Mew Lock Deck Update and Testing Results

by Pikkdogs ~ September 8th, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with his sidekick Pedro, here to give you an update on my Mew Prime deck.

The first post-catcher decklist I gave you was a Mew Prime deck.  It relied on Vileplume to lock trainers, Pidgeot to stall, and Jumpluff to attack (through Mew Prime of course).  Pedro, tell the nice people how to view the previous article.

If you were lucky enough to miss the last article about Mew Prime, and you for soe reason want to change your luck, you can view it here.

Thank You Pedro.  Since the last article my mind has changed about Mew Prime a couple times.  When I first tested it I thought it was one of the best decks in the post catcher era.  Than I did more testing, built other decks, and played matches against other people.  The final straw with my Mew deck was when Ed’s deck took apart my Mew deck.

If Ed beats you that bad, it indeed is a bad sign.

I agree Pedro.  So after that match I decided to try to find a different deck.  I tried a couple decks but nothing seemed to fit with me.  I know that for Battle Roads I needed something with Vileplume, I thought Pokemon Catcher made Pokemon to complicated.  After failing with a Beartic deck my mind kept on going back to the Mew deck.  I had watched on’s youtube channel that Jason K. had made a similar deck.  His deck featured Sunflora HGSS and Aipom  as tech cards.

At first I had no confidence in a bad tech for a bad Jumpluff deck and a random common like Aipom.  I just didn’t see how that would work in a deck like Mew.  It was partly my ego, and partly my previous experience with Sunflora.  But eventually I was desperate enough to try the deck out.  Even I was shocked at the results.

Who would have guessed, Jason.K knows more about Pokemon then you.  You won a pre-release and he only won at a little tournament called worlds.

I know weird right? 

Anyway, I studied the videos on’s youtube site and was able to come up with a rough decklist of what Jason was running.  I made some adjustments for my own playstyle, tweaked a few things, and changed a couple tires.  What I came up with was a deck that was very disruptive and very fast.  It does struggle in certain situations, but I think this version of the deck was one of the best versions that I have tested.  I hope to keep testing the deck and maybe take it to a Battle Roads.

I won’t talk about how this deck works too much because I talked about it in the last article.

Thanks for sparing us.

Your welcome Pedro.  But I must talk about how Sunflora changes the deck.  Sunflora makes the deck a lot faster by letting you search out Vileplume and Yanmega parts from your deck.  It is very important to get a turn 2 Sunflora.  The odds of getting a turn 2 Vileplume goes up by a lot if you get a turn 2 Sunflora. 

Never tell me the odds.

Okay Han Solo. At first I thought that running Sunflora would slow the deck down a little, but I have always been able to get the Sunflora out fast, and the Sunflora always gets Vileplume out faster.  And getting the Vileplume out faster is what will give you success at Battle Roads.

Here is a version of my list that I am working with.  I am probably planning on playing this deck for Battle Roads, but the list is not yet tournament worthy.  It is still just my testing deck so there are some tweaks to be made before a tournament.  It is a decent list to start, but I admit that it is far from perfect.


  • 4-Mew Prime
  • 3-Yanma
  • 3-Yanmega Prime
  • 2-Muk Ud
  • 1-Jumpluff HGSS
  • 1-Cleffa HGSS
  • 1-Smoochum HGSS-The idea here is to use Smoochum to deny energies to active Pokemon.  It works against low energy Donphan decks and cards that use more than 1 energy to attack.  It works a lot better than I thought it would.
  • 3-Oddish
  • 1-Gloom
  • 2-Vileplume
  • 1-Jirachi-The idea here is to spread damage with Yanmega and use Jirachi to de-evolve Pokemon for an easy knock-out.
  • 2-Sunkern
  • 2-Sunflora-This card speeds up the deck a lot.  Jumpluff - HGSS


  • 4-Pokemon Collector
  • 4-Judge
  • 4-Juniper
  • 3-Rare Candy
  • 3-Pokemon Communication
  • 1-Flower Shop Lady
  • 2-Professor Elm’s Training Method
  • 1-Copy Cat


  • Psychic-6
  • Grass-2
  • Rainbow-4

One change from Jason K.’s deck to my version is the substitution of Aipom for Smoochum.

