A Look at the Metagame: Pikkdogs does a State’s Review and your 1st Spring Regionals Preview

by Pikkdogs ~ April 2nd, 2012.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a wrap-up of States, and a quick look ahead to Spring Regionals.  Before we get going, why don’t we have my extra-dimensionary sidekick come and start this article off with a news story.  What do you got for us today Pedro?

Well, today we will start off by some news in the world of business.  It seems that to nobodys surprise, Apple is in trouble for over-working their employees.  It seems that Apple has been forcing their workers to work over 60 hours a week and for a week without a day off.  In their defense, Apple says that  they are not overworking their laborers for an unfair wage, they said that Chinese workers are greedy and they want to work more hours so they can make more money and put the money into their savings account.  Do you believe that Pikkdogs?

Sure I do.  I also believe that the victims in the Spanish Inquisition wanted to be tortured until they died because they thought God would like it.  I also believe that the Native Americans in the early 19th Century weren’t forced from their homes, they just wanted to see what the west looked like.  That is kind of like the African slaves, they weren’t abused for the benefit of wealthy plantation owners, they were just people who liked to work but thought that money would make them evil.

Of course they did.  This may be  a controversial stance for you Pikkdogs, you know that we get a lot of attractive nerds on this site, and we all know that nerds love their Iphones. 

True.  But this is the same company that when faced with high suicide rates from their employees jumping off their buildings rather than working for meager wages, decided to put a net around their buildings to catch the divers, instead of increase wages.

Are you a commy Pikkdogs?

Only on the weekends when I like to play  the game “the Commie and the Americans”.  It is kind of like “Cowboys and Indians”, except that you play it with no pants on.

Sounds………ah……….. fun.  Let’s just go onto the article. 

States by the Numbers

According to Pokegym.net, here is the decks that won States/Province/Territory Championships.  This list does include the foreign States results as well, so it may not be a perfect look at the States Metagame.


  1. Zekrom: 24
  2. CMT:20
  3. Durant: 4
  4. Terrakion: 4
  5. Donphan Mewtwo: 2
  6. Reshiphlosion: 2
  7. Troll: 1

As we can see, the States metagame was split between Zekrom and CMT.  Those two decks were the ones that had the most success.  I did predict that CMT would have more wins, but they were  split fairly evenly.  So we can safely say that Zekrom and CMT are the decks to look out for, they make out the tier 1 of the format.  On Tier 2 is basically everything else listed in the list.  Durant should have a “*” by it, because it probably got more play than everything else in tier 2.  Looking forward to Regionals, you need to be aware of Durant as much as you do Zekrom and CMT.


Analysis of What Won

What surprises me most about this list is the dissapearance of Magnezone.  I know there are a lot of Terrakions out there, but I still expected Magnezone to have a better showing than it did.  It only won 2 States and it only made top 4 5 times.  Although the 2 number is fairly expected, I expected the deck to be played in greater numbers than it was.

Another surprise was the rise of 2 great decks, Terrakion and Troll.  We will first talk about Terrakion.  Terrakion is a deck that came out of nowhere during the first week of States.  It didn’t have a whole lot of time to catch on, but there was considerable play of the deck through the next 2 weekends.  The deck relied on a simple combination of Terrakion and………..some more Terrakions.  It is a simple deck that just relies on EXP. Share to keep 90 damage going on each turn.  It also is great because Zekrom did very well, and Zekrom is very weak to Terrakion.  Even a poorly made Terrakion deck should have a decent shot at a good Zekrom deck.  I like the deck because it is a very simple deck that uses the wealth of great trainers that this format has to offer.  And I think that every deck that follows that principle should do very well.  Terrakion relied on trainers like Crushing Hammer and Lost Remover to disrupt your opponent.  While other decks could not fit in all these trainers, Terrakion is a simple deck that has the room.

