Porygon-Z and DCE

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

JWittz had this competition where he wanted people to “Construct the best 60 Card Deck using 4 double colorless energy!” Check it out at Prof it Competition! Best Double Colorless deck!. If you want to see the results, check out Profit: DCE Contest Winners.

I had previously posted about my experiences with Porygon-Z in the article, “The Problem With Porygon.” I thought the deck would adapt well to the new DCE-rich format, so I sent in a decklist to JWittz’s competition. I didn’t win any prizes. I think the Porygon idea is a bit more mainstream than what he was looking for, but I do think the deck is a good fit for DCE. I’m sure Omar would like to discuss how it may be a bad fit for the metagame, but that’s what the comment section is for.

I figured that the writeup that I did for JWittz would go to waste if it only made it to the judges, so I decided to copy it here. Maybe someone else can benefit from it, too. I feel like I should say that I did go 3-2 with Porygon in a City Championship, but it was …

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The Problem With Porygon

Friday, January 8th, 2010

I’ve been playing Porygon a bit. The deck is definitely fun to play, because it does a lot of things that aren’t really possible in most decks. Setting up can be slow if you don’t get the right pieces early, but with Call Energy, TS-1 Evoluter, Roseanne’s, Bebe’s, etc. you can usually get a good double supporter (thanks to Download) plus Claydol turn on turn 2 or 3.

There are two main problem areas that I’ve found: getting energy and losing TMs. They both stem from a single problem, though, and that is letting your active Porygon take damage.

The deck can run on very little energy, and you could easily win a game with only 2 with the right draw and matchup. The problem is that your active Porygon-Z will, at some point, take damage. When that happens, you will want to retreat, Switch, Warp Point, etc. You would usually have another Porygon-Z waiting on the bench, and it’s easy to Install TMs onto the waiting Porygon. What is not easy, however, is getting energy onto the waiting Porygon.

The same issue applies to TMs. Sure, you can move them around, but what happens when your active gets KO’d? …

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Spiritomb Porygon

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

porygon2-geI’d like to use the new Spiritomb AoA to annoy opponents for fun and profit, but I really don’t want to play that Glistomb lock. It just seems mean. Omar recently supplied me with a Porygon deck, and I was wondering how Spiritomb might work with Porygon.

Porygon2 GE allows you to “play” an extra supporter each turn. While running such a deck, you’d use lots of supporters available to abuse this power. Of course, Spiritomb can rain on your own parade, because you’d also run trainers (like lots of TMs and VS Seekers). What I’m curious about, though, is if Spiritomb can stall the opponent enough so that, when you are ready to attack, the opponent isn’t sufficiently prepared.

Spiritomb ARTo do this, you’d want to start with Spiritomb. This stops the opponent from playing trainers. It also stops you, but you can stick to supporters until you’re ready to retreat the Tomb. Having Tomb active really isn’t bad either, because his free Darkness Grace attack helps you evolve your benched Porygons. Ultimately, you’d want to play an early Roseanne’s to get a benched Porygon (and Baltoy, Unown Q/G, Energy, a second Porygon, Uxie, etc.) and then Darkness Grace in …

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Next Deck to Run

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Well, now i go back into that mode where i have no clue on what i wanna play that will win, and at the same time, will be fun. Flychamp and Gengar are both out of the picture as of now, since they are both extremely boring :S. The more and more i think, the more and more i want to go SP, but unfortunately, i would need to spend like 100$ on 3 cards. lawl. Uxie lv. X, Luxray g lv. X, and Promocroak (toxicroak G Promo) inorder to do so.

With those cards, options start to fly out of nowhere, i could run Luxray infernape, i could do Blaziken Luxray, i could try palkia lock with of course luxray, and even beedrill with a luxray tech. So many options.

If i dont go SP, i dont know what other deck to play other then Gengar and flychamp. Porygon Z is for next season when i have the double colorless and i can abuse my opponents double colorless and calls and whatever they be using :)


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