Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Druddigon, Bisharp, and Eelektrik

by Pikkdogs ~ November 4th, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHHOers out there. I am the Pikkdogs here bringing you another Pikk Three article. This Pikk Three articles is special because I will be reviewing three cards from the Noble Victories set that I was not able to cover in my top 10 impactful cards of the set. Two of these three cards were mentioned by readers in the comment section, so I felt obliged to talk about them. But first, let me introduce to you my extra-dimensionary sidekick Pedro.


It’s nice to have you back Pedro. Man you didn’t show up to our last article and the peasants were rioting. I guess they can’t handle an article without you anymore. Where were you earlier in the week.

Yeah sorry about not being here the other day, I had to help my uncle with the company he runs.

Oh, he runs a business that’s cool. What does his company do?

It manufactures funeral home products such as caskets and Hooker Urns.

What’s a Hooker Urn?

About 500 bucks a night.

I walked right in to that one. Hooker jokes, didn’t Jwittz just do that last week? Anyway that was a horribly dumb joke Pedro, let’s move on, did you celebrate Halloween?

Oh Hell Yeah, I love Halloween. You get to go into bars and watch people wear sexy outfits. The people at a bar right by my place were very attractive. The ladies too.

Oh is that right? What did you dress up as?

I dressed up as everyone’s favorite dead dictator, Momar Gadhafi. Except I wore a fake duck bill with the costume, so I called myself Gadhafi Duck.

Gadhafi duck, this website just hit a new low. Can we please just get onto the article and stop all the lame jokes?

Sure, plus we gotta talk about the technical difficulties on the site.

Okay. Apparently our files on the server got corrupted on Thursday night.  At first I had only lost one article, but by the next day all of the articles were gone.  Thanks to Ed for coming to the rescue and straightening stuff out.  I really didn’t know how to do anything in that situation except Pee my pants, so all thanks go to Ed for keeping the site a float.  Hopefully our server will be able to hold out for the foreseeable future.  If you see a lot of mistakes in this article, there are two reasons.  The first is because I suck at writing, and secondly I had edited the article before the server crashed.  And I lost some of my edits, but not all of them.  So there probably are parts that I missed the second time around, so sorry about that.  On to the article!

Card #1 Druddigon NV

Description-Durddigon is a really weird name. That has nothing to do with the card, but it is a very weird name. Anyway, Druddigon is one of the BBP (Big Basic Pokemon). It has 100 HP, has no weakness or resistance, and has a 2 retreat cost. Its ability is “Rough Skin”, it is like Rocky Helmet, it puts 2 damage counters on each Pokemon that attacks this Pokemon. It has one attack, it is called “Clutch.” This attack does 60 damage for CCC and does not allow the defending Pokemon to retreat next turn.

Analysis– First let’s look at the stats on this guy. 100HP is normally great for a basic, but now in the BBP era, it is just average. The fact that it has no resistance and weakness I think is really good. That means that it will be harder for the Stage 1 Rush deck to tech something against Druddigon. That makes it a lot harder to beat if you always have to do 100 damage to it. The Ability I think is good, but nothing that makes you want to run this card. It is a great bonus, but nothing huge.

The attack is very interesting. 60 damage for three is rather average and mundane.

That reminds me of someone.

Nice Pedro, thanks for the compliment. Back to Druddigon. The attack is not stellar, 60 damage on a normal Pokemon is not that great. But it can use Double Colorless Energy. That means you now can hit for 60 for two energies, that is not that bad. But I think 60 damage will only work if you can hit for weakness, and right now there are not a ton of Pokemon that are weak to Normal attacks. Another interesting thing about this attack is that it does not allow the defending Pokemon to retreat. This works really well because a lot of decks use free retreat Pokemon like Yanmega Prime. It is not a consistent strategy that you can use, but it does restrict the options of your opponent, and that is never a bad thing.

So you have a fairly lack luster attack, but there are a lot of good things about it. I see it being used in something like a Stage 1 Rush deck or another toolbox type deck. The main question here is, “is it better than Tornadus?” I think for right now we have to say no. Tornadus is resistant to Donphan Prime and can hit for 80 instead of 60. Druddigon is good, but in ways that are kind of unmeasurable compared to Tornadus. But, I do think that Druddigon is a good Pokemon that will be around for a little while in rogue decks.

Review6/10- No use for him right now, but it is a good Pokemon that will still see in some rogue decks. It is not good enough to have a deck of its own, but it still has something to give in a different deck.

