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Pikkdogs Pikks Three Durant Counters: Victini #15, Volcarona NV, and Zebstrika

Friday, March 30th, 2012

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with another Pikk Three article for you.  This will be a special Pikk Three, where I will review cards that are considered Durant counters.

For those of you that know Ed personally, I have just received some great news.  Ed and his wife welcomed their fourth daughter Friday morning.  Baby Primrose is 9 pounds and 21 inches.  Both her and Ed’s wife are doing well.  So, big congrats to my buddy Ed and his wife, very happy for you guys.  On behalf of myself and the OnehitKo community, Congrats Ed we wish ya guys the best.

So now onto another baby, Pedro.  Let us see what Pedro has for us today.  Can you give us a news article to start things off Pedro?

Well sure Pikkdogs. is reporting that a Turkish shampoo company is being asked to pull its newest commercial from the airwaves.  It seems like the commercial features Adolph Hitler speaking to men and telling them to buy this new Shampoo.  Jewish activists are appalled that a company would use someone who is associated with hate and genocide as a spokesperson.  Would you buy

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Zekrom/Eelektrik (ZekEels): Calvin’s MN State Championship 2012

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Trust me, the banana thing works.

Greetings OHKO!

I guess I’m going to start with a brief introduction. My name is Calvin Chang and I started playing Pokémon competitively halfway through the 2011-2012 season. I actually started playing Pokémon casually when I first investigated it for a high school composition class (yeah… long story). It was fun, the people were nice and I thoroughly enjoyed the game. Then I graduated from high school, moved onto the college campus at the University of Minnesota and took a hiatus from Pokémon since I had no car and no way to continue going to league. When January rolled around, some of the guys at Pokémon asked me if I wanted to compete at Midwest Regionals in the Dells. I figured it would be fun, grabbed a Magnerock deck from some friends and started playing competitively, all the way through Nationals. I wasn’t good but at least I went positive at all the events I played in and eventually finished 10th best player in Minnesota based off ELO points. Since then, I’ve been getting more and more into the competitive environment though still doing mediocre as always.

A week before Minnesota states, I went down to La Crosse with the other guys from league. I had no idea what I was going to play, as mid-terms just finished up and I didn’t have a chance to thoroughly test my options so Joey, Lukas, Michael, Curtis and I stayed up until about 1 in the morning so that I could figure out a deck to play. I didn’t.
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Mewchigan States Report

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Choose deck at 4:00 am. Begin sleep at 4:30 am.  End sleep at 8:30 am. 

Apparently it’s been too long since SixPrizes published a “How to Prepare for Tournaments” article because I sure blew it this time. 

Here’s the (untested) list I decided to go with.

Pokemon – 16

4 Mew TM
2 Terrakion NV
1 Zorua BW
1 Zorua MCD
2 Zoroark BW
1 Tornadus EP
1 Mewtwo ND
1 Shaymin UL
1 Crobat UL
1 Chandelure ND
1 Jumpluff HS
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Quad Terrakion Deck – MN State Championship 2012

Monday, March 26th, 2012

I really thought that I wasn’t going to make it to States this year. Part of me thought that I should make a strong effort to defend my title, and part of me thought that the effort would be wasted if I couldn’t attend anyway. I had it in the back of my mind that I might make it to the tourney, so all along I had been putting together a CMT deck. I really actually wanted to play a straight Celebi/Mewtwo deck (without Tornadus or any techs), but I didn’t want to go out of my way to buy a bunch of Mewtwo if I might not even use them.

I did end up scraping together all the pieces for a CMT minus the 2 Mewtwo EX. When I decided to try opening the OneHitKO Store, I bought 3 boxes of Next Destinies. I figured that if I did end up able to attend MN States, then I could just borrow a couple Mewtwo from the store for the day. Well, that idea fell apart rather quickly when I opened 3 boxes and saw a total of ZERO Mewtwo EX.

