Stupid Deck Idea: Flyking (Flygon, Kingdra, Blastoise)

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Flygon - RRThis idea is simple AND stupid, so it’s got a lot going for it.

Step 1: Steal someone’s Flychamp/Nidoqueen decklist. I’m sure you can use Google, but I’ve found a couple for you here and here in case you’re lazy.

Step 2: Rip out the Machamp line and replace it with Kingdra Prime. You should end up with something that looks like this.

2 Trapinich [SW]
1 Trapinich RI
2 Vibrava RI
3 Flygon RI
1 Flygon Lv.X RI
2 Horsea LA
1 Seadra LA
2 Kingdra Prime UL

3 Baltoy GE
3 Claydol GE
1 Nidoran RI
1 Nidoqueen RI
1 Unown G GE
1 Uxie LA

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Deck Spotlight: Flyperior (Flygon and Rhyperior Lock and Mill)

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Rhyperior-DPHello to all members of Team Omar.  My name is Pikkdogs, or Josh, and I am pleased to present you with my first post.  I first started following Team Omar a few months ago when Omar referenced one of my articles from  From then on I have enjoyed reading some of the things included on this site.  Now, I am proud to present my first article.

This article will be about the deck that I just took to the Michigan State Championships.  I call it the Flyperior Lock and Mill deck.  Usually Flygon is paired with either Machamp or Donphan Prime, my deck forsakes all those fighting Pokemon for another one, Rhyperior DP.  The decks strategy is to use Flygon Lv.x RR and Rhyperior to lock in a weak opponent and then mill them, or discard cards from their deck.

The Basics

There are certain steps that allow the user to do this.  The first step is to establish a Flygon Lv.x, with a Trapnich Sw underneath it, and a Memory Berry attached to it.  With Memory Berry, Flygon can now use the attacks “Inviting Trap” and “Sand Tomb.” First the user would use “Inviting Trap” to select a …

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Flygon Donphan Deck Workshop

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Alright, after my long absence, i am back and cookin. Even though i am not a phan of playing against the Donphan prime, I am a phan of using it. Here is my decklist for it. Criticism please.

Pokemon: 24
3 Trapinch SW
2 Vibrava RR
3 Flygon RR
1 Flygon X
3 Phanphy HGSS
3 Donphan Prime HGSS
2 Baltoy
2 Claydol
1 Nidoran RR
1 NidoQueen RR
1 Uxie
1 Azelf
1 Unown G
Supporters/Trainers: 23
4 Rare Candy
3 Roseanne’s
3 Poke Communicate
2 Collector
2 Bebe’s
2 Expert Belt
2 Memory Berry
2 Warp Point
1 Palmer’s
1 NM
1 Luxury Ball
Energy: 13
4 Call
6 Fighting
1 Psychic

For those who dont know how this is run, its pretty self explanitory. Like Flychamp, you truck the pokemon upfront early with donphan. The reason he is a better replacement is his stage 1 and 120 health, and his pokebody. He also does at lease 60, mabye 80 for 1 energy. So, all in all, it can take more damage then machamp, can dish out more consistent damage then machamp, and doesnt have a bad lv. X that is an eye for an eye …

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