TOSSED Variants Featuring Dialga G, Blaziken FB, Garchomp C, and Shuppet

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

“Dialga TOSSED” / BR #1: Sept. 18, 2010

Pokemon: 17
3 – Uxie – LA 43
1 – Uxie Lv. X – LA 146
2 – Crobat G – PL 47
1 – Shuppet – PL 92
1 – Dunsparce – HS 41
1 – Toxicroak G – DP 41
2 – Garchomp C – SV 60
2 – Garchomp C Lv. X – DP 46
1 – Unown Q – MD 49
1 – Dialga G – PL 7
1 – Dialga G Lv. X – PL 122
1 – Regice – LA 36
Trainers: 25
4 – Poke Turn
4 – Poke Drawer+
4 – Plus Power
2 – Expert Belt
1 – Luxury Ball
3 – Energy Gain
2 – SP Radar
1 – Premier Ball
1 – Power Spray
3 – Warp Point
Supporters: 10
4 – Cyrus’s Conspiracy
3 – Pokemon Collector
2 – Bebe’s Search
1 – Aaron’s Collection
Energy: 8
2 – Psychic Energy
4 – Double Colorless
1 – Metal Energy (Basic)
1 – Cyclone Energy

It turns out that I feel like this “Dialga TOSSED” build was the best running version of the TOSSED decks I’ve played.  I went undefeated in my first 3 matches.  The next two were losses, but both could have easily been won if the luck rolled slightly in my favor.  You can read the Dialga TOSSED mini report here.

Essentially, the techs here come down to getting around Vileplume and Spiritomb.  Regice can screw with your opponent’s Spiritomb, and it can work well in the SP matchup.  Dialga G Lv. X shuts off both Spiritomb and Vileplume’s traier lock.  Warp Point is essential here, because it helps you bench both Regice and Dialga when they are active (which is necessary to LvX Dialga).  Warp Point is also an offensive weapon, because most of your attacks come off the bench.  If you don’t want to attack their active, you can Cyclone Energy or Warp Point it away.

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Playing TOSSED (the Shuppet / Garchomp C Deck)

Friday, October 8th, 2010

For this article, I’m going to focus on the play of the “vanilla” version of TOSSED.  It was built to be a Shuppet replacement, so I play it a lot like I would play Shuppet.  You may want to read about how the deck came to be before you continue this article.  If so, head over to the “TOSSED: A Rogue Ahead” article at  Before we get into the play of the deck, I’ll give you a list of what the deck might look like.

3 Uxie – LA 43
1 Uxie Lv. X – LA 146
2 Crobat G – PL 47
1 Shuppet – PL 92
1 Dunsparce – HS 41
1 Toxicroak G (Promo) – DP 41
2 Garchomp C – SV 60
2 Garchomp C Lv. X – DP 46
1 Ambipom G – RR 56
1 Unown Q – MD 49
4 Poke Turn
4 Pokedex
4 Poke Drawer+
4 Plus Power
2 Expert Belt
1 Luxury Ball
2 Dual Ball
3 Energy Gain
2 SP Radar
2 Power Spray
1 Premier Ball
1 Energy Exchanger
4 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
2 Pokemon Collector
1 Bebe’s Search
1 Aaron’s Collection
2 Psychic
1 Cyclone

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A Tale Of 2 Roads (The Battle Type)

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Blaziken FBEh, there’s not much to say, but I figure that I ought to write something up. This weekend, there were 2 BRs in the area. Ava, Abdi, and I went to the first one. Abdi played Machamp, I played “Hot TOSSED” (as it was dubbed), and Ava played Donphan. Ava and Abdi couldn’t make Sunday’s tourney, so Gyarados and his pals accompanied me.

We had a higher than normal turnout at both events, thanks in part to a group of guys that road tripped it from South Dakota. It seems that the Sioux Falls league is poorly run, and they never receive their proper promos or prerelease swag at the events there. Someone ought to do something about that, because if these guys are that into the game attending a mismanaged league, just think how well things could be going (and how many people they could get into the game) if league and other events were run properly.

Well, on to the reports.
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Battle Road #2: Vanilla TOSSED Testing

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

After yesterday’s BR, I decided that I ought to try another version of TOSSED for BR #2. I opted for “Vanilla” TOSSED, because I thought it might be easier to play. I want to get an idea of the strength’s of each. I can’t say that I got a great idea of it. I can’t say that I did much at all today. I’m pretty unimpressed with my performance.

Ava, however, won another 2 packs. I think she got 3rd, but she may have been 4th. She actually won only 1 game (and lost 1), because she got a bye. Her first match was winable, but she forgot to lay the ExBelt. Her next match was the bye, and then she got a hard-fought win to claim her 2 packs.

I didn’t fare that well.

Round 1: Ryan W.
Ryan had LuxChomp with Blaziken. All I saw was Luxray. It didn’t make it past my first turn, partially thanks to an Expert Belt and a DCE.

Round 2: Peter (Senior)
Peter also had LuxChomp. Last night, I made the decision to tech in a Regice for Spiritomb. In this match, I realized my worse Regice fear, starting with it …

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Team Omar Takes 2nd At 1st BR

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

The title is slightly misleading, but it’s true. Today’s Team Omar crew consisted of Ava, my 7-year-old daughter, and myself. Ava and I both went 3-0 to start the day. Then Ava got paired against the other top junior player and lost. That put both of them into top cuts (top-2), so they played again. She lost again, but that gave her 2nd overall on the day winning her 4 packs. She had a good time, and I’m very proud of her. She played Donkphan, and it’s built mainly around cards she already knows from previous decks. She really only played it once before the tourney, but she knew how it worked.

For me, today marked TOSSED’s inaugural voyage into the seas of tournament play. TOSSED used to stand for Team Omar Super Secret Excellent Deck. Yeah, I know, it’s lame, but it’s not meant to be explained worded out like that. It’s kinda a backronym anyway, and now that it’s been played, it’s not so secret. It’s just TOSSED, so the player can say something like, “You just got TOSSED!” At some point, I’ll unveil its new meaning when I’m ready to give out more info about the deck. For now, though, I’m still playing it, so I’m not quite ready to publicize the list.

So, on to my mini tourney report.

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