Pikkdogs Pikks Four: Engineer’s Adjustments, Seeker, Fisherman, and Copycat

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This  will be a special edition of the Pikk Three article.  It will actually be a Pikk Four, and it will feature 4 supporters that have fallen out of favor in the format.  Maybe we can drum up support for these cards and they will see some play.

This is where I usually introduce Pedro and we talk about boobies and stuff.  But, not today.  Today there will be no boobie talk or fart jokes.  I just found out that the older brother of my best friend during high school has died from an overdose.  He, Jeremiah, had always struggled with substance abuse problems, but he was a nice guy.

I just don’t feel like making fart jokes today.  I don’t feel bad for Jeremiah, he knew what he got himself into.  But, he left his 3 year-old daughter without a father, and he forced his parents to bury him, that’s who I feel sorry for.  So instead of making jokes today, I just want to tell everyone out there to be careful.  I know that college students make up a lot of our reader-base, and I know that there is …

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