Pikkdogs’ Uxie Donk Handbook

by Pikkdogs ~ April 13th, 2011.

Hey everyone in Omar-Nation.  If you have read my States report, you would know that I have been playing with Uxie donk lately.  This Regionals, one of my friend’s decided to play Uxie as well.  So I wrote the following text to the friend as an Uxie Handbook to help him out.  After I read it I decided it would make a pretty good article ( well not a good article, but one that is just as bad as most of the other crap that I write her), so I turned it into article form for everyone to read.                         

If you are unsure of what you wanna play this weekend, then you might wanna read this article to give you an advantage at Regionals.  Or, if you want to play during Spring Battle Roads or Nationals, you will want to read this article.  Because, the best deck will be Sableye donk, and Uxie donk and Sableye Donk are very similar.  The only change will be basically 4 Sableyes instead of 4 Plus Powers, and Special Darks instead of Cyclone Energies.  You might want to change a couple other things, but alas, this is not a Sabledonk article, but is an Uxie article.

If you want to be great at Uxie donk, here are things you should know.

First, read and re-read Radu’s articles about the deck.  Read them now, and then read them after you have tested this deck a  couple times, they are that good.   Mostly pay attention to part 1, though the slow play described in part 2 might come in handy.  I only used it once, and it didn’t really work, but it could.



First Thing You Do

1.        You get your hand, and then you pick your starting Pokemon.  Mostly, you will want to start with Crobat G, if you start with Unown R, make sure you will be able to find Unown q quickly.

2.        After you pick your starter, the first thing you do is look at your hand.  The first thing you want to find is Uxie.  If you don’t have one, then look for Luxury Ball, Dual Ball, or Quick Ball to get him.

3.        If you have Poke Turns, try to find Crobat G and use the turns as you get them.  You can use the scoop ups to use “Flash Bite” if you must, but if you want to cycle through your deck, you need to scoop up Uxie at least once, maybe twice.

4.        After you have an Uxie, what you want to do is play out your remaining hand.  Play your Unown r’s and drawing trainers so that you played everything you can with them.

5.         Now you are basically setup so just keep going.  Seeker

Words of Wisdom

Junk Arm-Only use Junk Arm if you absolutely need to, or you have extra cards like seeker, e belt, and cyclone energy, but you can use it with quick balls if you need to.  You mostly want to use Junk Arm to get Poke Turns, but if you have a Junk Arm late game it can be prove to be very versatile.

Seeker-Be careful when you use Seeker.  For the most part, when you place “Flash Bites”, you will want to put them on the active, so just in case you are forced to use seeker, your opponent can’t pick the damaged guy up.  If your opponent has played Mesprit, NEVER USE SEEKER. They will just pick it up and do it again its not good.  For the most part you will need to use Seeker to cycle through your deck.

Expert Belt-Never put an Expert Belt on a benched Pokemon that you can’t get rid of,  unless you are sure they can’t snipe or get that guy active.

Playing a Long Game-If you get a prize lead, but they somehow setup, keep as many basics on the field as possible and do Radu’s timing technique until the time is called.  If you have a prize lead, you don’t need to take all the prizes, just try to survive.


You also need to know about different decks.

Trainerlock– you either catch them with a bad start, or you cycle through your deck enough to find a cyclone energy, or you lose.

Other Stage 2’s-  Most stage 2’s you should be able to just run over their basics.  If they start with a Mesprit lock, don’t ever use seeker.  Wait out the lock, if necessary play your deck enough until you have 2-3 basics, preferably Unown R.  If they start Spiritomb, try to cyclone it, if not try to wait it out.

SP- The toughest matchup.  Not because you lose a lot, you should win about 70 percent of the time, but because its so hard to play against.  First you want to analyze what game state it is.  If they don’t start with Call Energy and start first, you should be at a game state one.  If they either start 2nd or start with 2 Pokemon and get Call, you are in for a game state two.  You don’t need to stall, but you do need to cycle through the entire deck.  Put all “Flash Bites” on the active, and you should be able to knock it out.  The most important thing, other than cycle through your deck, is to knock out all energy (if no energy, then take out the Energy Gains) on the field.  If they pile on the energy then they have more options, and if they play ERL and you don’t take out the energy you will lose.  Once you “Flash Bite” a Pokemon to death, and have 4 plus powers and a belt on Uxie, you Psychic  Restore and put the Plus Powers on the bottom first, then put the energy and the Expert Belt, and then Uxie.  You should be able to “Setup” next turn for the cards, unless you have more than 1 card in your hand.

With SP you need to be wary of Powerspray.  For the first couple turns when you use Uxie, always have a way to get another uxie. If your opponent doesn’t Powerspray you the first couple times, you know he doesn’t have a spray and if he pretends he does, he is just bluffing, don’t let him push you around! If it’s a gamestate two, you know he will try to Powerspray you at the end.  What you need to do is have ways to re-use uxie, there are 4 ways to do so.  1) have a backup Uxie, 2)Pokemon Rescue Uxie, 3)Seeker, 4, scoop up.  Make sure to prepare for at least 2 of these.  The easiest way to do is to keep maybe one of these cards in your hand, and make sure you keep these cards in your prizes till the end (that’s where Alph Lithograph comes in handy.  SP is tough so keep focused and be ready for anything.  The most important part is to get a prize lead before they get 2 Lv.X’s, or can spray you to death.  If they sprayed you at the end and you can’t get it back, Under no condition are you to put Uxie on the bottom of your deck unless you are positive you can get him back easy.  Just having a lot of basics will make sure they can’t knock out everything and win even though you took more prizes.

Here is my list, its basically just Radu’s list, without 3 Victory Medals. 

12Pokemon 46 Trainers 2 Energy
4 Uxie
3 Crobat G
4 Unown R
1 Unown Q
4 Poke Drawer+
4 Pokedex Handy
1 Victory Medal
4 Super Scoop Up
4 Poketurn
4 Poke Blower+
4 Plus Power
4 Dual Ball
4 Junk Arm
4 Quick Ball
2 Luxury Ball
2 Pokemon Rescue
2 Expert Belt
2 Seeker
1 Alph Lithograph FOUR
2 Cyclone

That’s all this for my Uxie handbook.  If you use my list, you should be able to cycle through your deck 95% of the time.  With reading this article and Radu’s articles, you should be able to do very well.  If you are able to play a couple of games against a great SP player before a tournament, you should be prepared for almost everything.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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