Team Omar’s First Team Victory

by Omar ~ May 24th, 2010.

Woohoo!!!! After about a year of playing competitively, and only about 3 months after the whole team of team omar was put together and created, we have our first team win. Who cares if it was just a battle roads, its a victory no less. The win came from me, and ill give my report on the day. But, other then me winning, we did have another team member t4 with Charizard. Dont know how he did it, but he did.

Anyways, the deck of choice i had going into the tourney was Gengar Garchomp C. The reason for it is because of the snipe ability. I thank whomever created the deck (i believe Kendall, but idk how to spell it)for creating it and sharing with the world the idea. So, on to the report. This tourney had 28 Masters, 4 away from top 8, so its 5 rounds cut to top 4, and the best part was that of the 28 people, 7 were team omar representitives

Round 1: Me vs. Gyrados/Kingdra Prime

The game starts with me starting a Garchomp C. He starts Sableye just like every other gyrados deck in the world, and a regice on the bench. He starts rollin with impersonate getting karps and a horsea. I was quite afraid this game because of my horrid hand to begin with. I had Garchomp C active, and then had 3 poketurn, a warp point, 2 psychic energy, and a haunter. Yum. luckly for me, i top deck a judge. This not only gets rid of the karps in his hand, but the 4 cards i got were like heaven in comparison to the starting hand. i used call energy, got gastly and baltoy, and the games begun. After that however for my opponent, he couldnt get anything goin. He put down a karp and played a collector from his hand, got some karps to discard with regice, but ended with a bebe for gyrados. I rare candy into gengar, drop claydol, refresh my hand, lvl x and retreat the garchomp, and snipe the karp. He never got bts, never set up a gyrados, every karp he put down was Ko’ed, and if he got a seadra down, it was sniped with garchomp. 6 prizes in 6 turns, and i take game #1

Round 2: Me Vs. Emmanuel

The reason that i dont put a deck up there is because it is emmanuel. He always has some sly way to make a deck to wreck people. He ran Magnezone, manectric, and entei raikou legend. He also had spiritomb to help set up, and a 3-1 uxie line for draw power. I guess the point is to either put yourself in a position to take 6-7 prizes in 1 attack, or just tank with magnezone, and it worked pretty well for him throughout the day. But our game was a little more intense. He starts 2 magnemites and calls for electrike and spiritomb. I start garchomp C(again) and call for gastly and baltoy. A couple turns go by of him setting up a magneton with spiritomb, it getting sniped by garchomp, slowly getting the manectric and magnezone set up, a couple snipes on my part goin for uxies and magnezone. But around turn 5 or 6, i notice he set me up really well. I had a gengar with 80hp left, garchomp c with 70, claydol, and crobat all on the field. He uses the magnezone that searches electric or metal pokemon, and gets 1/2 the legend. I started sweatin because i wasnt prepared for this, and was quite afraid after checking my bench and field. Luckly for me, he couldnt get another pokemon with his uxie draws to get the other half with the communication in his hand. I had a sigh of relief when he just used the manectric to attack for 30 on everyone with powers. The next turn i poketurn both garchomp and crobat, put the basic garchomp down, and a basic baltoy incase he ravages my claydol, and snipe something else. He then fell behind in the race and never got to use his raikou and entei, and i take game two. Good game dood, and that was the first time that i got chu ;)

Game 3: Me vs. Gyrados

Second Gyrados of the day, but this time he got a gyrados going, and a sableye snipe on my opening gastly. This game didnt have too many exciting things to it. I sniped regice, uxie, and got a couple garchomp C snipes on crobat G’s. The biggest mistake of my day was when he had like 27 cards in hand, and i had 2 prizes left, he has an active Gyrados with a belt, and i thought that it would be a nice idea to use judge, you know why not. Well, then i cant poltergeist with gengar for ko and the win. NICE!!!!!!!!! so it turns out i cant flip my fainting spell heads, and then the following turn i ko his sableye on the bench with another gengar. So its 1-1, and he ko’s my fresh gengar, and luckly i flip heads and we go to sudden death. yay……So i start the gastly, and he starts crobat. He needs to top deck a dark for the donk, because he has collector. And yk what, he does and he gets the donk on my cute gastly. yay.

Round 4: Me vs. Jumpluff

K so i have to win out here pretty much, and yay, i play a pretty fast deck that can be really difficult to beat if they can get ahead on the prize race. Luckly for me, that was not the case. Nothing exciting really happened this game, jumpluff brings up whomever he wants and KO’s with luxray. But after that happened, i snipe with garchomp C the luxray. This game goes like any other game with this deck, i use gengar to snipe uxie’s and claydol, and he was playing warps and anything else he could so he wouldnt have to kill a gengar. So the prize count become 3-2, i have 2 he has 3, and he has the belted jumpluff up front, and has no way to get a KO other then to attack the gengar, he does, and wham!!!!! heads on fainting spell. GG. Some say its cheap, i say a little luck never hurt anyone.

Round 5: Me vs. Sableye, Honchkrow, Garchomp C.

