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Pikkdogs Stupid Deck Idea: Slowpluff (Slowking Prime and Jumpluff)

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Hey all you members of Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here.

The Fall Battle Road season is well under way, and I hope you guys are having fun at your own tournaments.  I have had an interesting season so far, and will try to right up one big report once my season is over.  So make sure to try to play at as many tournaments as you can in the last couple weekends.                                                                                                      

I am here to give you a rundown of a Stupid Deck that I have been playing this week.  This time the stupid deck idea centers around Jumpluff.

Jumpluff has been very popular since it was released in the Heart Gold Soul Silver set.  It saw a lot of play at States, Regionals, and Nationals last year.  Jumpluff was popular because it is a cute Pokemon, that can do 10 damage for each Pokemon in play, for only 1 Grass energy.  The classic build featured Jumpluff with the support of Luxray Gl and Claydol Ge.  The deck was very successful, and appealed to many players.  But, after Worlds the format changed and Claydol Ge was rotated out.  Many players tried to play it after the rotation, but the deck was too slow to setup and too slow to recover.  Some other builds that have seen a little play since rotation included Jumpluff with Sunflora, and Jumpluff with the VileTomb combo.  But, these builds only seem to middle out at tournaments.
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PokemanDan’s PokeClass Episode 4 – Steelix Prime Deck Analysis

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Thanks for watching PokemanDan’s PokeClass :)
This week, I’m analysing a new-ish deck that has seen light recently. It’s Steelix Prime. After reviewing it, I have started to like the deck a lot and it should get more credit than it does now. Watch for more info! Thanks again for watching.
The next PokeClass episode will be the 2nd October.
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Monday, September 20th, 2010

Throughout this budding season, the format has undergone a massive fluctuation in speed. Some decks have sped up while some have slowed down. Claydol (or lack thereof) is mostly to blame.

With Stage 2 decks getting the shaft by relying on trainers such as Rare Candy, Pokemon Communication, Luxury Ball, etc, Stage 1 and Basic pokemon are picking up rapidly. The format is starting to clutter with sablechomps, luxchomps, dialgachomps, Legends, and a few fiery stage 1’s such as scizor and donphan. These SP decks have picked up massive popularity lately simply because they work! Why not run a deck that does everything you want without having to evolve your pokemon? The real question is “What can I do to topple these giants?” Here’s your answer:

Take Out

Get your pick-up lines ready ’cause you’re about to take SP’s on a date they won’t forget (and you won’t return their calls later). Machamp (Stormfront) is once again a deck to be reckoned with, and yes, I’m talking about “straight” Machamp. The ability to win a game on the first turn is still a strong possibility as well as “super-effective” to gaining the points or Victory Medals you’re after. Many may …

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Battle Road #2: Vanilla TOSSED Testing

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

After yesterday’s BR, I decided that I ought to try another version of TOSSED for BR #2. I opted for “Vanilla” TOSSED, because I thought it might be easier to play. I want to get an idea of the strength’s of each. I can’t say that I got a great idea of it. I can’t say that I did much at all today. I’m pretty unimpressed with my performance.

Ava, however, won another 2 packs. I think she got 3rd, but she may have been 4th. She actually won only 1 game (and lost 1), because she got a bye. Her first match was winable, but she forgot to lay the ExBelt. Her next match was the bye, and then she got a hard-fought win to claim her 2 packs.

I didn’t fare that well.

Round 1: Ryan W.
Ryan had LuxChomp with Blaziken. All I saw was Luxray. It didn’t make it past my first turn, partially thanks to an Expert Belt and a DCE.

Round 2: Peter (Senior)
Peter also had LuxChomp. Last night, I made the decision to tech in a Regice for Spiritomb. In this match, I realized my worse Regice fear, starting with it …

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Team Omar Takes 2nd At 1st BR

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

The title is slightly misleading, but it’s true. Today’s Team Omar crew consisted of Ava, my 7-year-old daughter, and myself. Ava and I both went 3-0 to start the day. Then Ava got paired against the other top junior player and lost. That put both of them into top cuts (top-2), so they played again. She lost again, but that gave her 2nd overall on the day winning her 4 packs. She had a good time, and I’m very proud of her. She played Donkphan, and it’s built mainly around cards she already knows from previous decks. She really only played it once before the tourney, but she knew how it worked.

