Coolestman22’s Double States Report with Blastoise

by coolestman22 ~ March 19th, 2013.

Hey OneHitKO people, it’s me again. I’m sorry for the delay in between articles, but my free time lately hasn’t been all too plentiful due to testing for the tournaments I’m writing about now. I had the privilege to attend two States this year, and I feel like writing about them, so I’m writing about them.
First things first, I had started testing a bunch of decks. I was fairly comfortable with my PlasmaKlang build until I learned that so many people would be teching against it. I also liked my Darkrai/Lasers build, but not enough to warrant playing it. I had built a Blastoise variant to test against, and although the list wasn’t very good it worked quite nicely in testing. After some tweaking I decided to play Blastoise for Week One. This was the list I used:

  • 3 Keldeo EX

    This deck is Blasphemy.

  • 4-0-3 Blastoise BCR
  • 1 Black Kyurem EX PLS
  • 1 Moltres NXD


  • 4 Rare Candy
  • 4 Energy Retrieval
  • 4 Pokemon Catcher
  • 3 Ultra Ball
  • 1 Level Ball
  • 1 Heavy Ball
  • 1 Computer Search
  • 4 Professor Juniper
  • 4 Skyla
  • 2 N
  • 1 Colress
  • 1 Bianca
  • 2 Tropical Beach


  • 13 Water Energy
  • 2 Lightning Energy
  • 1 Fire Energy


I felt like Blastoise with a tech against Plasmaklang was the best possible play for Week One, seeing as the meta was almost completely undeveloped barring a few Cities in Europe and some testing at league. I felt like my list was great because it was consistent enough and had the option to use Black Kyurem EX when I needed to.

So the first States I got to go to was Arizona, where I was one of only three NorCal Seniors there. I met up with the other two early on, found some Beach to borrow, and got registered. I got a nice little States die that said Arizona on it, which was pretty cool, and after about a 2 1/2 hour registration period and some hassle with the printer not working it finally

Unfortunately, I was not the King Of Arizona.

started up.

Round One vs. ??? (I don’t know the Arizona people well enough to recall most names) w/Flippy Stuff

I start Keldeo with a terrible hand, my only Supporter being a Bianca and a bunch of energy. I Bianca for two and draw Computer Search and Squirtle, bench the Squirtle and Computer Search for a Beach, and by Turn Three I’m Secret Swording for 110, and steamrolling everything he has.


Round 2 vs. Mr. Curtis “Kecleon” Swick

That name is legit what it said on the pairing sheet. Anyway, I saw beforehand that he was playing Lugia/Eels with Thundurus EPO, and I’m wondering what my matchup is like. I form a gameplan of trying to steamroll with Black Kyurem EX, but when I start double Squirtle with no Supporters I basically just pray I topdeck something, which I don’t. He gets a T2 Disaster Volt and does so again and I’m benched out on Turn Three.


Round 3 vs. ??? w/RayEels

All I remember about this game is steamrolling, and his build not being very good.


Round 4 vs. Logan Goad w/Garchomp/Altaria/LaserBank

I’m forced to play a NorCal player here, and that kind of sucks, but I figure that the matchup is pretty good for me.

Problem is I start Black Kyurem EX, and then I’m forced to discard two Catcher on Turn One with a Professor Juniper. He gets an early two-prize lead and I am unable to win a prize trade with him due to a lack of energy, and we both two-shot each other until I eventually lose.


At this point I know I need to win out to make cut, and even if I do it’s kinda iffy. I haven’t heard of most of the people there barring a few good Arizona players and a few good SoCal players, so I just have to hope I don’t run into them.

Round 5 vs. ??? w/Hydreigon

Remember what I said in a previous article about Hydreigon having a great Blastoise matchup? That changed when Black Kyurem EX came out, so as soon as I figure out what he’s playing I’m confident in the matchup. I start Moltres to his Registeel and immediately expect him to start looking for Klinks, so when he Ultra Balls for a Deino I’m kind of confused. I start setting up but I’m forced to discard two Blastoise and he starts Night Spearing the third, and I don’t have a way to recover them afterward. But I remember Black Kyurem EX sweeps before he gets the Catcher, and I win.


Round 6 vs. ??? w/PlasmaKlang

I don’t have a great start and he has a great one, but on T3 I draw into all the resources I need to sweep with Moltres, and I do so.


I do some quick math and it turns out that there are 9 4-2’s, 3 of which will make Top 8. After a suspenseful wait, standings are posted, and I’m 11th. Top Cut ended up being the following:

  1. Patrick M w/Garbodor
  2. Conner G w/Plasmaklang w/Etherdex
  3. Blastoise
  4. Hydreigon
  5. Asim w/Landorus/Tornadus/Mewtwo/Something or other
  6. Collin C w/Victini/Garbodor/Attackers
  7. Curtis S w/Lugia/Thundurus/Eels
  8. Sebo w/Plasmaklang

Finals was Patrick vs. Curtis, and Curtis won.