The weekend before the tournament, my wife went to the hospital 3 times with pregnancy issues, and I thought that each time we might have an extended stay there while delivering our new child. Nothing came of that, and on the Monday before States, I ended up emailing TAndrewT and talking about all of this. I told him essentially the same thing I just told you, still unsure that the pregnancy would last through the following weekend of MN States. I also added that I had considered Durant and straight 4-Terrakion deck.

I didn’t know if I even cared to build a deck at this point. Pokemon wasn’t a pressing issue, and I had barely played since Cities. Andy replied with, “Well, if you need Terrakions I have plenty for you to borrow.” and I thought that this sounded like the only plan I was going to come up with on late notice.

I netdecked a list, and I threw together the deck proxying the Terrakion (I had all the rest except for 1 old style Revive in place of the new one). There’s a guy here at work that I’ve been playing against over lunch sometimes. He has a Zekrom/Eelektrik deck (which I figured would be popular), so I challenged him to a match. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the deck with him, so he played an old Emboar/Reshiram deck of mine. The first game went very quickly as I lost due to not getting more than 1 Terrakion out. I think the deck wasn’t very shuffled yet, and 2 Terrakion were prized. The next game was a real match, and I think I ultimately won when he decked out. This one game turned out to be my only real tourney prep, though. Other than that, I never played the deck until the day of the tourney. At the tourney, a junior (another co-worker’s kid) challenged me to a game, and I ran though his Pokemon very quickly. Going into the tournament, I had only played one real and it was against a non-metagame deck.

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Pikkdogs States Report and Scizor’s LGD (Late Game Durant) Decklist.

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a tournament report.  This past Saturday I was lucky enough to get to go to Michigan States at Okemos, Mi (which is just outside of Lansing).

The Deck

Before I talk about the tournament I will give you the deck that I used.  As you can see with the title, I ran a really weird deck.  I knew that I wasn’t going to win with this deck, but I just wanted to have fun.  I planned on doing a lot of testing and bringing a deck that I thought could win, but I came down with a case of Bronchial Pneumonia.  This really screwed up my states testing, and I couldn’t come up with a good deck since I was too busy coughing up my lung.  So I decided to just make up a quick rogue deck and just try to have fun instead of winning.

I came up with the idea for this deck while I was reading a Six Prizes tournament report by my buddy Airhawk.  He had played a guy who had made an Ursraing Prime/Durant deck that tried to win by milling.  The problem is that the deck didn’t turn out too well, and it seemed like it was an Ursaring Prime deck that could drop 4 Durants out of nowhere at the end of the game and win the game by milling.  This gave me an idea to do the same thing.  So I started the deck by using Scizor Prime, he is nice because he scares people by making them not use special energy cards.  The plan is to just use Scizor Prime for a long time, and then when they aren’t looking to use Durant for the mill.  I also put in Terrakion for the Zekrom match-up, and Victini for the Durant match-up. Here is the list.

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Bold Statements with Pikkdogs. Volume #2.

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with an opinion article for you.  I didn’t really have many ideas on what article to write for today, so I decided we should do another opinion article.  Before we start the bold statements, let’s introduce my extra dimensionary sidekick, Pedro.  How’s Pedro doing?

Doing well. 

What news have you today for us?

Well, in entertainment news Michael Bay has announced that he is making a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, but he is making them aliens.  Which is weird because they are called “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, which means they should be mutated adolescent kung-foo users, not aliens.  Do you like the TMNT?

Sure,  used to watch the cartoon series growing up, and I used to have the good Super Nintendo videogame.  I agree with you Pedro, the turtles shouldn’t be aliens.  To me, they are an extension of the awesomeness that was New York City in the 1980’s.  You had lots of crime and pizza, so to stop the crime and eat the pizza you needed the turtles and a large rat.  They also behaved like Teens, which made them part human, and …

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Pikkdogs Pikks Four: Engineer’s Adjustments, Seeker, Fisherman, and Copycat

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This  will be a special edition of the Pikk Three article.  It will actually be a Pikk Four, and it will feature 4 supporters that have fallen out of favor in the format.  Maybe we can drum up support for these cards and they will see some play.