What a coincidence, I used to dance under the name Smoochums.

Really, I used to dance under the name “Spray Splash”. Anyway, back to Smoochum.  As I mentioned he is used to stall the game by moving energy around on your opponent’s side of the field.  I chose to use Smoochum instead of Aipom because they do a similar thing, but Smoochum attacks and retreats for free.  The bad things about Smoochum is that he only has a donkable 30 HP, and has the ability to stay asleep while on your turn.  Using either Aipom or Smoochum would be a good play, which card you play is more of a personal preference.

Testing Results

I didn’t get a lot of testing done with this deck before I went to the Pokebarn to test the deck against Michigan’s finest, but my initial testing was very good.  I thought it was worthwhile to head to the Poekbarn to test against the Team Warp Point guys to see if my version of the Mew Deck is Battle Roads worthy.  I will not be giving names out or explaining rogue decks because I respect the privacy of the players at the barn.  I don’t wanna give anything away because I know we have a lot of readers who live and play in Michigan. 

Since when do we have “A lot of readers” anywhere?

Okay, so maybe be have 1 or 2 people who live and play in Michigan, I still don’t wanna spoil any secrets for BRs.  If this report needs clarification please tell me so in the comment box and I will see what I can do.

Game 1– This game was against a Reshiphlosion player, and it was actually just a fun game played before the tournament started. The game started very well for me.  I started first, and a turn 2 Sunflora led to a turn 2 Vileplume.  Once I setup a Vileplume, all I needed to do was keep on “Sludge Draging” a benched Reshiram, and then snipe around it with Yanmega.  This game was pretty much over from the beginning.  1-0.

Game 2– I don’t remember the first game of the actual tournament very well. I think it was against a Stage 1 Rush deck.  Again I was able to get a turn 2 or 3 Vileplume and bring up a heavy retreater like Donphan.  I then was able to snipe around it, and eventually knock it out for the game. 2-0

Game 3–  This was a really cool game for me.  Again a turn 2 Sunflora led to a turn 2 Vileplume.  The minute I evolved my opponent decided to throw in the towel.

Which is of course the most useful object in the universe

Right you are.  That brought me to   3-0.  This just shows how terrifying an item lock can be.

Game 4–  This was no doubt the match of the night.  It was against a stage 1 Rush deck.  He got an early Donphan, and I got a turn 3 Vileplume.  I ran into an energy drought early, so I used Smoochum to move the energy to the bench a couple times.  Then I sniped around with Yanmega Prime for 6 turns until he was able to kill 2 of them.  I then got a 3rd Yanmega out before time was called.  By that time we were tied on prizes with 2 left for each of us.  I was able to take a prize on turn 1, and he scooped when he was unable to return the favor on turn 2. 4-0

Game 5– I don’t wanna talk too much about this game to protect some secrets.  I will say that I got a terrible start, and he got a great one.  He was able to knock out 3 Oddishes with 2 Pokemon Catchers and a Junk Arm.  I was unable to do too much since my Jumpluff was prized, so the game was pretty lopsided. 4-1.  After the game we decided to play a fun game, as time was called we each had taken 2 or 3 prizes.  I really hope I can play this guy at a Battle Road.  

Game 6-This game was for Top Cut. I honestly can’t remember what deck this was against, but I think it was against a Stage 1 Rush.  I was unable to get a decent setup, I think I had a turn 3 or 4 Vileplume.  He was able to put 2 energies on Donphan, so I was unable to Smoochum the energies off him.

You were unable to Smoochum him?  Is that the kind of thing that usually goes on at the barn?

