Deck Workshop: Garchomp SV Lock

by Pikkdogs ~ July 18th, 2010.

Hello to all in Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here with another Deck Workshop.

Like many of you out there I am working on post-rotation decks.  I have had little success getting a successful draw engine for a stage 2 deck out of Uxie La, so I tried something different.  This deck uses Ninetails HGSS for a draw engine, which I find to be more consistent then Uxie La in stage 2 decks.                             

Now that I had my draw engine set I just needed a main attacker.  The most popular combo with Ninetails is Chariard Ar, but this has been done too much and is a little slow because of the fact that if you use Uxie La you then lose damage on each of Charizard’s attacks.  So I looked at other Fire type Pokemon and Normal Pokemon.  I saw a deck with Regigas and Mesprit that I liked, but I didn’t like the fact that Regigias’s best attack has a metal, fighting, and water requirement.  Next, I looked at Garchomp SV.

Garchomp SV was never hyped that much after its release, but it was valued highly after it’s release.  I have seen some decks that use this card, but none have been really consistent.   It is a fairly good card because it does 120 damage for CCC, minus 20 damage for each energy attached to the defending Pokemon.  It also has a good Poke Body, named “Dragon Intimidation” which returns an energy card attached to the defending Pokemon to your opponents hands.  My list uses Spiritomb Ar and Judge to disrupt the opponent.  It is especially effective against SP decks, which will be very popular after the rotation.

So without further discussion here is the list I have used.


  • 4 Gible SV
  • 3 Gabite SV
  • 4 Garchomp SV
  • 2 Vulpix HGss
  • 2 Ninetails HGSS
  • 4 Spiritomb Ar                      
  • 1 Unown Q La
  • 1 Uxie La


  • 10-Fire
  • 4- Double Colorless Energy
  • 1- Warp Energy
  • 2- Cyclone Energy

Trainers- 22

  • 3- Judge
  • 4- Collector
  • 2- Broken Time Space
  • 1- Expert Belt
  • 1- Palmer’s Contribution
  • 1- Pokemon Rescue
  • 3- Bebes Search
  • 1- Warp Point
  • 2-Rare Candy
  • 1- Luxury Ball
  • 2- Fisherman
  • 1-Interviewers Question

The basic strategy of this deck is to stall with Spirtomb and to slowly evolve Ninetails and Garchomp on the bench.  Then when the time is right you can use the Judge  card to shuffle all of your opponents trainers that he/she was holding back into his/her deck.  Then you can retreat Spiritomb and start attacking with Garchomp.

I admit that is is not the most polished list, but I just put this up to give you guys an example of a Ninetails draw engine.  2 Fisherman’s, at least 1 Interviewer’s Question, and 1 Palmer’s Contribution are neccessary to manipulate the energy you discard with Ninetail’s Poke Body.

Instead of the normal 4-2-4 Line of a stage 2, and 4-3-4 line is better because of the fact that Spiritomb Ar helps you evolve without the use of Rare Candy.  Warp Energy is essential for a deck with Spiritomb, because someone could stall the game by using an attack like Chatot Md’s “Chatter” that doesn’t let you retreat.

I also use 1 Warp Point and 2 Cyclone Energies to switch out the defending Pokemon when Garchomp SV is attacking, because some high energy attackers could cause him problems.

Well there it is, the strategy behind a deck that uses Ninetails for a draw engine.  If you have any comments for any similar decks or any improvements to this deck I would love to hear them.

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  • Wegothem

    None of my comments were really directed toward you or your article, if you want to play a children's card game and have fun with it in whatever way you like go ahead and have a good time as do I. I meant that people were getting rilled up over something so trivial as a Children's trading card game, nothing to attest to those who play it or how you want to play it.

  • Jake Long

    Anything as in terms of the card game? Or anything as in terms of something else?

  • Jake Long

    Ok, well 20,00o dollars is a significant amount of money when i'm only seventeen, going to college next year, and i'm not rich. If 20,000 is so insignificant to you, you minds as well give it to me. You make it seem that 20,000 isnt a lot, but 20,000 would be so helpful to so many people. As for the 20 dollars, if your actually going to sen me 20 dollars, ill be more than happy to give you my paypal account.

