Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Next Destinies cards Musharna, Amoongus, and Mewtwo EX.

by Pikkdogs ~ December 16th, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a special Pikkdogs Pikks Three article.  This Pikk three article is about three cards that were just confirmed for our next set, Next Destinies.  I will also be joined by my extra-dimensionary sidekick Pedro.  Hey Pedro, what do you think about Next Destinies.

Like it, kinda sounds like the name of a Porn. 

It kind of does.  Like there are people looking for another stripper named “Destiny.”  After they just killed the first one.

Nintendo seems to be good at making up names that sound dirty. 

Why do you think I play the game.  If I can’t “Spray Splash” someone, or “Beat” them, or “Tickle” them; what’s the point?

I agree.  It is fun to “Strip Bare” and use “Quick Blow.” 

Ok, I think we gotta stop and get onto the article or the censors might wake up.

Card #1 Musharna

Description– Musharna is a stage 1 Psychic Pokemon with 100 HP, a psychic weakness, and a 3 retreat cost.  Musharna is being talked about because it has the “Forewarn” Ability.  This ability lets you look at the top 2 cards of your deck, put 1 on the top of your deck, and put the other in your hand.  The attack is called “Fluffy Dream”, and does 40 damage for PP and causes sleep.  Hey Pedro, have you ever had a “Fluffy Dream?”

Is that code?


Well, then yes.  Every time I go to bed thinking about marshmallows.

And by “marshmallows” do you mean boobs?


I think the censor is starting to wake up again, gotta move on.

Analysis– We don’t have much in the form of draw power in the format, so we get excited with any kind of draw power.  When the first Japanese translations of this card came out, people got excited because the translation said you could put the card you don’t want at the bottom of your deck.  Putting a crap card and the bottom of your deck would be better than having to draw it later, but it still does not make Musharna a bad card.  I think we could be seeing a Musharna tech in a lot of decks, especially in a deck that has Vileplume.  It does not seem to have a deck that is really fits into right now, but it can be in just about anything.  Anything that lets us draw cards is pretty cool, so it will see at least some play.

There are a lot of drawbacks to using Musharna.  First, “Fluffy Dream”, is a funny attack to say, but overall, it is terrible.  Second, how does Musharna get a 3 retreat cost?  It can kind like kind of hover or fly or something, so the 3 retreat cost is quite the downer.  It can’t attack, and can easily be brought active.  So those aren’t bad, but you can say the same thing about Eelektrik, and that somehow still sees a lot of play.

Final Rating6.5/10- Not a great draw engine, but it does remind me of a poor mans Uxie Lv.X.  It will see a little play anyway.

Card #2 Amoongus

Description– Amoongus is a 90 HP stage 1 Grass Pokemon with a 2 retreat cost, a fire weakness, and a water resistance.  Its ability lets you confuse and poison the defending Pokemon when you evolve Amoongus.  The name of this ability is “Sporprise”.  Do you like that pun Pedro.


Okay, moving on.  The attack is called “Rising Lunge.”  It does 20 damage for GC, and it will allow you to flip a coin and then do 30 more damage if heads.

Analysis– That is a pretty poor card.  The stats aren’t all the good, and the attack is very poor.  The Ability, however, could be pretty good.  The ability to poison and confuse the defending Pokemon from the bench is pretty good.  It works well on  all the good legendary Pokemon that have a high retreat cost.

It doesn’t really seem to have a good purpose right now, it doesn’t fit in with any deck we currently have.  Nor does it give me any ideas for a new deck.  But, it still could be a pretty cool rogue option.


The bad part of this card is the fact that, just like Musharna, Amoongus has a high retreat cost and no attack.  It would be nice to have a serviceable attack, but not so here.  It is rip for being a target for Pokemon Catcher.

Final Rating 5/10– Could be a pretty cool rogue option.  But not much more.

Card #3 Mewtwo EX

Description– I have saved the best for last.  Finally we got a good card here, the scariest thing to come out of Japan since King Kong, Mewtwo EX.  It has speed and is hard to counter, it is almost a shoe-in to take over the format.  Let’s look at the stats.

Mewtwo EX is a basic psychic Pokemon with 170 HP, a Psychic weakness, and a 2 retreat cost.  The first attack, “X-Ball”, is the attack everyone is talking about.  For CC, you can do 20 damage times the amount of energy attached to Mewtwo and the defending Pokemon.  The second attack, “Psydrive”, does 120 damage and a discard for PPC.

Analysis– 170 HP is great, but actually not the best for EX’s.  The psychic weakness is fairly good, except if you play the mirror.  “X-Ball” is a great attack.  You can get it going in one turn, and you can make the energies that your opponent attached, work against them.  It is a great attack because it is so versatile.  You can use it against any kind of deck (unless Gyarados SF gets released again) and it works really well.  If your opponent has three energies on their Pokemon, and you have a DCE and two more energies, that means you are doing 140 damage!.

The versatility of this card is great, it is a simple strategy that leaves you plenty of room to put other things in this deck.  Any thing from draw engines, to disruptive Pokemon, to secondary attackers.  In Japan, Mewtwo is being paired with Celebi Prime for energy acceleration.  But I could see other engines like Electrode Prime and Pachirisu working well.

Final Rating9/10– The Sky is the limit for this card.  It should be a very good deck that takes the states by storm.

Well, that’s all I got for the boys and girls at home Pedro, what do you have for us today?

Today I am celebrating the birthday of Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Oh it’s his birthday?

Yes you dummy, why else would I celebrate it?

Good point.

Do you like the Beethoven?

Oh Hell Yeah, love the Beethoven.  Some people say that they like to turn on Barry White to get them and their “partner” in the mood.  But not me, I like a little Beethoven.

Oh Really?

Yeah there was this one time when I put it on in a romantic situation, and an awkward moment got turned around very quickly.  Even the hooker and the midget got in the mood. Sorry that sounds rude, the hooker and the little person got in the mood.

Well Beethoven does have that effect on people.   Good night everybody.  

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