What we learned from 2010 Fall Battle Roads

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Greetings everyone.  This is Pikkdogs, here to give you a rundown of the results of the Fall Battle Roads.

This is of course the first tournament season of the new format.  There was a little amount of uncertainty coming into the season about how the loss of Claydol would effect decks.  There was also the big SP question.  Would it rule the format?  Or would trainer lock decks or Machamp decks run all over them? To answer these and other questions I will give you a list of things we learned from the Battle Road season.

Not that much has changed: SP still ruling

Based on statistics provided by Pokegym; Luxchomp decks have won 34 BR’s, and Dialgachomp decks have won 26 times.  These decks, which work similarly, have won many more times then any other deck.  The next closest deck is Gengar Viletomb with 15 wins.

Time and time again Luxchomp decks have proved to be the most consistent decks out there.  They mix in the best combination of speed and disruption to run the table.

The format has changed to make life a little tougher for SP players, so lets talk a little about that.

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