Next up is California States, and I make a couple changes to my list, notably a Tool Scrapper, 4th Blastoise, and second C0lress and Bianca for a Water, Skyla, Heavy Ball, and Level Ball. I end up regretting each one but the Tool Scrapper, but nevermind that.

I show up at the Queen Mary, find two Beaches I can borrow, and get registered, and the tournament eventually starts.

Round One vs. ??? w/Blastoise

I had heard previously that Blastoise mirror is incredibly luck based, so I feel like I have a slight advantage because I have a more consistent list (I saw him playing Super Scoop Ups and a couple other techs). I go second (Which I’m actually happy about because he doesn’t get to use my Beach, but nevermind that), and start attacking before he does. We swing for 110 for a while and I eventually have a three energy drop to OHKO his Keldeo, and it’s downhill for him from there.


Round 2 vs. ??? w/Darkrai/Lasers

I get T2 Black Ballista. I win T4.


Round 3 vs. Ivan w/Garbodor

Sue me. I’m bored.

This game was the single most hilarious game I’ve played since a Next Destinies Prerelease where I did 160 damage to my opponent’s Mewtwo EX with Hippopotas NXD’s “Sand Jet” attack before he could retreat his active Growlithe and start sweeping with Mewtwo. However, this wasn’t because I came up with an amazing and hilarious ploy to take out an EX before it could do some damage, rather because I misplayed so much and my opponent dead drew so much.

On Turn Two I have a benched Blastoise and an active Black Kyurem EX with a Lightning Energy attached and 60 damage, and his only Pokemon in play is a Mewtwo EX with a Double Colorless Energy attached. I Juniper and draw two Water, which I stupidly decide to attach to Black Kyurem and Slash for 60. He then attaches a Fighting Energy and KO’s my Black Kyurem, and I have no way to get it back.

Fast forward to later in the game, where he’s still dead drawing and I’m still misplaying. I have an active Blastoise with six Energy attached and he has a Terrakion NVI with enough energy to Land Crush, and no benched Pokemon. I decide to Beach instead of attacking and hoping he didn’t draw a benched Pokemon, and he topdecks a Giant Cape which puts me one energy away from winning with Blastoise. If I had attacked his Terrakion instead of Beaching I win that game next turn.

The game ends with me being the energy I had cut from my list short of KOing his Terrakion for my last prize, and I’m forced to try to Catcher his Mewtwo and hit for 110. He has the energy to retreat and KO my active Keldeo for his last two prizes.


Game Four vs. Troy Olbernote w/Darkrai/Lugia/Lasers

I get another T2 Black Ballista and sweep.


Game Five vs. ??? w/PlasmaKlang

Neither of us get very good starts, and I try to build up my Moltres on the bench without Blastoise. Little do I know my Fire Energy is prized. He runs out of Catcher and Switch rather quickly, however, and after I Catcher Plasmaklang to try to buy time he benches a Keldeo, Rushes In, and hits for 50. I then promote Black Kyurem EX and Black Ballista him in an attempt to draw the fire. He’s like “That does nothing”. I then explain to him that Keldeo is not a metal type, and therefore is not protected by Plasma Steel, and he facepalms. He gets back into the game rather quickly, however, and eventually takes all his prizes before I can draw my fire.


Again I’m in the position where I need to win out to make cut, but this time I have better resistance and there won’t be as many bubbles, so I’m more comfortable in this position.

Round 6 vs. Austin Bowen w/WhiteEels

This game starts out with him using Bouffalant and me trying to draw into a Lightning Energy while using Keldeo. Eventually I Computer Search for one and start sweeping with BKEX.


Round 5 vs. Will Hildebrant w/Ho-oh

I actually debate scooping this game to put Ho-oh into cut, but I decide that I need the points too much. He starts Ho-oh, and I have an amazing starting hand. I get another early Black Ballista and win with BKEX 6-0.


At this point I’m 99% sure I’m in cut, and I check the Standings to find out that I’m in as the 11 seed… playing against Garbodor.

Top 16 vs. Patrick Martinez w/Garbodor

Game One: After a terrible start I realize I can’t win and scoop to conserve time.

Game Two: See Game One, except I didn’t scoop.

5-3, 13th overall.

Honestly I’m pretty happy about my list, even if there were a few things I would have liked differently. I’m glad to be getting 20 points, putting me at 285. If I do alright at Salt Lake City Regionals I might actually get my invite this year.

Well, thanks for reading. Be sure to leave a comment, and I’ll respond to it as soon as I get the time. Farewell!


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