2 Wins in 2 Days, Epic

by Omar ~ June 9th, 2010.

So, this weekend was full of tons of excitement and fun games. There were 2 tourneys, Ed did his reports, and hyped up mine I guess. The 2 days I ran the same deck both days, Gengar Garchomp C (again). I almost played Blaziken Garchomp day 2 since Dialga is everywhere, but decided to go with what I was successful with.

So the first day was at the source in St. Paul, and there were 5 rounds cut to top 4. So, day 1 report begins here.

Game 1: Me vs. Charlie

So game 1 I play my teammate Charlie, who was playing Blaziken Garchomp. Since I built his deck, I knew what he could and couldn’t do, and he is a newer player so he would make more mistakes then me. The game was somewhat of a game for the first couple turns; I started horrible and had to pitch dark the first 2 turns with Gastly in play and on the bench. Luckily, his entire search was trainer, and he slowed as well. I finally top collector, and start rollin. I Garchomp his Garchomps, and unown G my claydol. This keeps my claydol safe and his bench owned. I think I end up winning when he as 3 prizes left, and move to game two.

Game 2 vs. Thomas
Thomas was playing Dialga Garchomp. This was not the greatest game for me, and Gengar seems to be on bad terms with Dialga. He Garchomps my Garchomp and claydol early, and I couldn’t really get to anything to counter with enough power. I end up getting ravaged, taking maybe 2 prizes, can’t really remember if I took that many

Game 3 vs. Ryan???
God I can’t remember his name right now, and I know it’s really bad I can’t, but he was also playing Dialga Garchomp. He starts a lone ambipom G, I start Gastly. I use call and get Garchomp and baltoy. He draws, and passes. I draw. Get collector, yes. I play DCE and energy gain on Garchomp, and then collector for uxie, draw like 4 or 5, and get sp radar. I get lvl. X Garchomp and snipe his lone ambipom G for game. After the game he shows me his hand, pretty much able to donk anything I had with dce, crobat and turn. Yay for call energy.

Game 4 vs. Gliscor Gallade
Uhm, she starts lone uxie, I start lone Gastly. She plays a psychic energy and attacks. I play rare candy Gengar, play an energy, and show the sp radar for crobat. GG

Game 5 vs. Arcanine HGSS, Typhlosion, nidoqueen
I never got to see this deck set up, and the queen that he set up I played 2 crobats, 2 turns and Garchomp to snipe it. He didn’t get anything, I got everything possible

So I go to my top 4 with Ed, abdi, and soari. So far, I haven’t really had very much competition, and I lost my only competitive game so far. But I play Ed

Game 5: Ed with shuppet
I start Gastly, pitch dark for like 3 turns, and if you read Ed’s report, you can get the just of what happened. The game took a really long time, like 50 min, and I took the last prize for game 1.

Game 2 was much shorter due to time, but the whole game I just got Gastly and used pitch dark hoping he cannot take 4 prizes in 10 min without trainers. Well, it works, and time is called when he only took 2. Sorry Ed, but I can’t win the prize race in 10 min with shuppet.

So, as a repeat match, I play soari for the victory medal again.
Game 1 was pretty 1 sided in my favor. I Garchomped anything important and hand the answer to anything he did. The one thing that wins me the game is that he jet shoots my Gengar, I get the fainting spell flip, and then snipe with Garchomp for the win. After the first game we converse a little, and he asks if that was the right move. The only response I could give is if I would have flipped tails, yeah.

Game 2 was 1 turn long. He donked my lone baltoy.

