Are You Atwitter For Nationals?

by Ed ~ June 18th, 2010.

First of all, I’d like to hear some comments on this one. I have some ideas to present, and I would appreciate some input. Before we get to that, though, I am curious how many of you are going to the US Pokemon Nationals. If you didn’t know, it’s in Indianapolis, Indiana on June 25 to June 27. Here is some recent news about the registration process.

So, while you’re chiming in about how excited you are to go to Nats or filling us in on your sob story of why you can’t attend, maybe you want to weigh in on the idea of a twitter feed. For those of us (like myself) who won’t be attending, this is a way we can follow fellow players during their stay and while they progress through the tourney. For those of you that will be attending, it will be a way for you to let us know how you are doing, what the metagame is like, how your nightly partying fares, and brag about your wins to a wide audience.

So, that’s the idea, but the implementation is up for discussion. Here are some basic questions. Maybe you have some ideas about them or whatever. If you’re willing to tweet from Nats, let us know, and let us know how you’d want it to work. If you aren’t going, but you have experience with this sort of thing, let us know. If you think this is a stupid idea, let us know.

This is how I see it working, but I’m not even sure how to implement it yet. This is very much open to change. I propose to make a hash tag like #teamomar or something like that. Anytime anyone adds a tweet that includes that has tag to their twitter feed, it would show up on I’m not sure where on the site it will show, yet. Maybe it will be in the sidebar or something like that. Anyway, if Andy wanted to tweet something like, “I just beat Torterra. After the bye, that puts me at 2-0. #teamomar” then it would show up on the page. Then readers could follow him and anyone else that is tweeting.

After thinking about this, I just searched around a bit. It seems that some at the Pokegym have had a similar idea. Pokegym also did something similar for regionals. The problem there is that the stuff gets pretty buried under all the noise that goes on. But, that does pose one question. Should we have our own “teamomar” specific hash tag, or should I try to follow one of the ones they use?

Please comment with your ideas/thoughts especially if you’d want to use the Twitter functionality I’m proposing (either writing or reading them).

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