About Playtesting, and Skype.

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Hello all members of Omar-Nation, this is Pikkdogs here with an article about a different way to play test.

“Practice?  We talking about Practice? …… Not a game, not a game, we talking about Practice. …… Not the game I go out there and die for, we talking bout Practice”

Yes Allen Iverson, today’s article is about practicing the Pokemon TCG.           Allen Iverson

As any good player will tell you, the only way to get better is to play-test a lot.  It lets you know a lot more about the decks your are playing and lets you work out the tightest list for your deck.  It also lets you know what other players are thinking, and how other decks operate.  So if you face them in a tournament, you will have a better chance of beating that deck.  But how can you get your play-testing done?  I know of four major ways to play-test; at a league, by yourself, with your friends, or online.

Play Pokemon would rather you handle your play-testing at official leagues.  Leagues are a great way to meet new people and learn about the game.  You can even earn …

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