Deck Workshop: The Unexpected Deck

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Hi my name is Owen I am new to this site and hopefully a good addition. I am a senior and this is my first article so please comment and tell me how I did.

Snorlax101Anyway what I am going to talk about is quad Snorlax.
The strategy behind this deck is setting up Snorlax and using the ability “Block” to make it so that the opponents defending Pokémon can’t retreat. This ability is not too beneficial by itself but… combining it with Lasers and Virbank city gym you could have some serious damage and knockouts on the board since the opponent can’t retreat! Now, the only downside is they can switch so that card is being played a lot. But you can just catcher up another Pokémon and laser it. Also the poison damage sets up perfect leaving 180hp and 170hp knocked out after your opponents turn which is great since it leaves them open to catchers then lasers.
The list
4 Snorlax

Total= 4

4 Shadow Triad
3 Professor Juniper
2 N
3 Colress
4 Ghetsis
2 Skyla
3 Bianca
3 Hugh

Total= 24

4 Hypnotoxic Laser
1 Rock Guard
4 Team Plasma Ball
4 …

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