Variety is the Spice of Life. Donphan/Yanmega vs. Reshiboar

Friday, June 17th, 2011

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Variation is the spice of life, and apparently Pokémon too. Once you have found something that works you always should ask yourself, “What can make this better?” and from there,  seek perfection. This does not mean you are going to find what you are looking for, but I truly believe that if you are not constantly trying to get better or reaching for something higher, you will never get to where you want. While this may seem over the top, these same ambitious ideas can easily translate to Pokémon. From our last video/article, we have pondered this concept and thought long and hard for other alternatives that can possibly improve on the two decks we last tested. In this article we will outline one possible alternative for each of our decks we wrote about last time. Following the process of editing and re-editing a deck list may help others see an alternative way of deck creation.

We will begin with Kyle as we did in the last article for a bit of consistency. This week in play testing I have opted for a Donphan Prime/Yanmega Prime variant that I received from a member at our league. Instead of the Machamp Prime, which was a slow set-up heavy hitter, Yanmega prime is used as a quick attacker. Along with Yanmega Prime comes the ability to add a bit of disruption in the form of Judge and Slowking (Second Sight).
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Deck Analysis: Miss Plume- Mismagius Cl and Vileplume Ud

Friday, May 20th, 2011

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there, this is Pikkdogs here with a deck analysis.  This is a deck I tried out last weekend and I have grown to kind of like it.  It is a natural evolution of the Vilegar Trainerlock of the last format.  Of course, this deck is for the HGSS-on format.


The goal of this deck is to disrupt your opponent by locking trainers, and then using the trainers in their hand to hurt them with Mismagius’s “Poltergeist” Attack.   Thanks to the rotation, Spiritomb Ar is no longer in the format, so trainerlocking the entire game is no longer possible.  This makes it impossible for trainerlocking to disrupt an early setup.  Even though Vileplume is not as disruptive as it could be, trainerlocking is still effective.  It is hard for any deck to recover without using cards like Pokemon Communication and Rare Candy.

Your main attacker in this deck is Mismagius Cl.  This card has the “Poltergeist” attack that Gengar SF had.  In the past format Gengar was a better attacker because the Level X could counter Dialga G Lv. X.  Now that Dialga G is gone there is no need for …

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HGSS06 Noctowl Promo With Gengar

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

I recently made a deal in which I received a bunch of HeartGold SoulSilver Promo Hoothoot and Promo Noctowl. These are numbered HGSS05 and HGSS06. I bring this up, because I want to know what they are worth (in various ways).

The simple “worth” is monetary worth, so I want to know if anyone is looking for these cards. We’re not running this site to help sell cards, but I feel no shame in using it to advertise some of my haves. I just figure it’s a side-benefit of running a site. You may have caught on that I am selling some of the cards I just obtained, so here is my eBay listing.

Thanks, I sold ’em all.

I quickly looked at other auctions, and I tried to price mine below them all. That’s my only sense of what they are worth at the moment. If you’re interested in them, please feel free to buy them from me on eBay. I promise, I won’t mind. If, however, you’d like to make some other sort of offer (like a trade, an offer to buy a bunch at a time, or whatever), leave a comment here, and I will be …

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