  • Jake Long

    Honestly it doesnt matter who makes the decks for us kids to play. They get credit for making the deck. But making a deck and winning with a deck is two different things. I would rather win with a deck than make a deck anyday seeing as winning makes you money and building a deck only gets recognition.

  • Wegothem

    20,000 dollars is not a significant amount of money, the conception of money slowly becomes more realistic as you grow up and move through school. It would be a helpful amount to many but it is so little in the scheme of life, so very very little. I would gladly give that kind of money to those who need it once I have it accesible.


    @Wegotthem. Boy you sure do make some bold statements. I’ll start with your point about being good card games lacking meaning. Lets assume that it does in fact lack any sort of meaning. In that case is there any point in writing articles, with the purpose of telling people how to get better at meaningless things? I would think that it would be even more meaningless by your logic, and yet you chose to exclude pikkdogs from your comments. Also, let me ask you what’s different from this and doing any other thing one might enjoy doing. Lets take professional sports. Can you honestly say that being Kobe Bryant has no meaning? Is the fact(I guess its not a fact) that he is the best active basketball player meaningless? I don’t think so, certainly not to him, certainly not to his peers, certainly not to his fans, to you? I honestly don’t know, and it doesn’t really matter to him, his peers, or his fans. If you are a fan of sports and get some sort of satisfaction when your favorite athlete or team does well, which implies some sort of personal meaning even too you. A feeling of pride or satisfaction to you. Lets say that you do acknowledge the being the best basketball players has some meaning. Then you must also acknowledge that being the second best basketball player also has meaning, albeit to exactly one lesser arbitrary degree. Now, you can say there are some huge differences between pokemon and basketball. Its true there are some, but only in scope. There is still a feeling of pride when you win a tournament. At worlds and at nationals there are plenty of people who watch the finals with interest, people who root for one player or another. There are still a ton of people who ask the winner(and losers for that matter) to sign their cards. Now about scope; I’m going to arbitrarily choose to put the “degrees of meaning” of each of them(being good at Pokemon and being good at basketball) on an imaginary line which holds the set of all hobbies that one can be competitive at. You clearly hold Pokemon to be utterly unimportant so we’ll put that at negative infinity degrees of meaning, and we’ll put basket ball at positive infinity degrees of meaning. We’ll first assume that being the best basketball player has meaning. In that case it makes sense to say that being the best at whatever other hobby who’s degree of meaning is infinity minus one is also meaningful, as is the one at infinity minus three, and four, and five, etc. Now by this logic one should also say that the item that lies at (infinity-(infinity +(0-negative infinity))) also has some meaning.(That item is being the best at Pokemon) Now if you take the opposite approach and start with Pokemon being at negative infinity and having no meaning. You’ll find that being the best basketball player also has no meaning. Both approaches make sense logically, however, if you’re honestly going to come on here and say that being the best basket ball player is meaningless, then there would be no point in arguing with you, you’d be just a dumb joker. Though I will say to me personally it makes no difference who is the best Scrabble player alive, but to most of the people who play competitive scrabble it does.
    Next, is you’re saying that amounts of money under $20,000 is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Which I guess in some way is true, one person getting $20,000 won’t significantly change the world. But, lets talk about a persons life I could spend all day listing specific hypothetical’s about how getting $10,000(I say 10,000 simply because you said an amount less than 20,000) can completely change a persons life. That, however, would serve little purpose. There are two things that you failed to consider, and Jake Long mentioned one of them in a cruder way, that would be the marginal utility of money. You put Jake Long in you’re shoes while ignoring his own, for people like me or Jake Long even 20 extra dollars helps us. It may not help you and it may not help my father. Like you said 20,000 is an amount that some one like you or my father would find significant. To someone like Bill Gates that amount would be insignificant. You would need to make a bet for 2 billion for it to be significant to him. You said the conception of money becomes more realistic as you grow older. This is wrong, the conception of money is not relative to age, its relative to wealth. The other thing you don’t really seem to understand is that the money me and Jake Long make though cards means something different to us than the money we make through our jobs. When you get a job its just that “a job” something which you are required to do and perform at a certain level or you risk losing it. Cards for us are a hobby, and though we like making money off it its not what its really about. When we first started we were not that good and we did it for the fun we made a lot of friends playing this game. The fact that we could get to the point where we could actually make a reasonable profit(again relative to our financial status) off card games is just the icing on the cake. That’s why the money that we get carries with it a much greater degree of importance. This importance comes from the pride we get by using a good deal of skill to win it over other people as well as the rush that the element of chance gives us.(Just a note: since when do the losers in anything seem to have as much fun as the winners.)
    Those were the rebuttals to the two main point you made in your arguments with Jake Long, now I will focus on some other things I noticed in your responses. The first of which is your repeated use of the term “children’s card game.” I found it pretty odd that you would always include the predicate “children’s” as opposed to just saying “card games.” The reason I find this strange is because unlike most of you’re posts where you directly attacked us, this was a much more indirect approach. But in continuously saying it you’re also indirectly attacking all adults and teens who play this game. You, who I assume by your posts is an adult should have even less business playing this game, and in a strange way I think you acknowledge this. You included a statement where you said that you play for fun nothing else. This justifies something where no justification was asked for or needed. Normally actions like that suggest some sort of guilt or shame. Next you launch really vague personal attacks with absolutely zero support. You draw no connections. In your statement “you realize you are no better than anyone else, based on your comments you are less than everyone else,” you take no time to explain why our comments make us less than everyone else. Is it because we swear when its unnecessary? Is it because we have big egos? Is it because we point out flaws in logic? Or maybe we are just pricks and don‘t give fuck about people we consider to be trash and this fucking site? All of those things are true there’s no real denying it. When it comes to this game we are elitist. But to call us less than everyone else I don’t see why. We don’t fit the mold you might like in a person but that’s based on your judgment.
    I’m going to say one more thing on the issue of us being “less than everyone else.” Out of the top 5% of players playing the game the vast majority of them are what you would consider normal people who are down to do “cool“ things. In the other 95% most of the people who are “normal” are in the game for a reason other than the game itself, such as family that plays it together. The other people who are into this game, have some sort of major social or mental disability and use Pokemon as an outlet because they have little else.

