Pikkdogs’ Uxie Donk Handbook

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Hey everyone in Omar-Nation.  If you have read my States report, you would know that I have been playing with Uxie donk lately.  This Regionals, one of my friend’s decided to play Uxie as well.  So I wrote the following text to the friend as an Uxie Handbook to help him out.  After I read it I decided it would make a pretty good article ( well not a good article, but one that is just as bad as most of the other crap that I write her), so I turned it into article form for everyone to read.                         

If you are unsure of what you wanna play this weekend, then you might wanna read this article to give you an advantage at Regionals.  Or, if you want to play during Spring Battle Roads or Nationals, you will want to read this article.  Because, the best deck will be Sableye donk, and Uxie donk and Sableye Donk are very similar.  The only change will be basically 4 Sableyes instead of 4 Plus Powers, and Special Darks …

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