So, with about 15 min left, game 3 starts. I am in total panic, because both my Garchomp C lv. X are prized. I tried to drop azelf, but it got sprayed. I snipe his uxie, and then he snipes my something. Can’t quite remember, but it wasn’t all that significant to slowing me down. With each of our prize counts tied, I start my turn with a Gengar active and bench with a Garchomp C basic. I draw and take a look at the field, and he has a basic luxray up front, a bench full of 80+ sp Pokémon, and an unown G on uxie. Ugh. So I’m thinking there is no way without the x. then time is called. Oh boy. Well, I check my hand and see the dce and gain, and crobat G, meaning I need to find a way to top another crobat and turn, or 2 bats. I drop everything like it is hot, and still only can cosmic for 3. Well, I got the poke turns. Both of them :). So I retreat the Gengar, promote the basic Garchomp, hope that he doesn’t have spray (he didn’t get more then 2 the whole game) and KO his luxray for game. I take my 2nd tourney win ever, the 2nd mn battle roads this season, and go home for some rest and relaxation before tourney #2.

I arrive late to this tourney, scramble to fill out a deck list, and decided on the same deck again today. Unlike yesterday however, there are more people and more Gengar C then anything in the tourney. Yikes. Well, after preparing, I see soari again, and after yesterday and the tourney before that, he was fired up and ready to take the victory medal for himself this time (foreshadowing). So, let’s get to it for the second tourney.

Round 1 vs. Calvin?
I can’t quite remember his name either. Man my tourney report is lame ha-ha. Anyway, he was playing cursegar. This isn’t the worst matchup if and only if I can get his claydol out of their early, and get a Gengar set up for later. Well, luckily for me, he doesn’t play azelf, and prizes 2 haunter. This means he cannot spiritomb at all to evolve, and since I snipe claydol early with Garchomp, he never gets set up at all. I take this game with flying colors.

Game 2 vs. Louis.
This game was just too bad for my teammate again. He is running the same deck I am, but start Gastly and he starts crobat. I go first and pitch dark. He literally couldn’t play anything because of his trainer heavy hand. He passes. I set up a Garchomp c after I draw, which includes DCE and gain, and pitch dark again. He draws, and scoops. That was that.

Game 3 vs. Bali
He is playing his own version of an SP deck that has Dialga in it with Garchomp, and then a lot of other uselessness. Well, he starts the Dialga, and I start a lone baltoy. Luckily, he goes first, and I top deck a call energy. But I prized horribly, so I had to play azelf, and the next 3 Turns he KO’s my 2 gastlys and baltoy. So, before I can even set up anything, claydol, Garchomp, Gengar, I’m down 6-3. Awesome. Well, I get the Gengar set up and snipe a benched uxie. He then warps me, and I bring up azelf, and he cannot get the KO. The next turn I bring up Gengar again and snipe another pixie. He then attacks Gengar and still doesn’t play anything else but horrible SP’s like rampardos and aerodactyle. I then Ko his active Dialga the next turn with Garchomp DCE and 2 crobats and 2 turns, and then the next turn I snipe a Garchomp he puts down to start setting up. So the prizes went from a horrid 6-3 to 3-2 I was winning. The rest of the game was him failing to get something going, and me KO’ing little guys with Garchomp C and Gengar.

Game 4 vs. Radu
Yay, he is playing sableye Garchomp honchkrow. Not the best for me. Luckily, he starts honchkrow and Garchomp, and I set up normally. Even with the countless judge and giratina, and him sniping my Garchomp on the bench, I maintained a claydol the whole game, and kept the consistency up. Eventually, I take my last prize and win by like 2. After the game he lets me know he has yet to start sableye. I apologize for the inconvenience, and take the win.

Game 5 vs. Ed.
Well, after such hateful comments on how I’m bad and luck sack everything in the post that Ed made, ill just let you read his report for game 5. I lost. Sad day.

So day 2 both Ed and I top again, but this time Michael and soari are the other competitors.

