Battle Road #2: Vanilla TOSSED Testing

by Ed ~ September 19th, 2010.

After yesterday’s BR, I decided that I ought to try another version of TOSSED for BR #2. I opted for “Vanilla” TOSSED, because I thought it might be easier to play. I want to get an idea of the strength’s of each. I can’t say that I got a great idea of it. I can’t say that I did much at all today. I’m pretty unimpressed with my performance.

Ava, however, won another 2 packs. I think she got 3rd, but she may have been 4th. She actually won only 1 game (and lost 1), because she got a bye. Her first match was winable, but she forgot to lay the ExBelt. Her next match was the bye, and then she got a hard-fought win to claim her 2 packs.

I didn’t fare that well.

Round 1: Ryan W.
Ryan had LuxChomp with Blaziken. All I saw was Luxray. It didn’t make it past my first turn, partially thanks to an Expert Belt and a DCE.

Round 2: Peter (Senior)
Peter also had LuxChomp. Last night, I made the decision to tech in a Regice for Spiritomb. In this match, I realized my worse Regice fear, starting with it active and being unable to retreat it. Yeah, that sucked, otherwise I think I had a first-turn KO. Peter actually did me a favor by Bright Looking it to the bench, and the game went to sudden death. Each of us were like 10 away from a KO a couple turns in a row. I came real close on my final turn, but I was unable to draw the card I needed for the win.

Round 3: Nick
Nick had Gengar C. I started my first 2 turns with back-to-back KOs on Gastly and Toxicroak G. Nick actually almost conceded, but decided to play it out. After that, there was one turn when the juniors winners were announced (and my daughter got a prize) where I was fairly distracted. Nick asked me to please play faster, and I think that was the turning point. I started making hasty plays, and by then, I was kinda mentally spent anyway. I can’t say why. I really don’t know how I lost this. I do know that Nick got a couple important KOs, and I had a bad prize, but this should not have meant doom for me. I really think that I just rushed things assuming I had the win. I even got a KO on his Gengar and he flipped tails. I honestly wonder if I forgot to take a prize or something, because I dunno how it went downhill that fast. I think that Nick won on the 3rd turn of +3 (after time was called).

Round 4: Michael Slutsky
I start lone Unown Q. Michael starts Garchomp C. He wins the toss, he attaches DCE, I get up and leave. The day is over, and I’m a bit relieved to be done.

What did I learn? TOSSED surprises people. Regice is not a good tech unless you add in a good (more than just SSU) way to get it out of the active spot. Vanilla TOSSED is not easier to play (compared to the other variants) when you play SP all day. I think it can be a good meta choice, but it’s not the right one against this local MN meta right now.

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