Card #2- Bisharp NV #82

Description– One reader thought I was snubbing Bisharp by not putting him into my top 10 list, so now let’s sit down and talk about Bisharp. I hope this is the Bisharp they were talking about, because there is a Dark Bisharp as well.  Now that I think about it, they probably are talking about the other Bisharp because that one can hit for 80 for one energy if the defending Pokemon is damaged.  Yes it works well with Rocky Helmet.  But it is not reliable given that it only has 90 HP.  So the short review on the dark Bisharp is that it is a nice idea, but nothing that will be competitive, let’s look at the metal one now.

It is a stage 1 Metal Pokemon with 100 HP, a 2 retreat cost, a weakness to fire, and a resistance to psychic. It has two attacks. The first attack, “Energy Stream” does 20 damage for C and lets you attach a metal energy from the discard pile to Bisharp. “Metal Scissors” costs CCC and does 40 damage, it also does 20 more damage for every metal energy on Bisharp.

Analysis– Now before you start calling me a Bisharp hater, I gotta say I do like the Pokemon. The art on this card is great, and, Pawniard is perhaps the best Pokemon name ever. But, I gotta say I don’t find a space for this card in the format. Let’s look at the stats.

100 HP is good, but not that great for a Stage 1. Fire is a terrible weakness, but psychic is a good resistance. The attacks are good, but they remind me of Pokemon that have those attacks, but are better. “Energy Stream” reminds me of Steelix Prime, and how it basically is the same as Bisharp, but has a lot more HP and can attack for more. “Metal Scissors” reminds me of Scizor Prime, who has a Poke-Body that makes it better than Bisharp.

Bisharp is still a good Pokemon, but I just can’t even think of using him with Steelix and Scizor out there. Both of these Pokemon are a lot better than Bisharp, and I would much rather play them instead.

I don’t really see it fitting into a toolbox deck, but I don’t really see it being good enough to have its own deck either. It doesn’t really seem to have a place in the format. Call me a hater if you must.

Review4/10- Maybe a 6/10 later, but right now it is out classed by some Pokemon that themselves are not really that good.

Card #3- Elektrik

Description– This was another card that someone had mentioned would have an impact on the set. Let’s see if I agree with them. First, I have to say that I hate the name. We already have an Elektrike in the format, so to have an Elektrik makes things very confusing.

Elektrik is a stage 1 lightning Pokemon with 90 HP, a fighting weakness, and a 2 retreat cost. It has the great Ability called, “Dynamotor,” which let’s you attach a lightning energy from the discard pile to a benched Pokemon. It has one attack, “Electric Ball,” which costs LLC and does 50 damage.

Analysis– The stats are not good. A weakness to fighting will always stink when Donphan is around. The attack is also not that good. But, the worst part of this card is the 2 retreat cost. You want this card to be on your bench to load energies on Pokemon, but it can’t do that if your opponent can just drag it active with Pokemon Catcher, and you can’t consistently retreat it.

It does have a lot of uses. Almost any Pokemon can improve with more lightning energies. And those energies work well with Pokemon like Zekrom, Magnezone Prime, and Tornadus. There are also a lot of ways to get energy in the discard pile. So there are no shortages of opportunities to use this card.

I do not think that it should be used in an Eelektross deck. Even though Elektrik makes Eelektross a lot better, it still does not have the fire power to make it a good deck.  Eelektross just does not have enough firepower to make in it todays format.

I do not think it will see any significant play. Sure you could use it in a deck with Vileplume, but right now Vileplume decks are not that great. So, I just don’t see this card being that great.

Review- 6/10-If this card every is in a format without Pokemon Catcher, then it might be a 9/10, but right now it is too much of a liability.

Well, that’s all we got today.  Hey Pedro I see that Adam from www.sixprizes.com gave you a shout out in his last video.  Are you guys friends or something?  Do I smell a bromance going on here?

Well, I guess you could call it a bromance.  Adam does live near Philadelpha, the city of brotherly love.

True, do you like Philly?

Oh Hell yeah.  I love those cheesesteaks.  Me and Adam go out for about 20 of those things when I come to visit.  Love those things. 

You and Adam go out for cheesesteaks.  But I thought Adam was a vegetarian?

Uhhhh, ooops I think my interdimensionary porthole is losing power, I gotta go.  Have a good night you Earthlings.

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