Flygon Donphan Deck Workshop

by Omar ~ February 12th, 2010.

Alright, after my long absence, i am back and cookin. Even though i am not a phan of playing against the Donphan prime, I am a phan of using it. Here is my decklist for it. Criticism please.

Pokemon: 24
3 Trapinch SW
2 Vibrava RR
3 Flygon RR
1 Flygon X
3 Phanphy HGSS
3 Donphan Prime HGSS
2 Baltoy
2 Claydol
1 Nidoran RR
1 NidoQueen RR
1 Uxie
1 Azelf
1 Unown G
Supporters/Trainers: 23
4 Rare Candy
3 Roseanne’s
3 Poke Communicate
2 Collector
2 Bebe’s
2 Expert Belt
2 Memory Berry
2 Warp Point
1 Palmer’s
1 NM
1 Luxury Ball
Energy: 13
4 Call
6 Fighting
1 Psychic

For those who dont know how this is run, its pretty self explanitory. Like Flychamp, you truck the pokemon upfront early with donphan. The reason he is a better replacement is his stage 1 and 120 health, and his pokebody. He also does at lease 60, mabye 80 for 1 energy. So, all in all, it can take more damage then machamp, can dish out more consistent damage then machamp, and doesnt have a bad lv. X that is an eye for an eye effect pretty much. Then, flygon makes your retreat non-existent, and flygon does what flygon does, lock them and deck them, blow them up, kill lvl x’s, destroy stadiums, you know, flygon stuff. no big deal. I like to see someone take a consistent 60-130 damage starting either turn 1 if you go second or fer sher turn 2. Let alone dish out 160 or 150 damage for ohko’s. Weakness may be a factor with the new Feraligatr. I hope flygon can do its thang to get around it, and i havent tested against it yet so i guess we will see. But some ideas to smooth out the edges(if there are any ;) ) i would appreciate.

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