Introduction, Mini Report and Statement of Intentions

by James Hall ~ April 25th, 2012.

Hello all OHKO’ers.  This is James Hall.  I am the newest addition to the highly paid staff here at


First off, I am in my late 20’s and I work as a Web Content Manager for Lincoln Financial Group here in Fort Wayne, IN.  I have an AS degree in Multimedia and a BS in Digital Entertainment and Game Design.  I also run a local league here and am proud to say that Pokemon is revived here.  When I started attending a league back in 2009, there were three of us.  Now, we are sporting a total of 42 people total with an average of 20 a week.  Our Friday leagues are our competitive league designed to prepare for tournaments.  Every other Saturday we have our kids league where it is very laid back and just for fun.  You can check us out at

I met Pikkdogs at a local tournament about two years ago and we have been buds ever since.  When I first started he helped me with my VileGar deck and we were play testing almost nightly.  We run into each other in the tournaments that are basically northern Indiana/Ohio and southern Michigan.


Alright enough about that, to give a level set I have been a Pokemon Professor for a little over a year now and have been running the leagues here for about one and a half years.  So far I have placed 6th at a Fort Wayne Cities and recently went 6-1 drop at the Regionals in Philly.

Since I work for LFG, their new headquarters is in Radnor, PA which is just outside of Philly, so I was lucky to be able to be there that weekend anyway.  I decided to run am aggressive Celebi/Mewtwo EX deck but because of how my 3 States went, I figured I would go 2/3 drop and be able to attend a company dinner later on in the evening.  So here it goes… OH YEAH! I forgot everyone’s name as I didn’t think I was going to do that well so I just didn’t take notes or anything to that effect.  So if someone I faced is reading this and can give me your name or fill in anything please feel free to add it into the comments below and I will adjust accordingly.

Round 1 – MagEels (Table 5?): I start a Celebi and Dual Ball into two Mewtwo EX’s.  I take out his active Magnemite turn one with a PlusPower.  He puts up a free retreat Tynamo and gets 2 more Magnemites and another Tynamo.  I then proceed to knock out the eel.  He eventually gets a Magnezone out and Lost Burns the only four energy on his field.  From here on the only thing I remember is knocking out the Magnezone and taking the rest of my prizes securely.

1-0:  HMMMM, that was nice.  Bet I lose the next one…

Round 2 – ZekEels (Table 29): I started Celebi and get a Mewtwo EX on the bench.  I basically was clearing his field of Tynamos and Zekrom and I believe the final prize count came down to his 3 to my 0.

2-0:  HOLY CRAP!  I have never started a tournament like this.  I have now used up all of my luck, my next game I am going to bomb.

Round 3 – Reshiphlosion (Table 30): Great, just what I wanted to see.  My roommate runs this deck and I have never been able to beat him so this is going to be it, my luck did run out.  We sit down and as we are shuffling she tells me that she just started in March and her friends built her this deck and she has had some incredible luck.  So I am thinking, ok, not so bad.  She starts a lone Reshiram and I start Celebi and nothing else.  I Pass.  She goes and outrages for 40.  The next turn I get 2 Mewtwos out and power one up.  I attack.  She goes next and benches a Cyndaquil and a Mewtwo EX.  I quickly take advantage of that misplay and catcher up her benched Mewtwo EX and PlusPower/DCE for 2 prizes.  From here on out she Blue Flares once and I pick off the 3 Cyndaquil and Reshiram for game.  After the match we sat there a while and gave her some pointers.

3-0: This was PURE LUCK!  Not going to go that way next time!

So at this point it was lunch time and I had lunch with a local friend of mine out in the main hall.  As we were finishing up I look up and see about a 5’ 8’’ Diglett walking by.  So I do what any other person does and get a picture with it.  I was supposed to go to lunch with a local work associate but because I was undefeated I called her and she was cool about it as she didn’t have to drive into the city.


Round 4 – CMT (Table 15): All I can remember from this game is that I got early KO’s on Celebi and Tornados and it finished with the Mewtwo wars.

4-0: I am freaking out.  I have NEVER been 4-0.  I remember thinking, watch, next I’ll face Durant and have my deck and confidence devoured.

Diglett used Dig!... or Deflate... -_-

Round 5 – Durant (Table 2): OK, so this has been one of the most epic matches I have had.  She mulligans and I see that she is running Durant.  So I think, the only way to pull this off is the Rotom donk.  But the chances of that are very unlikely.  I go first and she turns over a lone Rotom.  I have Celebi active and energy in hand.  I Dual Ball for 1 Mewtwo EX, bench it.  I Forest Breath an energy to him and drop a SkyArrow Bridge and Juniper.  I draw Grass, Junk Arm, Junk Arm, PlusPower and three other cards.  I PULLED IT OFF!  This was such a breath holder of a moment that the players at table 1 actually stopped and watched to see if I pulled it off.

5-0: I was on Cloud 9 at that moment.  I have surpassed the best I have ever been.  I actually had a good chance at this tournament.

Round 6 – Lilligant (Table 1): Never played against this deck before so I was going in blind.  My strategy was just to keep Mewtwos cycling and hope for the best.  I got going and took a prize early and he Twins’d into a Vileplume but Lady Luck was on my side as I always had a Grass and DCE in my hand.  He was able to knock out one Mewtwo EX but he only paralyzed me once the whole game so I just kept retreating and attaching energy to Mewtwo and won on prizes.

6-0: Speechless.  I was guaranteed top cut at that moment.  I was beyond happy!

Round 7 – ZekEels (Table 1): This is where my luck ran out.  My opponent actually shuffled my deck instead of cutting initially.  I started a lone Celebi as usual.  We went back and forth on prizes and the Mewtwo war was done fast.  We were down to one prize a piece and he had to get a catcher for the lone Celebi I had on the bench and Bolt Strike it.  He didn’t have it in hand but he Junipered into a Junk Arm.  VERY GOOD GAME!

6-1: I feel great, but it is cut short.

I get a text about Dinner and I didn’t have the option to not go.  So I circle that I am dropping.  To all who were on the bubble, you are welcome.  To all whom I ruined your resistance, I am sorry from the bottom of my heart.  I go and say goodbye to the new people I met from Jersey and some Ohio players that I knew and head out.

That was fun and the vast majority of the players there were really awesome and I enjoyed each match.


My goal as a writer for this site is pretty simple.  I want to work with Pikkdogs on his articles and give some relief to Pedro.  I will also be doing tournament reports and different musings.  The one standard thing that I am going to do is a week-in-review where I will culminate all the news for the week into one article and give links out to their respective areas.  I plan to cover the TCG, VG and Anime.  If you guys have anything specific you would like to see please let me know and I will do my best to work on it or if I feel that I am not fit for the article I will pass it on to Pikkdogs with all of his infinite wisdom.

I hope you enjoyed my first article and please, if you critique, be constructive and please provide details.

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