Why You No Run Rayquaza?

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Hello it’s me, Prof. SGT Pokedad MD again.  Like I mentioned in my very first article, I’m not the best writer, but thought that this might be an interesting topic to discuss.  Also in my first article, I made it VERY clear that I am not a very good deck builder or player so bear with me on this.  In this article, I’d like to share with you a deck that I am running right now that I really like.  I will share my deck list, why I chose the cards I did, and then share my thoughts on why I am not running a particular card that quite a few people say I should.

I started the year playing the Darkrai-Hydreigon deck list from Japan.  I liked that deck, but it didn’t quite suite my play-style.  I played Zekrom-Eelektrik last year.  My son played the Darkrai deck and loved it, so I traded him the vast majority of my Darkrai deck and decided to move back to Eelektrik.  Starting with the Zekrom-Eelectrik pieces, I looked at the available cards and read through the forums.  It appeared that many were looking to play Rayquaza EX, Rayquaza and a litany of other Pokemon. I researched the other available Pokemon and came up with the list
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Pikkdogs Pikks Three: States Edition: Thundurus, Virizion EP, and Battle City

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there, this is Pikkdogs here with a Pikk Three article.  As always, these articles are a three pack of card reviews.  One is on a popular card, the second is on a card that I think is under-rated, and the third is from a new or yet to be released set.  Before we go on to the reviews, let us first welcome my colleague from a different dimension, Pedro!

Hey Pikkdogs.

So, Pedro what do you got for us today.

Well today we have some news from DARPA.

The 90’s MTV cartoon?

No, that was Daria.  This is a government agency called the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

That is a horrible name for an agency.  I like the more classic and simple names like CIA and FBI.

I guess the guy who does the naming must have been sick that day.  Anyway, DARPA has announced that it has made a robot Cheetah that has broken the Robot Land Speed Record. 

I didn’t know they had a robot land speed record.
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OneHitKO.com Challenge: Grand Finale

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Special Delivery

Early this week, TAndrewT contacted me and asked me for my address. He had a package to send me. Well, things didn’t go well for TAndrewT and the postal service, and we thought that the package might not arrive before this week’s finaly City Championship tournament. Instead of sending the cards to me via snail mail (does anyone use that term, anymore?), TAndrewT sent me a list of cards on Friday. He swore that he’d hand-deliver them to me the next day, and since he was judging, I figured I could bank on him being there.

Click on the pic to the left if you want to see what he donated. I think he really wanted to see how the deck and I would do if things were taken to the next level. For the final Cities here, I think he wanted the challenge deck to be a real contender. Thanks to you donators, here’s the list I was able to run today.

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OneHitKO.com Challenge: Coolest Delivery

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

This will be just a quick post letting you guys know that I got a new donation in the mail today. Today Coolestman22’s envelope arrived. Here’s the contents.

3x Dual Ball
2x Professor Juniper
2x Professor Oak’s New Theory
2x Junk Arm
1x Max Potion
1x Thundurus

This is very exciting to me, because it gives the deck a “real deck” sort of feel. Junk Arm can really aid in getting those early energy discarded while obviously providing trainer options via reuse.

PONT and Juniper are probably the best draw supporters I could have asked for. Juniper may be a bit tricky in specific situations (like when I have a Eelektrik or Raichu in hand), but it nets the most cards while also potentially discarding energy. PONT is probably the best refresh supporter available, and now I have 4.

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The Top 10 Impactful Cards of Emerging Powers

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Hey all you OHKOers!  Yes, it is finally time for Pikkdogs to release his list of the top 10 impactful cards of the next set.

Emerging Powers is your 2nd Black and White Set.  It is made up of cards that were in the Japanese Black and White sets, along with cards from the “Battle Strength Decks” and random Promotional cards.  A lot of people are a little upset about this set because the current Japanese set seems to be a lot better than our Emerging Powers set.  But, there are some good and impactful cards in this set. It is not one of the better sets we have seen in a while, but at least it’s better than Call of Legends.  The thing I hate most about this set is that there is that it has another rare Unfezant that is useless.  It seems like I pulled just about all of the BW Unfeazants, and now I feel like I’m about to get 150 more crappy Unfezants.  But enough about my hatred of Unfeazant, let’s take a closer look at the set to get at the best cards.

Honorable Mention (#12) Thundurus

Our first honorable mention of the countdown …

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