Deck Workshop: Garchomp SV Lock

by Pikkdogs ~ July 18th, 2010.

Hello to all in Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here with another Deck Workshop.

Like many of you out there I am working on post-rotation decks.  I have had little success getting a successful draw engine for a stage 2 deck out of Uxie La, so I tried something different.  This deck uses Ninetails HGSS for a draw engine, which I find to be more consistent then Uxie La in stage 2 decks.                             

Now that I had my draw engine set I just needed a main attacker.  The most popular combo with Ninetails is Chariard Ar, but this has been done too much and is a little slow because of the fact that if you use Uxie La you then lose damage on each of Charizard’s attacks.  So I looked at other Fire type Pokemon and Normal Pokemon.  I saw a deck with Regigas and Mesprit that I liked, but I didn’t like the fact that Regigias’s best attack has a metal, fighting, and water requirement.  Next, I looked at Garchomp SV.

Garchomp SV was never hyped that much after its release, but it was valued highly after it’s release.  I have seen some decks that use this card, but none have been really consistent.   It is a fairly good card because it does 120 damage for CCC, minus 20 damage for each energy attached to the defending Pokemon.  It also has a good Poke Body, named “Dragon Intimidation” which returns an energy card attached to the defending Pokemon to your opponents hands.  My list uses Spiritomb Ar and Judge to disrupt the opponent.  It is especially effective against SP decks, which will be very popular after the rotation.

So without further discussion here is the list I have used.


  • 4 Gible SV
  • 3 Gabite SV
  • 4 Garchomp SV
  • 2 Vulpix HGss
  • 2 Ninetails HGSS
  • 4 Spiritomb Ar                      
  • 1 Unown Q La
  • 1 Uxie La


  • 10-Fire
  • 4- Double Colorless Energy
  • 1- Warp Energy
  • 2- Cyclone Energy

Trainers- 22

  • 3- Judge
  • 4- Collector
  • 2- Broken Time Space
  • 1- Expert Belt
  • 1- Palmer’s Contribution
  • 1- Pokemon Rescue
  • 3- Bebes Search
  • 1- Warp Point
  • 2-Rare Candy
  • 1- Luxury Ball
  • 2- Fisherman
  • 1-Interviewers Question

The basic strategy of this deck is to stall with Spirtomb and to slowly evolve Ninetails and Garchomp on the bench.  Then when the time is right you can use the Judge  card to shuffle all of your opponents trainers that he/she was holding back into his/her deck.  Then you can retreat Spiritomb and start attacking with Garchomp.

I admit that is is not the most polished list, but I just put this up to give you guys an example of a Ninetails draw engine.  2 Fisherman’s, at least 1 Interviewer’s Question, and 1 Palmer’s Contribution are neccessary to manipulate the energy you discard with Ninetail’s Poke Body.

Instead of the normal 4-2-4 Line of a stage 2, and 4-3-4 line is better because of the fact that Spiritomb Ar helps you evolve without the use of Rare Candy.  Warp Energy is essential for a deck with Spiritomb, because someone could stall the game by using an attack like Chatot Md’s “Chatter” that doesn’t let you retreat.

I also use 1 Warp Point and 2 Cyclone Energies to switch out the defending Pokemon when Garchomp SV is attacking, because some high energy attackers could cause him problems.

Well there it is, the strategy behind a deck that uses Ninetails for a draw engine.  If you have any comments for any similar decks or any improvements to this deck I would love to hear them.

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