“Steeling” the Show with Steelix Prime

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Hi Everyone, this is Pikkdogs here.  I hope your preparations for Cities are going well.  I hope today you might learn something about possibly a deck to play, or a deck that you might play against.  City tournaments start in just a few days, so get ready for your final preparations.

Another housekeeping issue is that we at Team Omar wish you guys a Happy Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving, it has a lot of turkey, stuffing, gravy, and pie; so what could be wrong with that?  So I hope you guys are able to go home and meet with your family to have a great Thanksgiving.

A final housekeeping issue is that next month will mark our first anniversary.  Ed and I are tossing ideas around to celebrate this mark.  We are trying to think of a good contest idea, but are having a little trouble.  If anyone has an idea of how to best celebrate our first year of operation, please leave the idea in the comment box.                                    

Okay, now onto the article.   At the end of the battle road season I wrote an article that reported my tournament results.  I played two decks for the BR season, Trainerlock and Steelix.  I posted my Trainerlock decklist, and wrote that I would post my Steelix decklist soon.  Well, I forgot to do that.  So now that Cities are coming up, now seems to be the perfect time to write the article.  It should help people prepare to face the deck, and it should help people who are still looking for a deck to play.

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