Pikkdogs Stupid Deck Idea: Regigigas/Cofagrigus NV #46/Vanilluxe ND

by Pikkdogs ~ April 9th, 2012.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a Stupid Deck Idea for you.  Stupid Deck Ideas are a series of articles where we talk about decks that are more towards the fun side of the game, more than the competitive.  We also might call it a Stupid Deck Idea because we haven’t tested it a lot, which is the case with this deck.  Before we tell you all about the deck, why doesn’t Pedro come in and give us a little news story to get us going?  Hey Pedro.

Hey Pikkdogs.  Today we have some news from the world of technology.  Google has released information on a new product that will allow people to do things like check their email and surf the web without having to use a hand held device.  “Project Glass” is a program that involves the use of smart phone goggles.  They are an eye piece that you would wear like glasses that is connected to your smartphone, and you use them to view a webpage without the use of a handheld device.  One would make the “click” on a link or scroll down a page by making head movements.  Do you want to wear Smart Phone glasses Pikkdogs?

Not really, they look like the game that was being passed around on the Enterprise during The Next Generation Episode “The Game”.  And I don’t have any special allegiance to the Ktarians.

You don’t think that Project Glass is just a mind control technique by the Ktarians to give away military secrets?

Well, maybe not the Ktarians, that would be crazy.  Maybe the Russians.

Cause, we all know the Russians run Google. 

They may not run Google, but what if the game started with the Google Guys, and know they are passing it on to everybody, and pretty soon everyone is passing around military secrets.  Without Lt. Commander Data to save us, we might be overrun by the Russians.

Or maybe it is not a mind control device and it is just a way to view your email.

Possibly.  A little bit of trivia about that episode, Ashley Judd plays Wesley Crusher’s girl friend.

And why is that significant?

Because, I now get a chance to show a sexy picture of Ashley Judd.

Before we start talking about the Judds, why don’t just get on with it and talk about the article? 

Okay, I guess.

The Idea

I always wanted to do something with Regigigas EX since he was released.  The artwork on the Full Art is just so darn pretty that I couldn’t help myself.  It is just a crazy cool looking piece of art.  My idea to combine him with Cofagrigus and Vanilluxe came from a deck idea that I saw on www.sixprizes.com.  I think someone had combined those two with a Zekrom deck or something.

The glue that holds this deck together is Vanilluxe ND.  He is here for his “Slipper Soles” Ability.  This lets you switch you active Pokemon with one from the bench, and then allows your opponent to switch his/her active Pokemon with one from his/her bench.  This is handy for when people try to bring up a bench sitting Pokemon to stall, you can just use this power to get the Pokemon you want to use back in the active spot.  You can also use it to attack a Pokemon that your opponent does not want you to.  It is a cool Ability that can be used in a lot of situations, and it is really useful in this deck which is kind of made for it.

So, Vanilluxe is probably the most important Pokemon here, yet he is not your main attacker.  You can get into a debate on who the main attacker is in this deck, but that’s not a debate that I want to have with myself, so I will just skip it and talk about Regigigas EX.  He is your first attacker in this deck, or, he will at least be the first Pokemon you want to have active.  He can do 60 or 80 damage for CCC, or 50 damage for CCCC plus 10 damage for each damage counter you have on him.  With a whopping 180 HP, there is no doubt that Regigias is a tank in this deck.  You want to use him for some early attacking, but you mostly will want to use him to absorb hits from the opponent.  When you have run out of avaliable HP on Regigas, you just use “Slippery Soles” to bring us Cofagrigus #46.

Cofagrigus is hard to spell, but I will give it my best.  This is a very interesting card.  He has 90 HP, a dark weakness, and a three retreat cost.  His second attack is called, “Perplex” and it does 30 damage and gives Confusion for PCC.  The first attack is called “Damagriiigus”, which is not a real word.  The attack is impossible to say, and for PC, it lets you switch damage counters from one of your benched Pokemon to the defending Pokemon.  This means that you can have Regigigas EX take a lot of hits, and Cofagrigus can throw it all right back at your opponent while healing the Gigas.

The Good and the Bad

Now that we know what this deck is all about, let us discuss the good and bad parts of it.  The good part is that you seem to have a fool proof strategy.  No Pokemon can OHKO Regigigas EX when he has an Eviolite on him (okay, so there are some, but it is fairly hard to do so), and it should be easy to switch out Gigas and bring Cofagrigus to switch the damage counters around.  Another good thing is that the deck seems to cover a big weakness with Vanilluxe.  You should not have to worry about having to pay retreat costs when “Slippery Slope” is avaliable.  And there is no real way to counter “Slipper Soles” without knocking out Vanilluxe.  Another good thing about this deck is that it is different and it is fun to play.  No other deck out there right now is similar to this deck.  Troll feels a lot like CMT and Six Corners, but this deck is very different from all of those decks.

