The Post Pokemon Catcher Pokemon Stock Market

by Pikkdogs ~ August 7th, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a card discussion article.

It is no secret that Pokemon cards change value very easily.  Pokemon is one of the cheapest TCG’s out there, but cards that are really useful could command a fairly large price.  This means that cards that are cheap one day can be very expensive the next.  The most popular example is Yanmega Prime.  In the winter and spring Yanmega Prime was about a 5-7 dollar card.  It was used in a couple rogue decks, but for the most part people only wanted the card for fun decks.  Then in July the format changes and Yanmega is a lot easier to play.  All of a sudden that 5 dollar card is up to 14 times more expensive then it once was, commanding a 70 dollar price tag at U.S. Nationals.

Even though Yanmega is an extreme example, it is not unlike the value of other Pokemon cards.  Most cards value in price over their life time.  Some cards like Crobat Prime are hyped and command a high dollar amount early, but then crash and burn a couple months later.  While other cards like Sage’s Training are not talked about at all, and then all of a sudden jump up in price thanks to a higher demand.

The rotation was the biggest variable that has shaken up card prices in the recent months, but one card has the power to shake up the value of cards again, that card is Pokemon Catcher.  This article is all about how the release of Pokemon Catcher effects the playability of certain cards.  So we will go through several cards, some that have increased in play ability thanks to catcher, and others that have fell.  Keep your eyes out for these cards, it could save you from being stuck with a lot of cards like “usta” be good.

Buy!!!!-Cards on the Rise

1. Vileplume

Why?: We currently have a very trainer heavy format, and there are about to be even more important cards that are trainers (items).  So having an itemlock has never been more important.  The ability to lock items will shut down the search ability and disruption of most decks out there.  This makes it very hard for your opponent to setup and recover.  A lot of people will run decks that rely on easy knock outs with Yanmega Prime, Vileplume takes care of these decks too.  These facts make Vileplume very important next season.  Don’t be surprised if about half of the decks at your Battle Roads have Vileplume in them somewhere.

2.  Mew Prime

Why?:  Pokemon Catcher makes it pretty easy to get knock outs, so having Mew Prime in your active spot will not make it that much different than a deck that has Manaphy on their bench.  Pokemon Catcher also helps Mew Prime because his decks usually have trouble doing a lot of damage, so Mew can choose which Pokemon to attack, and what Pokemon in the Lost Zone to attack with.  It gives Mew’s deck a lot more choices, and for this deck, choices are very dangerous.  I can see Mew Prime being a great card next season.

3.  Anything with Free Retreat.

Why?: It might be better to use inferior cards that have free retreat to avoid having your deck stall out against Pokemon Catcher.  An example of this is Floatzel, he is not as good as Emboar in attaching energies, but some people are pairing him with Magnezone instead of Emboar, because of the free retreat. Free retreat has always been great, but it will never be better than it will be in the upcoming season.

4. Mismagius CL

Why?: I think Mismagius was an under-rated card during Nationals, now with Pokemon Catcher out the card will be even more powerful.  Vileplume will be very popular in the next format, and I think these decks should at least try out Mismagius.  It is not hard to add Rainbow energies and a 2-2 line of Mismagius.  Itemlock will be very important next season, so Mismagius will be in a pretty good position to prosper.

Sell!!! Cards on the decline

1. Emboar

Why?: Emboar is a card that started off hot, but lately it just can’t seem to get a break.  First it was Typhlosion edging him out as the most popular combo to Reshiram, then Magneboar was broken apart at Nationals, and now the release of Pokemon Catcher might put that final nail in the coffin.  With a high retreat cost and a 4 energy attack that only does 80 damage, it is not fun to have Emboar active.  And that is just where Emboar will be once Catcher comes out.  I think you will see Emboar not being very popular until it gets another attack to pair up with.  It may be more of a rogue choice until then.

2.  Tyranitar Prime

Why?: I have never been a big fan of Tyranitar Prime.  Yes it has a big HP, but Donphan takes care of that.  Yes it can spread for 20 but that’s only 20 damage, it will take 5 turns before it starts piling up. The only real attack it has costs 4 energy and forces you to mill your own deck.  But, the card has had its share of supporters in the past.  It even had a couple good showings at this years nationals.  But, these showings each had bench sitters. The deck that used Reuniclus is gone because that deck just does not work now.  The deck with Serperior might still work because of the fact that Serperior can attack for 60 for GC.  But the fact is, these decks will be weakned by catcher more than they will be helped.  It looks like we may be seeing the end of Tyranitar, for now anyway.

3.  Boufallant

Why?:   The 2 retreat cost does hurt Boufallant, and does let him be brought up to be sniped around.  The unreliable attack also hurts his chances.  The good thing about Boufallant is that you don’t need to put it on your bench the turn before you attack.  You can play him down, attach a DCE, and retreat for him.  The problem is that once he is played, he can then be used to stall and snipe around.   Another problem is that if your opponent plays a Judge before he/she plays RDL, Cincinno, or whatever Pokemon you are using it against, it makes setting up Boufallant very hard.  Catcher will not kill Boufallant, but it is a little harder to play him. Machamp Prime

4.  Machamp Prime

Why?:   Machamp is usually played with Donphan as a heavy hitter.  It is usually played by having a Donphan active and building Machamps on the bench.  When the time is right you can evolve and do a “Fighting Tag”  for Machamp and then do a lot of damage.  But, in a format with Pokemon Catcher people can knock out Machokes and Machops before they can evolve.  Donphan Prime will still be a great card with Pokmeon Catcher, and Pokemon Catcher will not completely kill Machamp Prime, but for right now I think the Donchamp deck will not be as great with catcher.

Well that’s all for this article.  If ya know of any other cards that you think will be effected by Pokemon Catcher, please leave your thoughts in the comment box.  Remember Guest Writer week starts this Monday with Kyle “Pooka” Sucevich and continues Tuesday with Michael Slutsky.  Next week will be very exciting, so make sure you keep tuned to the website all week.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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