Opening Black & White Zekrom and Reshiram Tins

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Hello everybody! Here are some videos of the new Black & White Zekrom and Reshiram tins.

I probably will never stop saying this, but I absolutely love this set. At first, after having a set like Call of Legends with 22 holo rares, 11 shiny legends, and 8 reverse holo energies, I thought it would be so nice to have a set with 12 holo rares, 2 ultra rares, and 1 secret rare. Perhaps this would be a nice, easy set to collect. Despite my trouble pulling the ultra rares (which you’ll hear about in the videos), I almost feel like it is more difficult to collect all of the holos. Now that I have started this set, I’m glad that it’s not as easy as I anticipated, because the best thing about collecting is the challenge. So bring it on!

Oh, did I mention that I love this set?

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

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Opening an Oshawott Black & White Preview Tin

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Here is the third and final Black & White Preview Tin, Oshawott.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

I wasn’t overly thrilled with the tins, but they did make me excited for the Black and White set to come out. After a while, the cards in the preview pack have grown on me. I need to learn to not be so critical right off the bat. At first I didn’t like the fifth generation Pokemon, and now I do. So I suppose that’s how it is with the new card design, too.

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Opening a Snivy Black & White Preview Tin

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Here is the second of the three Black and White preview tin openings that I did. This one is the Snivy Tin and, although I didn’t pull the greatest of cards, it’s my favorite, mostly because of the Snivy figure. In my opinion, these tins are a great deal whether you’re a player or a collector!

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

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Discussion of Rule Changes and Possible Format Changes

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Last October the Pokemon world was shaken up by news from Japan.  When Japan got there Black and White sets they also got new rules changes and a mid season rotation.  Fast forward to April, and now North America, Europe, and South America are about to get the Black and White set.  What will this mean for the format?  Will we also get the rules changes and the format change?

If you haven’t guessed already, the topic of this article will be the possible changes to the rules and format changes.  Before we begin to talk about the impact of the changes too much, lets review what happened in Japan.

What were the changes in Japan?

  1. Rules change so that Trainer/Goods cards can be played on the first turn of the game.
  2. Supporters are now called “Supports” and are considered Trainer/Goods cards and can be played once per turn, even on the first turn.  They are now immediately discarded after use.
  3. Stadium cards are also considered Trainer/Goods cards and can also be played on the first turn.
  4. Rare Candy cannot be played on either player’s first turn, and they cannot be played on the same turn that you first
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Opening a Tepig Black & White Preview Tin

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

When the new fifth generation Pokémon were first released, I didn’t think I’d ever be a fan of them. I have to be honest, though. I’m incredibly excited for the new Black and White set. I had higher expectations for the preview tins, but was slightly disappointed in the fact that there are only 5 preview cards available and they come in all three tins. Nevertheless, I had to open all three! So here is the first one. I’m curious what everyone else’s opinion is on the new Pokémon and the new set.

[youtube width=”853″ height=”450″][/youtube]
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Pokemon Black & White Mall Tour @ Mall of America

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Ava and I attended the Black and White Mall Tour on Saturday. It was a pretty well run event for the most part. We were planning to meet some friends at about 9:45. Unfortunately, we had car troubles (dead battery), so we ended up arriving just after 10AM. The first showing of the Zoroark movie was at 10, and they got in. We missed it.

We kinda got hosed on the whole movie deal. We arrived at the first info booth at about 10:10. It was too late for the 10AM movie, but we were told that they hadn’t yet received the 12:00 movie tickets. We’d just have to come back.

Ava and I then proceeded to rush around the mall to get 5 stamps before the lines became unbearable. It’s a good thing we did. After getting 5 stamps, people then had to wait in line to spin a wheel to see what prize they would receive. When we got there (at about 10:45), there were exactly 0 people ahead of us. We waltzed up and spun. Ava got a Snivy stylus. I got a Snivy patch. And there was much rejoicing.

We then decided to go back to …

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Return of the Base Set?

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Hey all members of Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here.  Over the weekend our freinds at posted scans of the cards from the new Black and White Collection set in Japan.  There was a theme in this release and the cards will be very impactful on next years format, so I thought I would post some of my reviews of the cards here.                                                                          

But of course since these are Japanese cards, I have to issue a disclaimer.  I do not read Japanese and am not sure that the person who translated these cards can read it properly either.  So there are possibily translation errors, and it is likely that wording on cards will change as they reach America, so don’t take this wording as the final wording.  …

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