OneHitKO Store – Pokemon Cards For Sale

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Hey guys, it’s Ed here to talk to you about something new going on at Maybe you’ve noticed the new ads around the site, but maybe you’ve been conditioned to ignore all the advertisements. I really can’t blame you for ignoring the ads. I mean, I do appreciate when you guys have clicked on the ads in the past, but let’s be honest. They ads are rarely related to anything you care about and they can get annoying.

Lately, Pikkdogs has been busy providing you guys with plenty of entertaining Pokemon TCG content. As a side note, we really ought to thank him more for that.

While he’s been writing articles, I’ve been working on something new, The Store. I just got it working, and while I’m pretty proud that it’s up and running, I know that it still definitely needs work. As you can see from the look of it, it’s a low budget operation.

We are currently only selling Next Destinies cards, and the shop looks a bit weak. I know. I mean, take a look around here. The site works, and we are pleased to have so many loyal readers. We’re not …

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