The Troll deck took the format by storm in the last weekend of States.  Troll is a very bad name for a deck that features Terrakion, Tornadus, and Mewtwo EX.  I hope that I will soon have a deck review on this deck.  I don’t know too much about this deck right now, but it uses EXP share just like Terrakion.  It is a deck that features basic Pokemon that can counter the format fairly well.  If you play against Zerkom you can use Terrakion.  If you play against Terrakion you can use Tornadus.  The deck also features Mewtwo EX to go against CMT decks.  The Troll deck took its cue from Terrakion and got some good trainers in its deck, it uses cards like Rocky Helmet and Super Scoop Up.

What to Expect for Regionals

The cards that we will have to use at Spring Regionals are exactly the same cards that were open to use for States.  So we should see the same basic patterns appearing at Regionals.  My prediction is that States have set the format, Regionals is the time for rogues to come in and try to break it open.  We have already seen some great rogue ideas being used, we just need some time to prefect them.  But, don’t wait for too long because Regionals are just around the corner.

We can expect that Zekrom and CMT will be the most successful decks at Regionals.  I also would think that Durant will see as much play as the other two decks, if not more.  But, the decks you will have to watch out for are the rogue decks.  Since a rogue deck can be anything, it is best to plan by expecting everything.  Make sure you take a look at a lot of the cards in the format, and try to think of the strategy that you would use if you saw those cards.  For example, how would your troll deck handle Steelix Prime? Or Scizor Prime?  Or a Weavile based deck?  Or, how would it handle new Pokemon like DarMAXitan and Cofagrius?

I think that since the format is faiirly predictable, we should see a lot of rogue decks doing well.  Now, I don’t mean to say that Rogue decks will win most of the Regionals, I just think that they could do fairly well.  CMT and Zekrom still will have the advantage when it comes to wins, but a lot of people will have their day ruined by rogue decks.

Sadly, I am too poor to be able to make it to a Spring Regionals (my area had the Fall Regionals).  But, if I were to play in one of these to win, I would first look to see if I could master the CMT deck.  This deck seems like hands-down the BDIF.  It is fast enough to outspeed almost everything else in the format, and it can hit for a ton of damage by using your own energies against you.  It is a game changing deck like Luxchomp was before it.  But, if I could not master CMT, I would look for the deck that I am most comfortable with.  Unless you have been working on a rogue for a while now, it is getting too late to start testing right now.  If you have a great rogue idea right now, you should have just enough time to get some testing in.  But, if you can’t start right now, just stick to a deck that you are familiar with.  There are a lot of decks in the format right now that are easy to play.  Playing a Troll deck or a Terrakion deck is not that hard.  You should be able to master those decks in the next couple weeks.  You just need to throw in a couple of techs to adjust to the metagame that you are playing in, and you should be ready.  If you can find a deck that fits you like a glove, you should have a good shot at doing well at Regionals.  Of course there are never any promises, but sticking with a deck you are familiar with is usually a great way to do well in a tournament like this.

Remember, Regionals is like States, it will be a large tournament.  There are too many rounds for you to be able to rely on luck for you to win.  So, don’t be taking out flippy decks and hope you get lucky, save those for the Spring Battle Roads.  Regionals is a big tournament that will make you work the entire day.  If you do not have a heavily tested well balanced deck, you will eventually be exposed by the great players in the area.  So make sure to bring a consistent deck that is ready for a long day, it is not the time to rely on luck.


Well, Pedro that is all I have for the readers today.  Do you have a news article to end this thing?

Sure. ESPN.COM is reporting that University of Florida Guard Erving Walker was arrested and jailed on one count of Petty Theft for stealing a taco.  It seems that Walker was enjoying some street food, and decided to walk away without paying for a three dollar taco. 

Since Walker stole the taco from a Latino area, the Hispanic heavy jury is likely to give him the death penalty.

That’s right. 

If I learned one thing from working at a Mexican bar, its don’t touch a Latino’s beer or their food.  I also learned to always check pretty girls for Adam’s Apples, but that’s another story.

Can we hear that one?

No, we must go.  Goodnight everybody!

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