    TL;DR: Bad arguments are bad.

    @Pikkdogs: Two things this will be quick. First, you say that your thoughts will help new players. Honestly you’re articles are fucking bad, about topics which are largely irrelevant. Why do you think most people read articles about cards? Its because they want to get better. Your articles probably wont help people get better. Lets say a beginner see this shit and plays a fucking Garchomp deck for a tournament and gets ass-fucked by every half decent sp player, what good does it do them? The idea of an article on the nine tails draw engine isn’t bad. But this focus’ on a bad deck and not on the potentially good ninetails engine. I’ll sum up your “strategy” for you in 5 phrases.
    1. Use tomb to power up
    2. Use judge when done
    3. Attack with chomp
    4. Use cards to help nine tails
    5. Run cyclone to help against dialga
    Do you honestly think its ever as simple as this?

    Second, Miller Light wtf man. Like really fucking Miller Light. If you want to drink piss in a bottle just let me know and ill hook you up for free.

    @Ed: Isn’t talking about pointless text being pointless somehow even more pointless?

    @Mike and pmccarty7: Do I fucking know you guys?

  • Ed

    You really rambled on about basketball there for a while. Basketball sucks. It's a children's game.

    I'm wondering if Thomas finally came over with “the stuff,” because all that typing is out of character for you. I can't get you to write a real article, but you complain this much when you don't like the article/discussion from others.

    Also, the short answer to your question is, “Yes.” A longer answer is that pointing out that someone's ramblings about how pointless something is are pointless is pointless, but only on some levels. By pointing out how pointless my reply to Jakey is, you've attempted the same thing that I had done. The difference is that I realize the pointlessness of my pointless post while Jakey doesn't seem to grasp that his pointlessness is pointless. Also, Jonnyjake's pointless posts aren't real tactful, which adds a whole other layer of pointlessness on top of the fact that the pointlessness is all subjective to begin with as you've so eloquently illustrated in your Pokemon Vs. Basketball diatribe.

