Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Cyrus’s Conspiracy, Bench Shield, Blastoise Unleashed

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Hello to all the Team Omar readers.  This is your buddy Pikkdogs with what I hope will become a new column here at teamomar.com.

A couple of weeks ago I asked Ed if I could start writing more on Team Omar and he said sure.  After a little bit of discussion we came up with this article.  If you guys like these articles, each week or so I will pick three cards and run a review of these cards.  The first card will be a staple card (catering to the new player), the second will be a card that I think is under-rated, and the third card will be a card from an upcoming set.  Hopefully you guys will like this article, and write your own mini-reviews of these cards.  So lets start the reviewing.

Card #1Cyrus’s Conspiracy PT

Card Description– The first card I will be reviewing is the staple card, “Cyrus’s Conspiracy.”  This card was released in the first Platinum set, and the metagame was never the same.  “Cyrus’s Conspiracy” is a supporter card that allows you to search your deck for another supporter card, a basic energy card, and a trainer card that has…

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