Pikkdog’s Michigan State Report: If You Live by the Sword….

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

One of my favorite quotes by Jesus is in Matthew 26 verse 52

“For those who take the sword, will perish by the sword.” (English Standard Version, 2001).

And you say, “Pikkdogs this is a Pokemon site not Sunday School, why are you talking about this verse?”

It is a verse that sums up my day at the 2011 Michigan State Championships.  I tried to live by the sword, but I ended up dying by it.  

The event was held at the Radisson in downtown Lansing, Mi.  We normally play the states out in the burbs, so being in an urban area was kind of a shock.  Besides some parking issues, this new venue wasn’t too bad, although the playing area is smaller than in our previous location.

I decided to play Uxie donk for this event, there were many reasons why I chose this.  1. I was tired of getting pushed around by Luchomp, so I thought I’d play something that could beat it. 2.  Radu wrote a great article on this site that told people how to play the deck in a very easy to learn matter.  With a couple reads through this article I felt I …

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