    Can you follow that in your influenced state, or did I just blow your mind, man?

  • Wegothem

    I never used the word meaningless, the card is not meaningless to you if you enjoy it or if people want to right articles about it. My point was that people were overreacting over a children's card game where there are much MUCH more important things in the world such as ditribution of wealth as you head mentioned. Go live in Africa for a year and then you can tell me how important the pokemon trading card game is after you see how even something so habitual such as food is difficult burden to come by in the many 3rd world countries around the world. If you want to like the game then more power to you for expressing your opinion, just dont get rilled up over something that really is not that important in the grand scheme of life. As for money, it may seem relevant comparitive to amount of wealth and not age but the fallacy in that is that you are always aging and thus becoming more wealthy if you focus on the things that matter like an education and job. Then those amounts become unnecessary. 20,000 is less than 1% of the federal deficit right now, it is an insignificant amount of money overall, maybe not in your case or in others but you are referring to the exception rather than the rule

  • Wegothem

    Ill say no more than this: I can easily tell what kind of person you are based on how much effort you put into a comment in order to win an arguement based on the Pokemon Trading Card Game. If winning an arguement means that much to you then by all means you win because I could care less. 20 Years from today remember this discussion and if your outlook does not change at all, then wait 20 more years, and repeat the process until you view it differently. Other than that, good luck

  • Thomas V

    You definitely did use the word “meaningless”, why would you make such an idiotic statement when you can easily not look like a fucktard if you simply use CTRL+F. Your argument about more important things in the world can be applied to just about anything. In lite of the basketball argument, why dont you just go tell Kobe Bryant there are much more important things in the world and to give up every single thing he owns and live in poverty? Because each things has its own importance to another person. Card games are important to me because I enjoy doing them and also make money doing it, why should what I find important be less important to someone in different shoes. Importance is not something you can judge like that, it is relative to who you are talking to. Do you think the War in the middle east has any importance to a 2 year old? I doubt it, but it does to the United States. Do you think sucking on said 2 year olds mother's tits is important to the United States? Doubt it. Importance is relative to who you are speaking to, thinking that things are more important than another makes YOU seem like an eletist douche bag. Once again on your insignificance amount of money, you are a fucking retard. If its fucking insignificant Ill gladly take a grand out of your pocket. Please paypal $1,000 dollars to, and if your not going to, then go fuck yourself cause it is a significant amount of money you stupid fucking retard.


    Thomas did not come over with weed, and if he did i wouldn't be writing shit, however I can't confirm the notion that there may have been a large amount of perscription amphetamines in my system. I also can't confirm weather or not i was a bit tipsy. We'll if can agree that pointlessness is subjective theres not much else to say


    I'm sorry that when i do something i try to do it well, be it winning an argument or winning at pokemon, seems like your initiative is lacking.

    Also what the FUCK, like I'm going to remember this shit 5 weeks from now, much less 20 years from now.


  • pikkdogs

    here is where we argue.

    You think everyone should play luxchomp or a similar deck. I think that people should play different decks that reflect their playing styles and personallity.

    If Joe Blow really likes the Pokemon Grovyle, and he sees a way he could make a semi-decent deck with Grovyle I say that Joe Blow takes that deck to a battle roads and has fun with it.

    While you think Joe Blow should jump off a cliff and leave Pokemon playing to people who only want to win.

    I don't think beginners should play the best decks because they just aren't ready for them. They need to learn the rules of the game and then after a couple of months they might be ready to try to win for real.

    And I never said this was a great deck, just an example of a ninetails draw engine. I don't reccomend that everyone make this deck, if you do make it you will have fun testing something new. This deck wont ever win worlds, it actually would have a tough time at a BR, but I guarantee the young player who plays this deck will learn things and be a better player because of there time playing the deck.

    And if you don't like Miller Light what do you drink?

  • Mike

    Yea you do, people already took my name