Pikkdogs Top 10 Cards of 2011

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a year end count down for you.  Christmas Day has come and gone, Boxing Day is all boxed up, and  New Years Day is well within sight.  It is again time to look at my year end top 10 list.  In this list I will rank the top 10 cards that were released in 2011 based on their playability this year, their predicted playability in different formats to come, and the wildcard factor.  The wildcard factor is something that can’t be measured playability wise, it could encompass things like popularity, card art, and how much hype it received.  You will see three scores in the ratings, and the rankings and final rating will be based on an average of the three. Since we have a reprint set in this years rankings, I need a policy for reprints.  The policy for reprints will be that I will ignore them unless I judge that the reprint added significant value to the card. I will slightly discriminate against Noble Victories since it just came out and couldn’t effect the format like Black and White.

We have had four sets come out this year.  The first set was Call of Legends, the reprint set that came out as the last Heart Gold Soul Silver set.  The next set was Black and White, the first BW set and the first set to feature generation V Pokemon.  Then we had the first expansion pack to BW, Emerging Powers.  Finally, we ended the year in November with Noble Victories.  Now that we know what the card pool is, let’s get on to the top 10 rankings.

Card #10: Gothitelle

Description– Gothitelle is the cool Item Lock card that came out in Emerging Powers.  It saw significant play in Battle Roads and Fall Regionals.  It was a fairly slow deck, but once it setup many decks could not get a knock out on it.  Using Reuniclus and Blissey Prime, most decks were not able to knock out a Gothitelle once all the stage 2’s were setup.  Although there is no good reason why we can’t still use Gothitelle, it has fell out of favor.

Playability Now– It had a great year and won some Battle Roads causing a lot of trouble along the way.  It was never the BDIF, but it was still a very scary deck to go up against.  8.5
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