Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Magnezone Prime, Bellsprout, and Max Restore

by Pikkdogs ~ July 23rd, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  Its Pikkdogs here for another Pikk Three article.  Because there is not a lot of news going on right now, I have decided to do a couple Pikk Three article.  I have just started my testing for Pokemon catcher, and I think I have a really cool deck to share with you soon, so look out for that in the next week.  Also look out for the announcement of the contest winners either Monday or Tuesday.  If you still have not entered, than you have until the end of the day on Sunday June 24th.

If ya guys forgot, a Pikk Three article is like a big card review article.  One card is a card that is used a lot, another is a card that I feel is under-rated, and the third is from a new or yet un-released set.  So lets get on to the article.

Card #1 The Staple: Magnezone Prime

Description– Magnezone is a Stage 2, 140 HP Lightning Pokemon.  It has a fighting weakness, metal resistance, and a 3 retreat cost.   It’s Poke-Power, “Magnetic Draw,” lets you draw until you have 6 cards in your hand.  It’s attack does 50 damage times the number of energy from all of your Pokemon that you put in the Lost Zone, the attack costs LC.

Review– Magnezone has been used in a lot of ways since its release.  When we first saw it, everyone thought that this was going to be the successor to Claydol that we are all waiting for.  Well, the stage 2 part of it made sure that it was not the next Claydol.  After its release the card was summarily pushed to the side until the European Cup.  In Europe a player paired Magnezone with Regirock and that deck began a good run in States and Regional tournaments.  After the rotation it was paired with Emboar to make it the OHKO machine it is today.  But, it was a little slow, so some players added Magnezone as a last minute attacker in a Yanmega Prime deck.

First, lets look at the basics.  The 3 retreat hurts it, as well as the fighting weakness.  The attack is really cool, but its not something that you can just splash into any deck.  The power is also good, but again, its  not splashable.

Everyone thought that Magneboar was going to be one of the best decks at Nationals.  It received a lot of play, but was pushed around by Donphan and other really good consistent decks.  Its the kind of deck that seems awesome in testing, but when you are staring right at one of the best players in the country, your deck kind of folds up on itself.

One of the best current decks is Yanmega/Magnezone.  It did well at Nationals because it was fast and disruptive.  I would give Magnezone a good forecast for the rest of the season if it wasn’t for Pokemon Catcher.  With only 50 HP, Magnemite will not stand up to well if it is dragged up to the active spot.  Also, if Yanmega is attacking you, just bring up the Magnezone with no energy and you will get an easy knock out.

Rating7/10– It is hard to not rate this card very high, but at the same time, Catcher has the potential to bury this card.  If Catcher was not coming out, I would give this card probably and 8 or 8.5. 

Card #2 The Underdog: Bellsprout

Description-Bellsprout is a 40 HP basic Grass Pokemon with a weakness to fire, and a 1 retreat cost.  His first attack, “Inviting Scent,” lets you choose one of your opponent’s benched Pokemon  and switch it with their active.

Review– Well of course, 40 HP is just a prize for Yanmega Prime, so if you play it be prepared to loss a prize sometimes in the game.  The retreat cost is not so great, but understandable.

Usually I do not review un-evolved Pokemon, but Bellsprout is an awesome card that saw a little play at Nationals.  It’s attack is like a gust of wind, its really good in a lot of decks to bring a bench sitter that can’t attack, and then snipe around it.  Its a good tech that could work in some decks.

The problem that it is only a good card until the end of August, when Pokemon Catcher is released.  After that there is no reason to bring a Pokemon to do a trainers job.  It is possible that it could still be played, if Vileplume or Gohtitelle are played.

Rating– 4.5/10-for right now it would get a 6.5, but because of catcher, this card may never see the light of day again.  But, overall, not a terrible card.

Card #3 The Young Gun: Max Restore

Description– This is a simple trainer card that will come out in the emerging powers set. It lets you pick one of your Pokemon, discard all energy from it , and remove all damage counters.

Review– I did not engineer this to be the “What to use or not use with Pokemon Catcher article” but it seems like it is anyway, maybe that tells us how impactful that card will be.

This card is great with Pokemon Catcher.  All you gotta do is get a turn 2 Donphan Prime and attach an energy.  Then use Pokemon Catcher to bring up something weak and important, and then you knock it out for 1 energy.  Next turn your opponent will promote something and probably do less than 140 damage.  On your turn you just gotta use Max Restore and attach an energy, and Donphan is brought back to what he was, and you can use Pokemon Catcher again. This strategy could be used with Yanmega Prime and others, but it seems to work best with Donphan.  Though, if you play it with Yanmega, you will likely never have to discard energy, but make sure not to run Rescue Energy then.

The bad part of this card is two fold, the energy discarding and the fact that it is a trainer.  The discarding can be remedied by using low energy attackers or energy accelerators like Floatzel, Feraligatr Prime, Typhloshion Prime, and Emboar BW. If your opponent can setup a trainer lock, not only will that stop this card, it also stops Pokemon Catcher.  If you can setup a Vileplume next format, look for it to be a really important card.

Rating8/10– Yes an 8, I think its that good.  People do not run decks that use high energy attackers without energy accelerators anyway.  Most decks can fit this in and help keep their Pokemon alive longer.  This card will only cement that this is a format determined by the OHKO.

Well, thats all 3 of em.  Please tell OHKO nation what you think of these cards by leaving your thoughts in the comment box.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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