The bad things about this deck are numerous.  One thing is that things do not always happen as we see them.  In out heads we see Gigas switching off to Cofagrigus effortlessly, but in real life it could be hard to do this when Cofagrigus only have 90 HP.  It can easily be knocked out before it does its job, and without Energy acceleration, it could be hard to get energies at the right moment.  This brings us to another problem, energy.  While both attackers can attack with only 2 cards, energy drops are very important to this deck.  Energy must be where it needs to be at the right time, and this can be very hard to deal with when your opponent is trying to disrupt you.  Another problem with this deck is that it relies on at least two evolutions.  You need to get a stage 2 out, and 1 stage 1.  Historically, that is not a huge problem.  But, in this format it can be very hard to get evolutions out when Pokemon like Mewtwo EX are out there attacking for large amount of damage very quickly.  Getting the right number of evolutions out is going to be a problem when the format is so fast and basic friendly.

How to Setup

Setup with this deck is  very important.  Since some CMT decks can control the game from turn 1, you must get things going quickly.  Hopefully, you will get a turn 1 Pokemon Collector, and are able to get 2 Yamasks and 2 Vanillites out, as well as your active Gigas.  You are then going to want to quickly try to burn through your deck to find evolution cards and Rare Candies.  Perhaps you could run a list that has Smeargle and Skyarrow Bridge in it, that would make it easier for you to get a fast setup.

The most important thing for you to do in the first couple turns, besides attaching energy, is to get a Vanilluxe going.  If you get that out, things should get much easier.  You can begin attacking, and hopefully a Cofagrigus or two will come soon enough.

The List

As I mentioned before, I did not test this deck out, it is just a rough idea in my head.  So of course this decklist isn’t very good right now.  But maybe someone will like it as a fun deck and make it.  I made the trainer lines kind of weird in this deck to see if Smeargle will help you out.  If it doesn’t work, take Smeragle and the Skyarrow Bridges out, and make it more Supporter driven.  I don’t have room for Eviolite in this list, but I think I need this card in the deck.  So maybe it can be worked in somehow.


  • 3-Regigas EX
  • 4-Yamask
  • 4-Cofagrigus NV #46
  • 3-Vanillite
  • 1-Vanillish
  • 2-Vanilluxe ND
  • 3-Smeargle


  • 1-Super Rod
  • 3-Skyarrow Bridge
  • 3-Rare Candy
  • 3-Junk Arm
  • 3-Pokemon Catcher
  • 4-Pokemon Collector
  • 3-Twins
  • 4-Professor Juniper
  • 3-Professor Oak’s New Theory
  • 2-Poke Gear 3.0


  • Double Colorless Energy-4
  • Psychic Energy-8


Since this is just a fun deck I will not go in-depth with match-ups, since this deck probably won’t be doing that well.  But, I will be  talking a little about what this deck is good and not good against.  This deck is good against decks that aren’t that fast, don’t have fighting Pokemon, and don’t do a whole lot of damage.

This deck is good against decks like Reshiphlosion and Zekrom.  None of those decks normally run fighting Pokemon, so you are good there.  The decks are also not super fast.  Although you should worry about an EX doing 150 damage a turn, these decks normally will only be doing 2-3HKOs.  You should be able to absorb a couple hits, and then bring up Cofagrigus to heal and knock out at the same time.  These decks shouldn’t give you a huge amount of disruption, this will let you run your deck according to plan.  Durant should be a good match-up too.  As long as you keep energy on Regigas EX, you shouldn’t have much of a problem.  You just need to pray that they don’t get a lot of heads on Crushing Hammer flips.

This deck is bad against decks like Troll, 4 Terrakion, and CMT.  Troll and 4 Terrakions can hit this deck for weakness, so you don’t want to get into a match with these guys.  CMT is just too fast and probably won’t let you setup all of your evolutions.


So, now you should know a little about this deck.  It probably is more of a fun deck that lets you use your pretty Regigigas EX cards, than something you want to take to Regionals or Spring Battle Roads.  But, who knows maybe you will give it a try and like it, stranger things have happened.

Okay, I’m all done.  Hey Pedro, what do you have for us to end the article with?

Well as we all know, today is a big day.  It is Croatian Independence day!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh Pedro, I don’t think we care that much about Crotian Independence.

Why Not? On this day in 1941, Italy and Germany, of the Axis Powers, helped create the country of Croatia out of Yugoslavia.  It was originally just a puppet state for the Axis, but as the Allies Invaded deeper into Europe, a democratic government was soon elected. 

Yeah, still not a big fan.

What’s wrong with the Croats.  In the world of sports today, a lot of people are Croation or  have Croatian ancestry.  People like Milwaukee Bucks Center Andrew Bogut, Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichek, tall tennis pro Ivo Karlovic, ESPN’s Mike Golic, Former member of Michael Jordan’s Bulls teams Tony Kucoc, and former Houston Rockets coach Rudy Tomjonovich.

Yeah don’t like anybody there.  If I want a tall tennis pro, than I got my buddy John Isner. I hate Belichek, and I think Golic is too much of a company man for me to like him.  So I’m not feeling the Croats today.

Well then you can just go to hell, cause I love the Croats!  Good night everybody, and long live Croatia!

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