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Preparing for Regionals, and a Look at Genesect/Drifblim/Virizion

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Hellooooo readers of OneHitKO, I am back once again with a new article full of great content for your reading pleasure!   This time around I would like to touch a little bit on what you can do to get ready for Fall Regionals, and then we will take a look at one of the New Upcoming decks for the Regional format.

The best way to prepare for a large event like Regionals is to playtest, playtest, and playtest some more.  I cannot stress how important it is to play game after game with a deck to know all of its strengths, weaknesses, and options.  I often found last season I did not do enough play testing for an event, so I would usually just fall back on Darkrai which I had piloted to top 32 at the World Championships in 2012.  Also, you need to find the perfect deck list not only for the tournament, but for you.  And nothing can help you out more with this than play testing to see what works and what doesn’t.  Deck choice can also make a huge impact at a large event like Regionals.  Predicting the metagame for your Regionals is a …

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A Piggyback Ride! Suicune/Terrakion Deck Workshop

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Hello once again One Hit KO community! If you saw the last article, there was a pretty interesting deck idea. However, all that Mike did was giving the decklist. So here you are reading this article, while you lazy bums are just waiting to decknet.
Anyways, here is the decklist, as shown in Mike’s mini-article:

7 Pokemon
4 Suicune PLB
3 Terrakion NVI
39 TSS
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
4 Skyla
2 Bianca
2 Tropical Beach
4 Pokemon Catcher
4 Switch
4 Silver Mirror
4 Evolite
2 Ultra Ball
2 Energy Search
1 Super rod
1 Tool Scrapper
1 Dowsing Machine
14 Energies
5 Water Energy
5 Fighting Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

Alright guys, let’s take a look at the strategy!

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New X and Y Rule Changes, And a Possible Contender for Regionals

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Hello OneHitKO!  This article is a little later than intended, but I did get around to it and did not forget!  Some very big changes are in the works and have been announced by Pokemon International recently, and we certainly need to talk about them as they affect us come November 8th.

First off, the player going first can no longer attack on their first turn.  This absolutely takes away all advantages big basic decks had in the past over evolution decks by going first.  If the big basic player goes first and cannot put pressure on the field, this is huge for anything on your field that needs to evolve.  Also, now when a player playing an evolution deck goes first, they get a turn to get their basics out that need a turn to evolve and also abuse Tropical Beach.


Now I know that this could cause some problems as not many people have access to Tropical Beach, mainly because the card is easily reaching prices over $150 right now and will continue to rise in price.  However, most players who take this game seriously will find the resources to gain access to these …

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