This is where I usually introduce Pedro and we talk about boobies and stuff.  But, not today.  Today there will be no boobie talk or fart jokes.  I just found out that the older brother of my best friend during high school has died from an overdose.  He, Jeremiah, had always struggled with substance abuse problems, but he was a nice guy.

I just don’t feel like making fart jokes today.  I don’t feel bad for Jeremiah, he knew what he got himself into.  But, he left his 3 year-old daughter without a father, and he forced his parents to bury him, that’s who I feel sorry for.  So instead of making jokes today, I just want to tell everyone out there to be careful.  I know that college students make up a lot of our reader-base, and I know that there is …

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Balasar’s Indiana State’s Report and Durant Decklist

Sunday, March 18th, 2012
Hello, OneHitKO readers! As this is my first article ever, I feel that I need introduce myself and show a little bit of what I can do. You may have seen me on 6p and PokeGym as Darkwing34, in person as Scott Creech, or in comments as Balasar. I have been collecting the cards for seven years, and have been playing for four. I have never made it to top cut, but I’ve gotten close in the past two tournaments. One of those tournaments was the Muncie City Championship, and the other being the Indiana State Championship. In the Muncie Cities, I placed third out of eight, and at Indiana States I placed fourteenth out of fifty-three. Without further ado, let’s get to the article.
What I Ran
I decided to play Durant just because being a Senior puts a budget on you. This meant no Mewtwo EX for me. Here is my personal list. Please feel free to use it; just don’t take credit for it.
Pokemon: 5
  • 4x Durant
  • 1x Rotom
T/S/S: 44
  • 3x PONT
  • 4x Collector
  • 2x N
  • 2x Twins
  • 1x Black Belt
  • 1x FSL
  • 2x Prof. Juniper
  • 1x Skyarrow Bridge (SAB)
  • 1x Battle City
  • 1x Alph
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First Week of States Recap Plus Terrakion Decklist

Friday, March 16th, 2012

A big hello to all you OHKoers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a short article about the first week of States.  The first week has come and gone.  Some things about States were very expected, while others were kind of a shock.  We will go through all of that, and hopefully you will be all ready for your second week of states. But, before we go to that, let us say hi to my inter-dimensionary sidekick Pedro.  How’s it going Pedro?

Going well, how is Pikkdogs?

Actually not doing that well.  I am sick, I got a cold or something, but, as we all know that doesn’t matter to Ed, he makes me work no matter what disease I have.

How did you get sick this time?  Did you catch something from all the Pokemon groupies that hang around you?

I think so.  One was kind of sneezing, so that could be.  In fact, that was the reason that I couldn’t go to States last weekend, lots of groupie sex.

Will you be doing more groupie sex this weekend, or can you go to States?

Well, I was going to States, but something came up.

So you are

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OneHitKO Store – Pokemon Cards For Sale

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Hey guys, it’s Ed here to talk to you about something new going on at Maybe you’ve noticed the new ads around the site, but maybe you’ve been conditioned to ignore all the advertisements. I really can’t blame you for ignoring the ads. I mean, I do appreciate when you guys have clicked on the ads in the past, but let’s be honest. They ads are rarely related to anything you care about and they can get annoying.

Lately, Pikkdogs has been busy providing you guys with plenty of entertaining Pokemon TCG content. As a side note, we really ought to thank him more for that.

While he’s been writing articles, I’ve been working on something new, The Store. I just got it working, and while I’m pretty proud that it’s up and running, I know that it still definitely needs work. As you can see from the look of it, it’s a low budget operation.

We are currently only selling Next Destinies cards, and the shop looks a bit weak. I know. I mean, take a look around here. The site works, and we are pleased to have so many loyal readers. We’re not …

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