Comments, New Artwork, and a Road Trip

by Ed ~ March 30th, 2010.


What do you get when you put Vulplix with Uxie?

Ava created another piece of art for the website. This time, she has combined the forces of Vulpix and Uxie to create Vuluxie. I can’t say, for certain, why. I can’t pretend to understand the mind of an artist. I have no such talent, so these things are above my comprehension.

No, on to today’s news. Cheffords, who recently wrote about his experiences at the Michigan State tourney, contacted me to inform me that some of his comments were missing. Low and behold, he was right. I had wondered why we weren’t getting very many comments lately. Well, it seems that people were commenting all along. It was just that the automatic comment SPAM filter system was marking the vast majority of comments as SPAM. Indeed, there are a lot of comments that are SPAM. It’s a sad reality, but when your real comments get tossed in with that garbage, it becomes a huge problem. Of course, we’re trying to create an atmosphere where people can share ideas and comment on people’s experiences, decklists, questions, etc. That’s hard to do if those ideas and comments get automatically discarded.

So, first, I must apologize. I’m sorry if you had posted a comment that was discarded. I was able to sift through the trash and restore some comments. I really can’t tell if others got permanently lost. I added a new SPAM prevention system, and I upgraded the CAPTCHA. I think it’s working properly, now. If you wouldn’t mind, please post a comment here. I’ll try to watch the SPAM bin very closely for a while to see if any of your comments end up there.

UPDATE: Adam (of suggested that I try this Disqus commenting system. I set it up. Let me know if you love/hate it.

In other news, I’m plan to be in Rapid City, SD over Easter. We have relatives there, and it sounds like it’s going to be a family reunion of sorts. I hope it’s not too hectic, but the family always loves being there, so it can’t be that bad. I’m not mentioning this so that you wish me a happy Easter or to have a careful drive. I mention it, because I (thanks to’s event search), I found out that there will be a Pokemon tournament while I’m there. I think the rest of the family will be too occupied with Easterish things to play cards, but I could see it as a bit of a getaway for me.

The thing is that this event is an Unlimited tournament of sorts. The way they’re running it, they will allow any cards that are not currently in the Modified format. I played during Base Set and Jungle. Then I took a long break until recently. I pretty much have Base Set, Jungle, and current modified format legal cards. I have a few random cards in between, but not a lot. Team Omar’s card library may be able to supply some others.

If you have any ideas for a deck put together from any non-modified cards, please post. Due to my very limited card supply, there’s a good chance that I won’t be able to use some of the ideas, but I’d still be interested in hearing about them. If nothing else, maybe it’ll give me some idea of what I might see in the way of opposing decks.

Garchomp Card SleevesFinally, I have a request for 2 card sleeves. Yeah, that’s right, I need 2 card sleeves. Ava got a pack of these Garchomp sleeves (like the one shown on the right) at the last tournament. Last night, I was sleeving her deck, and I got down to the last 2 cards, but there weren’t any sleeves left. For some reason the pack only had 58 sleeves. If you, by any chance, have 2 extra brand new sleeves like this that you don’t need, please let me know. I can’t say that it’s worth a whole lot to me, but it sure would make the rest of the 58 usable. Oh, and I mentioned “brand new,” because I don’t want the 2 to appear any different than the rest. Then, when Ava plays at regionals, it may look like she has 2 marked cards in a deck of clean/new sleeves.

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