I was not allowed to watch, but I know she lost.

0-1 for Sabrina so far

Round 2 for her

She made it a VERY close game, with 1 prize each, but she was out of steam really, with a single fight energy left and all recovery gone, and he got out Blaze X and pulled up Claydol, and she couldn’t do anything, and it was game for her.

She did get a 4th place trophy and was ecstatic. She gave me the Donphan prime she pulled as a thanks for cheering her on and building her such a good deck, and I was very happy for her. I proved to her that good decks win, bad ones don’t.

~Back to the masters rounds~

Round 6: Michael(GG) VS Thomas V(Gyrados)

I was feeling great. Sure, he was 5-0 so far, but I beat him twice the night before, no problem. Well, he gets a prize lead but I make my way back. Gyrados isn’t affected by a Spiritomb or Gardy lock really, so it was an uphill battle. So here is how things go. He is under a power lock. Used up most of his recovery. He has a Chansey on bench, and a Crobat G on bench. A fully charged Gyrados, no belt. My turn, I formulated a plan. I would Teleport my active Gardy w/ 90 damage to the bench, send up the fully healed non-belted Gardy, and hit him for 60. He would hit me for 90, and I would teleport back, hit him for 80, KO the Gyrados, and then just sweep through the last two things he had on bench. I do 60, he top decks an expert belt. GG. I was sooooooooooo close.

Michael: 4-2, Sabrina 4th place.

So, its cut to top 8. I make it in 8th place, but ONLY because Ed dropped. I have to thank Ed really, because if you hadn’t dropped, I wouldn’t have made it. Anyways, guess who my first top cut opponent is? It isn’t any of the 5 SP tops, or the other GG top, it has to be Thomas AGAIN PLAYING GYRADOS.

Round 1:

He starts Azelf, and I start Ralts. I Future Sight, pass. He draws, and passes, cant do a thing. I attach belt to Ralts, and put him to sleep for 50. He flips for awake. Draws. Passes. Game.

Michael: 1-0!

Round 2: NOTHING like the first match. He sets up a belted Gyra towards late game. I have 3 prizes left, him 1. I couldn’t kill it…:(

Round 3: An even closer version of round 2, but once again, I just cant do it. Gyra is good and tough to beat.

So, I place 8th. For my second states, the last one was when I played n00b, I felt very happy. I feel I did good. Looking forward to regionals!

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