Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Luxray Gl Lv.x, Regirock La, and Energy Exchanger UD.

by Pikkdogs ~ August 21st, 2010.

Hell to all members of Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here, ready to “Pikk” 3. Like always I will review three cards; one which is a popular card, the second is an underused card, and the third is a card coming from a new or un-released set.

But before I do that I want to kind of apologize for the lack of new updates on the site lately.  I’ve been busy with work and stuff,  Ed and his family are crawling around caves somewhere in Utah, and Omar for some reason hasn’t been writing much anymore.  But hopefully if Ed makes his way out of the caves we will be up and running with more articles soon.

Card #1-The Staple-Luxray Gl X.

Description– Here is the card that everyone wants, the money maker, Luxray Gl Lv.X.  Of course we will start out by looking at the cards basic stats.  It is a basic Lv.X lightning Pokemon with 110 HP, has free retreat,  a x2 weakness to fighting, and a -20 resistance to metal.  It has one Poke-Power named “Bright Look.”  “Bright Look” lets you switch the defending Pokemon with any of your opponents benched Pokemon, but the power can only be used when you first lay the Lv.X on the basic Luxray Gl.  It has one attacked called “Flash Impact,” it does 60 damage for LC and does 30 damage to one of your benched Pokemon.                                                                     

Analysis– Luxray Gl Lv.x is the most expensive card in Pokemon today for a reason, it is good.  It’s stats don’t look too impressive, only 110 HP and the potential to only do 70 damage with a 3 energy requirement and a discard.  But when combined with the Team Galactic Trainers, Luxray Gl X. is deadly.  It can be set up in only two turns and can use Energy Gain and Double Colorless Energy to make it quicker.  You can also use Poke-Turn to use “Bright Look” again.

When used correctly you should be able to take a prize every time you use “Bright Look.”  He is most often paired with Garchomp C, and when he is, what results is a deck that quickly and methodically takes six prizes.  He can also be paired with other SP Pokemon like Dialga G, and can be paired with non-SP Pokemon like Kingdra La.

But things aren’t all sunshine and flowers for Luxray Gl.  The most important thing in using a Luxchomp deck right now is winning the mirror matchup, and Luxray Gl does little in the mirror, except for the ability to get a cheap kill on a Crobat G.

One of the most important things in the game today is to have a good Luxray Gl counter.  One of the better counters is Power-Spray, if your deck uses SP Pokemon a well timed Power-Spray on “Bright Look” could be very important.  If you want to kill the Luxray Gl Lv.x in one hit after it has took a prize against you, you have two options Promocroak and Mankey SV.  Promocroak (or Toxicroak G-promo) lets you do 60 damage for PC after your opponent has taken a prize last turn.  Mankey SV has an attack called “Extra Punch” which for F you do 10 damage and 50 more if your opponent has an active Lv.X.  With Luxray’s weakness all of these Pokemon can OHKO Luxray Gl X.

Final Rating9.5/10-Despite lacking pop in the mirror match up, Luxray Gl Lv.X is still one of the best cards in the format.  It is format changing, once again making Lightning Pokemon cool.  There are a handful or cards that aren’t playable now because they have lightning weaknesses, there aren’t many other cards that can stop other cards from being played.  Cards don’t get too much better then Luxray Gl.

Card #2 The Underdog- Regirock La

Description– In the spring the hot card was Regice La, being used in some great Gyarados and Jumpluff decks.  It has since faded, but its brother Regirock is still around and can be used effectively at times.  It is a basic fighting Pokemon with 90 HP, a x2 water weakness, and a 3 retreat cost.  Its Poke-Power “Regi Cycle” lets you discard 2 cards from your hand and attach a fighting energy from your discard pile to Regirock.  Its attack is called “Stones Edge” and does 40 damage for FFC and lets you flip a coin if heads you do 30 more damage.              

Analysis-Okay, it is pretty obvious the Regirock will not be your main attacker.  He only can do 40-70 damage for three energies and if you add that to the fact that he has a bad weakness and a horrid retreat cost will have you running to your binder.

But his Poke-Power might wanna make you wait before you put this card out of your mind.  If you use “Regi Cycle” you can attach a fighting energy from your discard pile to Regi Rock and then use the stadium card Stark Mountain to transfer that card to your fighting type main attacker, like Donphan Prime and Machamp.

It may not be a game changing Poke-Power, but it will help you charge up a fighting Pokemon fairly quickly.  If you have a Donphan or Machamp deck I would seriously consider this tech.

Besides the fact that Regirock can’t attack, another weakness he has that if your opponent is able to make him active you will have a hard time retreating him.  So be prepared to include some warp points in your deck list.

Final Rating6.5/10-  This is an okay tech for a fighting deck, it may not be anything great but if you are able to use it right it can be just what you need to tilt the scales in your favor.

Card #3 The Young Gun- Energy Exchanger

Description– Energy Exchanger is a trainer from the new HS: Undaunted expansion.  It has a simple effect; you take an energy card from your hand, put it on the top of your deck, and then take another energy card from your deck and put it into your hand.      

Analysis– It may be a simple card, but it also may be very important.  If you are running a card that runs two or more types of energy, this card may be important.  I use it in my Dialgachomp deck to get special metal energies or Double Colorless Energies easier.  It can also be used to get Special Dark energies in a Sabledonk deck, or a psychic or fighting energy if you are running a Gengchamp deck.

The drawback of this card is that it takes up space without giving a great effect, and it can be trainer locked.

Final Rating7.5/10– I think this card will almost reach staple status in some decks.  It is sure to see some play soon.

Well that’s all three, so I’m done, now its your turn to tell me what you think of these cards in the comment box. Also if you have an idea for an article or would like to write your own article for the site, please put that in the comment box.

This is Pikkdogs signing off saying So long and thanks for all the fish.

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