The Dragons are Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 20th, 2012

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is an article that is kind of about a set profile and card reviews.  You might understand it later, hopefully. The article will mostly cover the Japanese Dragon Selection Mini-Set.  The scans of it were released a couple weeks ago, but I am just getting to it now because all of the NV hoopla.  Since their are currently no English scans of the Dragon Selection Mini-Set that we are talking about, I will instead show you pictures of a tv show that I liked when I was 4…. Noozles.  Now I know it doesn’t make sense, but only good websites bring you things that make sense, we don’t want you to have your standards too high.   

If you have been listening to any Pokemon news from Japan, you will have heard a while ago that we will be getting a new type of Pokemon.  It will be the Dragon Type and it will consist of the Dragon Pokemon that have previously been scattered into other types.  The Next Japanese Set will probably contain more Dragon Pokemon, since the sets will be called Dragon Blade and Dragon Blast, but for right now the only Dragon Pokemon in Japan have came from the Dragon Selection Mini-Set.  This is another one of those small sets that gets released in Japan between sets.  The set itself is very “mini,” only 20 cards were in this set.  Most of the cards  haven’t been that earth shattering, but there still might be a couple gems in it.
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