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by Pedro ~ January 5th, 2012.

Yo all you Earthlings, this is Pedro here with a sneak peek at the newest premium article to hit  You can even read an exerpt from the article right here in this article.  The article even contains a top tier, really good deck list for your playing and play testing purposes.   I’m going to pop my Italics converter in my inter-dimensionary porthole for this one so it is easier to read. 

Do you remember a while ago when Pikkdogs did a Six Corners deck analysis and then gave a couple Cities reports where he got knocked around and ended up with losing records.  Well this article is kind of like that deck, except the deck that this article is talking about is actually good.  And the article is written in a way you can understand it, without a ton of spelling errors.  Sounds like a much better article to me.

Now if you want to subscribe to propokemon’s premium membership, you can do so very easily and on the cheap.  It only costs $6 a month to subscribe to propokemon.  That is cheaper than one of the meals from Arby’s that Pikkdogs always talks about in his tournament reports.  I’m sure you can afford a subscription for a price that is less than 1 1/2 packs of cards! The subscription fee is really cheap, and you get a lot of cool articles that are written by players that are actually good.  Sounds like a good deal to me.  If I was a good sidekick I would work at ProPokemon in a heartbeat.  But, if you want to subscibe, you gotta hit this link here.  Well, I lied you could also hit this one here.  Well I didn’t really lie since they link to the same site, the exact same site that this one will bring you to.

So now is the time where I bring you an exerpt from the article. So read the article, of course you will like it, so then you can click here to subscribe and read the rest of the article.  Sound Good?  Okay, do it.

Have a good night everybody.

Exerpt from “The Secret of Six Corners” by Jack Armstead

For people who have been in the game a long time (and people who know their TCG history), the name of Six Corners gives a pretty big hint of the basic strategy of the deck. It follows the example of the old ‘Four Corners’ deck, which was based around Lanturn HL and Magcargo DX and supported by strong Fighting and Psychic Type Pokémon. The aim of the deck was to be able to hit any popularly played Type for Weakness.

Six Corners has the same strategy at its core, but takes a different approach. It aims to make the most of the excellent Type coverage provided by the three Unova Dragons (Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem) by abusing their massive HP (enhanced by Eviolite) and their low-cost Outrage attack. Type coverage is increased by adding in the Fighting Type Terrakion NV (to counter popular Lightning Types) and other techs of choice, depending on the metagame.

Essentially, Six Corners is a reactive deck: it works by giving the opponent a series of near-impossible problems to solve, and then take advantage of their inability to deal with them. This is one reason why some players have a negative reaction to the deck. Pokémon players are competitive by nature and are often conditioned to favour decks that play out in an aggressive manner: they want to get their deck up and running and go on the offence, scoring Prizes, spreading damage, and disrupting the opponent. Six Corners works somewhat differently to that: it is a deck that offers the opponent the first punch, confident in the knowledge that it will hit them back even harder.

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