Challenge: Grand Finale

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Special Delivery

Early this week, TAndrewT contacted me and asked me for my address. He had a package to send me. Well, things didn’t go well for TAndrewT and the postal service, and we thought that the package might not arrive before this week’s finaly City Championship tournament. Instead of sending the cards to me via snail mail (does anyone use that term, anymore?), TAndrewT sent me a list of cards on Friday. He swore that he’d hand-deliver them to me the next day, and since he was judging, I figured I could bank on him being there.

Click on the pic to the left if you want to see what he donated. I think he really wanted to see how the deck and I would do if things were taken to the next level. For the final Cities here, I think he wanted the challenge deck to be a real contender. Thanks to you donators, here’s the list I was able to run today.

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Sunday, December 18th, 2011

It’s the moment, I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for. The deck has finally made it’s public debut. This Sunday, we had a tourney at Outpost 2000 and Beyond. Masters had 5 rounds of Swiss, and here’s the story of how Eelektrik and Riachu got along.

Before the tourney got going, I needed to take care of 1 major issue. I still needed 4 Pokeball. I was able to get the donation I needed, so it was all systems go.

Round 1: vs Paige with Reshiram/Vulpix
I think I only ever saw Reshiram and Vulpix in this match, as she never got a supporter. She started out by burning my Pikachu with Vulpix’s Singe attack, which was annoying. Once I got Raichu, evolving healed the burn, and I started rolling. Unfortunately for her, I was able to easily KO Vulpix and she brought up a 2-energy Reshiram. I had to attack it, but I knew she’d get the return KO. I popped the Rocky Helmet down and attacked for 120. This meant that she could retreat and lose all her energy, pass (and then I would probably just KO Reshiram), or attack (which would KO her Reshiram). During this turn, I think she Communicationed for another Reshiram (just to keep herself in the game). She attacked giving us both a KO and promoting her Reshiram. I brought up Pikachu, and did a Tail Slap for 10 (even though I had Raichu in my hand). This meant that she couldn’t easily return KO with Outrage, and I could do 120 next turn. That’s what happened leaving her with a lone fire Victini, and I started the day…

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Pikkdogs Stupid Deck Idea: Raichu

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

A big hello to everyone in Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here with a Stupid Deck Idea.  A Stupid Deck Idea is a deck idea that may be just for fun decks or may be just 1 card or two away from being a good deck, this deck I think can fit into both categories.  Since Pokemon first came out Pokefans have loved Pikachu.  But as far as I know, Pikachu, and its evolved form Raichu, have never been great Pokemon for the Trading Card Game.  This could be changing.  

It started in the Undaunted set when Raichu Prime was first released.  Raichu was the first Pokemon Prime that could benefit from a Level X card, not only that but the two seem to work together.  Raichu Lv. X has a Pokebody called “Link Lightning” that lets you attack after you use Raichu Lv. X’s attack “Voltage Shoot” (which lets you snipe for 80 damage), but only on the turn that you play Raichu Lv. X on to Raichu.  The ability to snipe for 80 and then do 120 damage is pretty amazing.  Even though the two cards work together, it was still hard to imagine getting enough energy to use both attacks and satisfy their energy discard requirements.

This problem recently just became a lot smaller with Pachirisu Cl.  Pachirisu lets you attach two lightning energy cards to Pachirisu once you first play him to your bench, thanks to his “Self Generation” Poke-Power.  This works well with Raichu Prime’s “Voltage Increase” Poke-Power, which lets you move lightning energy cards around as many times as you want.  If you play down one Pachirisu and play an energy to Raichu you can have enough energy to use Raichu Prime’s “Mega Thunderbolt” attack in just one turn.  But there are problems with the discarding of Energy.

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SPread, an attempt at going rogue

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Now that my City Championships are done I thought it would be good to share my experience and my deck. First, a little background to set the stage; I played a Shuppet deck all season last year. When the Rotation came I set aside Shuppet because it lost too much to stay viable (not to mention the increase in trainer locking decks.) Having done so left me without a deck of choice, or even a deck I was familiar with. Ed had been sharing the TOSSED deck list with me and since I was at least familiar with half of the deck I went with it for Battle Roads. I modified it to have a Blaziken FB Lv.X tech line and called it HOT TOSSED. After 3 tournaments and losing about 2/3 of my matches I decided TOSSED just wasn’t for me.

One thing I came to like during the Battle Roads was the concept of an SP toolbox style deck. I also had a distinct desire to avoid any and all of the current tier 1 decks; I felt like they had all been around for so long that they offered little new in regards to tactics and strategy. I was still looking for a deck of my own to play.

I had always liked Gallade 4 Lv.X but never could get it to work very well as the main attacker of a deck. It occurred to me that it might do better as a tech instead and so I looked for a partner that could benefit from its spreading power to be the basis of my new deck.

Here is what I eventually came to, this is the exact list I played at my third City Championship in Rochester Hills, MI. It is an evolved version of what I started with 3 weeks prior. I played this deck at all 3 City Championships this year.

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