Quit With the Expert Belt, Enough Already!

by Ed ~ May 14th, 2010.

Expert Belt - AR

He swings for 100 damage (belted).

His attack hits for 80 damage (100 with belt).

He’s got 100HP (Expert Belt attached).

He’s got 150HP (if you attach belt).

How many times have you seen phrases like these? They’re all over the Pokewebs. We get it! The Expert Belt gives your Pokemon +20 HP and +20 damage.

Why doesn’t anyone write up a new deck analysis like this?

“When you attack with Kingdra, you can take 2 prizes if you KO the defending Pokemon (when he’s belted).”


“One of Luxray’s drawbacks is that the opponent takes two prizes when you KO him (with Expert Belt attached).”

How about we all just quit with the gratuitous Expert Belt inclusions in deck posts? Raise your hand if you don’t understand that you can attach an Expert Belt to do 20 extra damage and add 20 HP to your Pokemon. Nobody? Good!

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