Fun with Magnets: A Magnezone Deck.

by Pikkdogs ~ December 27th, 2010.

A big hello to all members of Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here with a deck analysis of a Magnezone deck that I made up.

Before I get into the article, I have a couple of announcements to make.  First, Ed and I at would like to wish you and yours a great Christmas, even though it is a couple days late.  I hope you guys could meet with family and friends and have a good time.  Second, our first ever contest is currently running.  So far the entries have been scant, so if you enter the contest before the deadline, you should have a decent chance at getting a prize.  Okay announcements are over, time to get to the article.

I must issue a disclaimer first, this deck isn’t very good and won’t win a tournament but can be comeptitive against almost any deck.  If you don’t care if you win a tournament or not and just want to win a couple games, this deck could be for you.

I got this idea the day before the first City Championship that I went to this year.  I had been struggling all week to perfect my Gyarados deck, and wasn’t having any success.  So I decided I should either fix the deck quick, or think of something else to play.  After doing some thinking, I took a jog.  On that jog I thought of ways to play a shuppet donk deck, and how to put together a Magnezone deck.  When I came back from the run I was sure that I came back with a consistent Magnezone list, all I had to do was put it together.

My version of this deck relies on a Spiritomb AR start, and getting an early Magnezone SF #5, who has a Poke-Power called “Magnetic Search”.   This power lets you search your deck or any lighting or metal Pokemon and put it into your hand.  He also has a decent attack that does 80 with a discard for LCC.  Next, you would setup your main attacker( or another supporting Pokemon if you want to attack with #5), which could either be Magnezone SF #6 or Magnezone Prime.  Next you would setup the Magnezone that you don’t already have on the field, and finally you would setup the 2nd Magnezone Prime.  Magnezone SF #6 has a power called “Super Connectivity” which allows you to attach a lightning or metal energy from the discard Pokemon to any of your Pokemon.  This Magnezone can also be used to attack, called “Gyro Ball”, it does 60 damage for LCC and allows you the oppurtunity to switch your Pokemon out.  Magnezone Prime has a power called “Magnetic Draw” that lets you draw until you have six cards in your hand.  This is the main late game draw power in the deck.  It also has an attack called “Lost Burn” that does 50 damage times the number of attached energies you can put in the lost zone.  This is not a great reliable attack, but can be used as a last ditch effort.

Once you got the Magnezones in place, you have a wealth of attacking options.  The main attack is probably Magnezone SF #5’s “Crush Volt”, which can do 100 damage if you have an expert belt.  The next most prevelant attack is Magnezone #6’s “Gyro-Ball” which can hit for 80 with an expert belt, and then hide on the bench.  Magnezone Prime will come in when you are facing a tanking Pokemon, such as Steelix Prime or Machamp Prime.  Your opponent will probably use a lot of resources putting up a fully loaded Steelix Prime, but if you use “Lost Burn” and lost zone 4 cards you will be able to knock out that big guy in just one hit.

Once you have taken 3-4 prizes, then you can unleash the endgame attack.  You can Bebes for one half of Entei/Raikou Legend, “Magnetic Search” for the other, attach a lightning or DCE from your hand, then “Super Connectivity” for another lightning energy, then warp point for Entei Raikou Legend, and you are ready to use “Thunder Fall” for the final 2-3 prizes that you need.   But be careful when you use this attack, because it also will attack you.  Most of the times you only will lose about one Uxie, but if you have a bunch of damaged Magnezones, “Thunder Fall” could und up hurting you more.                                                               

Those are the main attackers in the deck, but there are also some other supporitng cards used.  I use Registeel in this deck because it is searchable with “Magnetic Search” but you can just as easily use Regice.  The purpose of these cards is to discard cards from your hand, so you can draw more cards with “Magnetic Draw.”  I use Shaymin UL in this deck to switch energies around when  I need it.  Most Magnezone decks solve this problem without Shaymin because they play Magezone Lv.X.  While this card brings you another attacking option, and another good Poke-Power, it forces you to take out a Magnezone.  I personally prefer using Shaymin instead of taking out one Magnezone.  Another supporting card that you might consider playing in this deck is Lucario Gl, this card would mostly be used for the Gyarados matchup.  It would allow you to hit Gyarados for x2 weakness, which would almost always be a knockout from a belted Magnezone Sf #6.

Now without further wait, my list:


  • 4-Magnemite Sf
  • 3-Magneton Sf
  • 1-Magnezone SF #5
  • 1-Magnezone SF#6
  • 2-Magnezon Prime
  • 1-Uxie La
  • 1- Azelf La
  • 1-Shaymin Ul
  • 1-Registeel La
  • 1-Top Half Entei/Raikou Legend
  • 1-Bottom Half Entei/Raikou Legend
  • 4-Spiritomb Ar
  • 1-Unown Q


  • Judge-4
  • Pokemon Collector-4
  • Bebe’s Search-3
  • Rare Candy-3
  • Expert Betl-2
  • Warp Point-3
  • Dual Ball-1
  • Junk Arm-2 (Great for getting rid of cards for “Magnetic Draw” or for re-using a trainer in your discard pile)                                                                                                                                         
  • Broken Time Space-2
  • 1-Palmers Contribution
  • 1-Luxury Ball


  • Lightning-7
  • Double Colorless-4

Since a deck is only as good as its matchups, here are a few of them.


Unfortunantly this deck is autoloss to Luxchomp (Im including Dialgachomp in here too).  This deck does take a couple turns to setup, and in this time Garchomp C Lv.X can snipe your Magneton’s before they become Magnezones.  If they knock out two Magnetons, then circle loss and sign the matchslip, because theres not much you can do from there.


This deck does have a good matchup against Gyarados.  You just need two things to win this matchup, an early judge or two, and a Magnezone sf #6 with two Spiritombs on the bench.  If you can get a knockout on a Gyarados and then have two Spiritombs on the bench, you will have a trainerlock that will make it hard for them to recover.  If they do eventually recover, just drop ERL and call it a day.


Spiritomb will slow them down at the start.  By the time they get a SF Machamp you will have evolved, so your only worry is their Machamp Prime.  To get rid of him you can either two hit him, or use your attached energies to “Lost Burn” him for the knockout.  Once you have taken a couple prizes, just bring in ERL to finish the job.  You shouldn’t have too much trouble in this matchup.

Trainerlock- 60/40

Even though you have a lot of Powers on the field, Gengar shouldn’t cause you too much trouble.  You do run a couple of trainers, but nothing that will hurt you big time in this matchup.  It is best to “Crush Volt” the Gengar SF, and then use the Uxie trick to avoid fainting spell.    Hopefully you should be able to do this enough times that will make it possible for you to drop Entei/Raikou Legend for the win.


This matchup is simple, if you can survive the first couple turns, you win, if not they win.  They do use Garchomp C LV.X to attack like Luxchomp does, but they usually aren’t as effecient with it early game.  But, they still will be going after you early trying to pick off the Magnemites and Magnetons.  If you can survive and setup 2-3 Magnezones you will have what you need to knock out their entire field easily.  When playing this matchup just hope you get a lot of basics early on.  Also, get ready to shuffle your hand in your deck a lot, because you both will probably be playing 4 Judges.

Well, thats it.  This is a fun deck that isn’t terrible.  It is not a great deck, so don’t expect to win, but do expect to have fun and go about .500 on the day.

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