Game 6 Vs. Soari (again)
Ish. K we both have been playing the same decks for the last 3 BR’s, and I always seem to pull it off game 3 in the finals. However, this time we only got 1 round due to the inconvenience of our judge working for 23 hours straight and having to work again like 6 hours later. So he needed sleep and we all agreed it was cool. So, our game begins with him ripping me apart. He got rollin turn 1, gets everything set up, and then turn 2 he plays the Cyrus he gets with uxie and takes energy, poke turn, and Cyrus. Now I’m really afraid, because my lone claydol power will get power sprayed because he must have 1 since he didn’t take it with Cyrus. Well, that was not the case. I get the claydol off, and my poop hand gets saucy and delicious. Not really, he still gets a 4-6 prize card lead on me eventually, but he gets spray turn 2 and its gg. So, the reoccurrence of working from behind hits me again. I start getting some cheap KO’s with Gengar and snipe his bronzong with Garchomp and his Garchomp with Garchomp all the while he KO’s crobat. So it gets to 2-2, and he plays Aarons for an energy and Garchomp instead of the bronzong and Garchomp. This ultimately loses him the game, because he thought with luxray he could bring up claydol maybe. He just ko’ed my Garchomp with ambipom G, and I have my active Gengar. I snipe something little and take my second to last prize to get in the lead. He then couldn’t get anything to hit me back with, saw my win the following turn, and scoops. I apologize that 3 times in a row, I take the victory in the top 4, but you got to admit, every time we play its close and fun.

Game 7 Vs. Michael (the short one)
Yeah so he is playing Gengar Garchomp as well, and luckily for him, and for the second time in a row, I prize both Garchomp C. But the game was still really fin and really close. To first describe the intensity of the game, there were about 12 people huddled around the table, yet it was dead silent. All you could hear was the other player’s recognition of trainer plays and poke powers, and the mass shuffle of our cards in our hands in mass amounts of fear and excitement, nervousness and uneasiness, and everything in between. The game starts with him literally, running me over. Yeah I got a couple cheap KO’s with unown G and 2 bats to get baltoy, but he KO’s the Garchomp I get, the claydol I set up and kept on the attack with Garchomp. He didn’t get a Gengar for a while, but when he did, he got a cheap one on azelf. So, to speed this up to a point of extreme intensity, the prize count is 3-1, I have 3 to go, he has 1. It’s my turn. My field has Gengar lvl x (unown G attached) with 10 damage on it, a crobat G, and uxie. He has Garchomp C (basic) active with Gengar with 90 damage on it, Gastly, and crobat on the bench. Due to my fear of getting owned on the bench, I poke turn my crobat, attach an energy to uxie, and psychic restore on Garchomp C basic for 20 damage. On his next turn, he levels up the Garchomp, but doesn’t use healing breath (silly dood). So he retreats, plays the last cards in his hand which is luxury ball and gets unown G and plays Gengar X, so I cannot snipe the active Gengar. He uses poltergeist, and I take 60 damage with my energy gain and Roseanne in hand. My next turn I draw bebe’s, play Roseanne’s for uxie and an energy, and then play crobat down, attach gain to him, and put 60 damage on Garchomp C. He draws; plays poke turn, and then puts 10 on my crobat and uses shadow room for 60 on crobat G. So, on my turn, I play my bebe’s and get Gengar X, level down his X, use uxie and draw like 3 cards, and psychic restore for KO, making the prize race 2-1. He then has a couple of turns to get his poke turn to KO my crobat. He promotes Gastly, plays the call energy he drew on Gastly, and uses pitch dark so I cannot draw into anything to get crobat off of the field. I then on the next turn, I level down the Garchomp (and since he didn’t healing breath there was 80 damage on it: D) and take a prize, 1-1, and then put 60 on crobat. This means on his turn he needs to top deck something to get my crobat otherwise its game. He draws…..toxicroak G. he uses pitch dark and ends. I snipe crobat for game.

This was quite the intense game, and the 3rd game today I had to work from behind….not something I think this deck should have to do. But whatevs, I sweep 3 of 3 BR’s in MN this season, only to have to go to my graduation ceremony and miss the last one. Whatevs, class of 2010 FTW :)

BTW Ed, if anyone luck sacks anything….it’s you. K thanks XD Anywho, that’s all I have for my double header.

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