Oh boy. I usually wouldnt sweat something terrible because mewtwo solves all my problems, but the cool part was that both were prized, the basic and x, as well as azelf. Oh man, so i had to play this out. The first 2 turns he gets easy KO’s with sableye on a gastly and baltoy, and the turn he gets the 2nd ko,  puts a Garchomp C with a dce on his bench, an energy gain, as well as 2 crobats to make sure he could power spray my claydol, and snipe him the following turn. Unfortunately for him, i had the same garchomp C set up in my hand, and the basic on the field. All i needed was to lucksack a little and pull a way to get the lvl. X. well, i top deck the lvl. X. That was easy, and then i attempt to claydol, ready to get sprayed, and do. I then set up the garchomp and snipe his. So my field at this point consists of garchomp C lv. X., a claydol. an uxie. and 2 cards in hand. This was the turn that he could devistate me, and i knew it. Luckly for me, he miscalculated huge. With a giratina on his bench from his first turn, sableye active, 2 crobats, and uxie, he played his turn as so. He poketurns a crobat. Sets up a garchomp C again with a gain and a dark energy. then, drops another uxie, draws like 2, and impersonates cyrus for a power spray, an energy, and cyrus. He probably had the same plan just a turn behind, but the issue for him was the face that the only 2 SP’s he had were garchomp and crobat. So i drew a crobat, put it down and put 10 on an uxie, and then cosmic’d for 6. He tried to spray, but it didnt quite work. So i then retreat the garchomp, bring up crobat, poke turn the crobat, bring carchomp bacu up, DCE him, play a cyrus for another turn, energy, and rosie since i had candy gengar in my hand(i pulled awesome off of the 6 cards) and then sniped his garchomp again. At this point he falls behing, trying to do anything to get on-top of me. After a couple turns of  me sniping uxie’s, he gets a garchomp set up to snipe my claydo, and hopes that i dont have a way for the last KO. Well, i just retreat my gengar, and put up garchomp, and snipe for game. After he asked if i had mewtwo. I laughed. I got my mewtwo lv. X as my 4th prize, Azelf as my 5th. YAY! But i still got the victory

So, the rounds were over, and there was one 5-0, and three 4-1’s in the top cut. three 4-1’s werent going to make it. Luckly, for team omar, we had three 4-1 people at this point, me, my friend with charizard, and one with garchomp C and blaziken FB with no luxray. Top cut was announced, and it was the 5-0 SP junkbox(ill explain later) playing my charizard friend, and me playing the gyrados i lost too. Revenge.

Round 6: Me vs. Gyrados

So, the round is 60 min, best 2 out of three. This means if i get pwned quickly i am ok. Well, the first game wasnt much of one. I start gastly, go first because he starts crobat, attach, and pitch dark, he then collectors for 2 karps and sableye, buts a karp down with sableye, retreats crobat, and then conveinantly has another karp, so he impersonates felicity and gets 2 karps in the discard. Well, i gengar snipe the carp the next turn, and get another gastly and baltoy on my bench getin ready. His next turn wasnt much, he plays another felicity with inpersonate and dicards junk. I then poltergeist his sableye, and do 90 dmg when he has 10 cards in hand full of junk!!! he then poketurns the crobat and thats GG. Win first round

Second round was even faster, i start gastly and he starts karp, i go first. I attach and pitch dark, He draws, and plays sea spray. Yeah thats it. Draws 1 card. I then rare candy and shadow room for KO. 2 games in probably 6 min. Sorry it happened like that man, but its pokemon. Everyone has those days.

So, as i cheer my team member on, there is this huge wait because his opponent has to recase his sleeves because one of his broke and he didnt have another one to swap with, so that took a while, and then it was a long game 2 that went down to time, and unfortunately my member loses. So i play this SP junkbox as my opponent for the victory medal(oooooo ahhhh)

Round 7: Me vs. SP

So, his deck is a little everywhere. He is comfortable with it, so whatever, but it has dialga G lv. X, Blaziken FB lv.X, luxray G Lv. X, Garchomp C Lv. X, Uxie Lv. X, and idk what else, mabye even a couple copies of each, but it if works it works. So the first round begins, and i was off to a slower start then i want, and he is the player that takes his time and doesnt wanna make a mistake, which is annoying but you cant hate him for taking his time. You just know if you fall behind time is not on your side. He gets ahead of me and brings up claydol to snipe around. I was only down 1 prize the whole game, but that was rough when he was playing slower, and before its too late, about 30 min left, i scoop and go game two.

Game 2 was more on my side. I snipe the 2 uxies with gengar that he had to put down t1 to overextend to get something going, and this time i didnt put down claydol and lived off of mewtwo, garchomp C, and gengar. It worked, i was up 3-6 in prizes with about 15 min left, but instead of making me take all 6 prizes, he was unfamiliar of the style of the 60 min time advantage you have with 1 game under your belt. and scoops. This gives 15 min left on the clock for game 3, and i was pumped and fired up for my comeback of the day.

Game 3 was amazing for me, and i used a little of his technique late game. I start garchomp C, and go first. My opening had i swear was sick nasty. I had 3 DCE, a call, collector, and Garchomp C lv. X. I play call, get another garchomp, and baltoy, and call it a turn. He starts garchomp and blaziken on the bench. He playes his cyrus, puts energy on blaziken, and calls it a turn. I then X garchomp, play the dce, and go snipe happy. I also uxied this turn and got a cyrus. This pretty much give me snipe ability for 2-3 more turns, and eventually i got a claydol and gengar goin, but after getting ahead by 2 prizes, i started to use his technique, think a little more, take more time with my moves, and use the clock to my advantage. I was just making sure he couldnt do anything to get on top. after the 15 min are up, im up 3-5 on prizes, and thats game. I take game 3, the medal, and a big ole smile for my first tourney win.

After the day was done, i spent time working on some new deck ideas, messin around with emmanuels deck idea, because there were 2 times he took 7 prizes and 6 prizes on 1 attack, which is pretty sick nasty. I also hung with the team, opened my packs, and pulled t-tar prime and alph lithograph or whatever. Team omar ends the day with a record of 23-14, which is a good way to start the spring :)

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