Spring Battle Roads 2012 Roundup – PokeClass Episode 75

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Hey everybody at OneHitKO, it’s been a while!

Some of you may remember me and I am back posting on OHKO.com with my video series PokeClass, which is designed to help players new and old alike in developing their skills as a Pokemon TCG Player. This week is all about analysing the huge amount of results we have obtained from Spring Battle Roads from across the world and seeing what came out on top, what made an unexpected appearance and what this means for upcoming National Championships. I hope you enjoy and next week will be your one-stop guide for preparing for Nationals!

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-02WaT_dpoM[/youtube]

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Battle Roads Wrap-Up

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a Spring Battle Roads wrap-up for you.  Spring Battle Roads is kind of a weird time.  People are not half as excited for Spring BRs as they are for the Fall BRs and the Cities, even though the structure of these tournaments are very similar.  Maybe it’s the fact that people associate Pokemon more with the Fall, or that people have other things to do during the spring (graduation parties, cookouts, sexy parties).  Whatever the reason, some people are not high on Spring Battle Roads.  However, there are people who are.  A lot of people think of this season as the warm-ups for Nationals and are very excited to find out what the format will be like.  So not only were Victory Cups and Championships Points on the line, but advantages for Nationals were also up for grabs.  So let’s see what we learned about the format for Nationals.

But, before we do that there is a certain extra-dimensional sidekick that we must say “hi” to.  Hey Pedro!

Hey Pikkdogs, I would like to be nice today and wish you a happy summer.

That is quite …

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