For me, today marked TOSSED’s inaugural voyage into the seas of tournament play. TOSSED used to stand for Team Omar Super Secret Excellent Deck. Yeah, I know, it’s lame, but it’s not meant to be explained worded out like that. It’s kinda a backronym anyway, and now that it’s been played, it’s not so secret. It’s just TOSSED, so the player can say something like, “You just got TOSSED!” At some point, I’ll unveil its new meaning when I’m ready to give out more info about the deck. For now, though, I’m still playing it, so I’m not quite ready to publicize the list.

So, on to my mini tourney report.

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PokemanDan’s PokeClass Series (Episodes 1-3)

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Hey, I’m PokemanDan, and this is my first article on A few weeks ago, I started my own webshow via YouTube about competitive Pokemon TCG play, as there aren’t many around. I’m from the UK, so we don’t have anything else like it (apart from JWittz from the US). I’m here now to introduce myself and show you all my first three episodes (below) which I have already released.

There will be a new episode every Saturday with a new topic each week. So check them out and comment if you like/dislike. If you want to see anything else in particular for my next episode then don’t hesitate to comment or message me and I’ll consider it. Now that I am writing for Team Omar, I will post an article with the new video as soon as it’s uploaded, so you can all check it out.

Thanks for taking the time to read and watch,

Episode 1 – Vileplume UD Card Analysis:

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Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Mesprit La, Jirachi, Ul, and Rescue Energy.

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Hello to everyone in Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here, ready to “Pikk” Three.  As always I will review three cards.  One card is a commonly used card, the second card is a card which I think deserves more play, and the third card is from a new or unreleased set.

Since my last “Pikk” Three article TPCI has unveiled the new set, named Triumphant.  It shall be a combination of most of the cards of the Japanese Clash at the Summit Set and the Lost Link Mini Set.  It will have around 117 cards in it and will introduce a new mechanic that will change the game.  But, we will get to that in a later Pikk Three article.

Through my web surfing I have found a YouTube page that is similar to Jwittz’s Prof-it series.  I don’t know if it has all the promise that Prof-it has, but still has some decent episodes and videos of deck testings.  The show is ran from the UK and is called” Poke-Class.”  You can find it at

And one last bit of housekeeping.  This upcoming weekend starts the fall battle roads.  So all of the testing that you guys did …

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Pikkdogs’ Stupid Deck Idea: AlaDialga (Alakazam 4 + Dialga G)

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Hey to all of the members of Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here to discuss a stupid deck idea I had.

I don’t know if this deck is good enough to ever be brought to a small tournament, but its a deck that is fun to play.  I came up with this deck idea last Thursday night in a time of great sorrow.  My area had just experienced a nasty thunderstorm, I was okay but the great sorrow happened when my cable (and internet) went out for almost a day.  So all I could do was watch my Seinfeld DVD’s and play games on Redshark.

The idea is to take a basic Lady Gaga deck then take out the Luxray Gl line, trim down the Garchomp C line, and add in a 2-1 Alakazam 4 Lv.X line.  Then for the trainer line add in some Warp Energies, Energy Exchangers, and extra Pokemon Collectors, and you basically have the list.  The goal of the deck is to get a Dialga G Lv.x active with at least 2 Special Metal Energies, an expert belt.  Once you get set up, you can move damage counters from Dialga G Lv.x to another Pokemon to Poketurn later. You can do this because of Alakazam 4 Lv.x’s Poke Power “Damage Switch” which allows you to move 1 damage counter from 1 SP Pokemon to another as many times as you would like.
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Itty Bitty Cards of The Day: Possible SP Techs?

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Hello Team Omar fans! It’s Bittyboy you probably know me from Sixprizes, I am now proud to be writing for Team Omar! Now to the article!

I wanted to talk about some cards from Unleashed that actually caught my attention! Just to forewarn you this is an article geared towards SP’s. The two cards that caught my attention were Drifblim and Muk believe it or not.

I’ll start with Drifblim. Drifblim is good for two reasons: one he is a good counter to Mewtwo X, and two as a Machamp counter, it could also be used as a quick/cheap way to end the game if need be. Driblims first attack “Balloon Tackle” for one Psychic energy and one Colorless energy lets you do 60 and 20 in recoil, but with Mewtwo’s X2 Weakness to Pschic it gets OHKOed making it worth the 20 in recoil damage. Also if you have Lucario GL in play and you can use Crobat G’s Poke Power “Flash Bite”, you can the OHKO Machamp. Then we get to Drifblims second attack, “Take Away” lets you shuffle Drifblim and the defending Pokemon back into each players deck. This could easily be a game ender as I …

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