A Season of Ups and Downs. A Report of Pikkdogs’s Fall Battle Road Season

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Hey everyone in Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here to give you a report of my entire fall Battle Road season.  I thought that instead of writing 4 BR reports, I would just write 1 big one at the end of it.  So here it is.                            

As you can tell from this article’s name, I had an up and down roller coaster ride of a Battle Road season.  It consisted of 4 BR’s, one in Angola, Indiana and three in Michigan.  I really enjoyed the season because of the time I spent playing the game i love, and hanging out with some cool people.

I started out the BR season playing Gengar Viletomb.  Gengar Viletomb is a deck that is supposed to lock trainers all the way through the game.  I won’t explain the strategy because I have talked about it in the past.  I will share my current list of my Gengar Viletomb deck, and then talk a little about it.

Pokemon- 31

  • Gastly Sf-4
  • Haunter Sf-3
  • Gengar Sf-3
  • Gengar Lv.X-1
  • Oddish La-2
  • Gloom Ud-2
  • Vileplume UD-2
  • Spiritomb Ar-4
  • Unown R-3
  • Unown Q-2
  • Azelf la-1
  • Poocheyena pt-1
  • Mightyena la-1
  • Uxie la-2
  • Uxie X-1


  • Psychic-7
  • Rainbow-2
  • Warp-1

Supporters- 19

  • Bebes
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