Using Insight, you can succeed.

by Michael ~ October 11th, 2011.

Last weekend, I played Yanmega Magnezone with a Jirachi, but no Kingdra. It was a weird list. It worked, though it probably shouldn’t have. I didn’t test it much either. This time, I didn’t even touch the deck, and had it built for me. It was Yanmega Magnezone with Jirachi, but this time, I ran a 2-1-2 Kingdra line. Here’s the report. I remember some and some I don’t. It was a looooong day.

Round 1: VS Mike Juhl playing Whirlipede(I think that’s what it was)/Roserade

The deck was all about poisoning, but he just couldn’t get set up. Multiple Yanmegas allowed for a swarm he couldn’t seem to overcome, as I catchered his basics and one-shot them with Sonicboom. Relatively easy. GG man.


Round 2: VS ??(forgot name, sorry) playing Scolipede/Gothitelle/Darmanitan

He didn’t get set up much, and I took 4 prizes with Yanmega without having to play a single evening supporter. Then, when I was a prize away, I intentionally waited 9 turns to get 9 energy stacked on Magnezone to do 900 damage to his Sigalyff(whatever this thing is called, the dream eater thing). It was 10 away from dying. Some say overkill, I say kill time. XD. GG.


Round 3: VS Thomas Djerf playing mirror.

He gets set up quickly cause I’m drawing awful, stay asleep with Cleffa a lot longer than liked, before starting up on the assault. When I did start up though, I started with a vengeance, and my Magnezone beat all of his Pokemon into submission. Kingdra allowed me to remove a single energy for OHKOs on Yanmegas, which helped supremely.


Kingdra Prime - ULRound 4: VS Nick Streit playing mirror.

This game was a well played match. He gets up on prizes, and as we trade Catcher/Yanmega prizes, it comes down to 3-3 prizes, where I eventually take the lead at 2-3. I wanted to make a twins play, but we were tied(it was at 3-3). He gets a ton of energy on the board using Pachi, so he can kill a Magnezone and still have 2 on his active Magnezone. It comes down to a final play where I can either A) Twins, grab a rare candy/Kingdra to set up the 2 Kingdra, or B) play Judge, get rid of my big hand in hopes of nabbing something. I Linear Attack his Yanma on the bench to set up for the next turn. I hope there isn’t a Yanmega in his deck, so I gamble. There was 1 rainbow left in my deck, so my play was to grab Kingdra, spray splash his Yanma on bench(40 damage on it), then play catcher, drag up Pachi and hit it for 60, winning the game.  He, of course, has a Yanmega in his deck, so the entire play fails. Instead, I drag up a Magneton in hopes he doesn’t have a switch, because if he didn’t he’d have to waste the attachment for turn, giving me the ability to Jirachi devolve 2 Pokemon next turn. He has it, and it’s GG. Twas close though. GG Nick. Will see you again.


Round 5: VS Calvin Chang playing Gothitelle Reuniculs.

This matchup is super easy. He starts bad, I don’t. Most decks can’t beat Gothitelle because they can’t one-shot it. Lol, Magnezone can. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. Snipe the Pichus/Solosi(plural, there were 3) on the bench, and destroy his Gothitelles. It’s super easy.


So I slide into top4, playing Nick again.

Game 1: I start off broke, he starts of all right. I quickly get a big lead, taking like 2 prizes. He scoops to conserve time.

Game 2: It’s like game 1, but the exact opposite.

Game 3: Game 3 involves me getting broke off of a 1st turn Eeeeek. I get a crazy set up, and pull up a Magnemite to kill with Sonicboom. He tells me that if I kill it with Magnezone, he’ll scoop. I happily oblige. Moving on to the finals.


Top 2: VS Andy playing mirror.

Game 1: Involves us both starting kinda bad but setting up, each trading prizes. At one point he drops a Pachi to self generate, though he cant attack with a Magnezone until next turn. I pull up the Pachi, kill it with Sonicboom, and scoops to move on to game 2.

Game 2: He donks my Yanmega with Pachi.

Game 3: I get an incredible set up, and he’s singing about how his is awful. It is pretty bad. I get some bad draws here and there, but he manages to stay in the game with some ridiculous top-decks (he had a hand consisting of 3 Junk-Arm and he tops a Twins XD). I have to kill a Magnezone with my own, stranding it active. My next turn, I top-deck Switch XD. He takes the 1st prize, but I take 4 consecutive prizes without him taking a single one. He realizes he cant win so he just scoops.


And with that, I win the Outpost 2000 battle roads! Yay! Bummed that I had to win a Pokeball for all of my efforts, but at least I can sell it. All in all, it was a fun day. Sabrina got 2nd in seniors, which was also good, as I managed to bring in 2 Victory Cups today. 4 packs were garbage (Andy pulled the catcher). Lukas was playing with 61 cards in his deck the entire tourney (judges didn’t catch it) so in top4 (he was supposed to play against Andy), he got automatically DQed, and Andy automatically moved on to T2. Bummer though, he didn’t even get to play for it.

Afterwards, we went to Checkers for some delicious food.

Andy’s singing
Sabrina getting 2nd

Pokeball-err-Victory Cup
Lukas getting auto-DQed

I really used a lot of insight today. Literally. Lots of insight. A lot of my plays were using insight.

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