Oh yeah we are all a bunch of big Smoochum guys. Anyway,  It can be hard to beat a stage 1 Rush if they get a lot of energies quickly and don’t put up anything to trap.  So I ended up at 4-2 including the practice match.  Even though this was an informal tournament, it was still a good testing session. I learned that the deck is pretty good and faster than I thought it would be.  I also learned that some matchups can be very hard to win, a lot of luck goes into winning.

Just a little bit about matchups.  It seems that against Reshiphlosion and Stage 1 Rush decks I should have a slight advantage.  Although the match can turn the other way fairly quickly.  I haven’t played this deck against a Beartic or Gothitelle deck, but I assume that they would be fairly favorable matchups.  However, anything that can attack fast and is hard to trap, will be tough for this deck to play against.

Here are a few tips for playing against this deck.  It can be fruitful to put in 1 Mew Prime and some Rainbow Energies.  Then you can use the other player’s Muk to “Sludge Drag” up the Vileplume, in hopes of either stalling or knocking it out.  This should be a pretty easy solution against this deck if the deck is played a lot in your meta game (though I don’t anticipate it to be).  It is also very helpful to not put down anything that can be trapped.  As long as each Pokemon can attack for 60 fairly easily, you should be okay.

Well that’s all we got for today.  I hope you enjoyed the article, feel free to leave your comments and questions in the comment box.  So uhhhhhh we’re all done here, Pedro, how do we usually end articles here.

We usually say goodnight to all of our regular writers like they do in the Waltons.

No, I don’t think we do.

No, we do.

Well alright.  Good Night Ed.  Good Night Joel.  Good Night Misnos.  Good Night PokemanDan.  Good Night Renaecollects. Good Night Andrew.  Good Night people who haven’t written in a long time.  Good Night Writers that came for Guest Writers week who I hope will come back to write again. 

Goodnight John Boy

Good one Pedro, I’m sure a lot of Pokemon players love the Waltons.  Thats the way to hit the big 18-24 demographic.  Bring up something popular with the kids, like the Waltons. 

Goodnight Pedro

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the report, and especially the Smoochum tip. Sounds like you didn’t end up using Jirachi–in a lock deck that frustrates Stage 2’s, is it a win-more card?

    Oh, and gee thanks for the Waltons reminder. I had finally gotten that disturbing mole of John-Boy’s out of my mind…

    • Anonymous

      I did end up using Jirachi maybe once or twice that night.  JIrachi is a thing where you don’t usually use it to often, but when you do it is really nice.  I think the more I play it, the more I will use Jirachi. 

    • Anonymous

      by the way, is “smoochum tip” code?

  • Ed

    So, Pedro is like the real deal, eh?  You’d better watch out.  I think he’s going to be a big hit, take your job, take your girls, and leave you with 4 copies of Mudkip.

    Oh, and if you see me hanging around with Pedro more, don’t take it too personally.

    • Anonymous

      “take my job”

      Like I get paid for writing this crap. 

      • Ed

        Shhh, you’re ruining the ruse.

  • Ed

    Also, on a more serious note, I have to mention something that I take pride in.  I feel that, in some way, we have helped shape the face of the Pokemon TCG web scene.  The website ( didn’t start that long ago, but one of the reasons I wanted to do it was to post decklists.  At the time, it seemed somewhat difficult to find lists, except for those that were in “help wanted” forum posts.  The first time the site really got a good showing of new readers was when we published the Sablock article with a crude decklist and I think it was somewhat of a big deal just because most articles didn’t post lists.

    Now, almost every good article (or now even video) you see has at least one list.  I’m not saying that we pioneered the idea or anything, but I do feel like we helped mold that.  So, thanks guys.  It would be cool to be the only place to come and get decklists, but we’re too small-time for that.  It’s good to even just feel like we influenced the landscape, though.

    Thanks to everyone that’s written an article (with or without a decklist included), and special thanks to Pikkdogs for keeping it going.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t say for sure that we were the ones that caused it, but for sure there are a lot more decklists floating around now then there were before.  I have noticed some of the more traditional players complaining about this. 

      • Anonymous

        I wonder if it’s partly the new format being so wide-open. I mean, let’s face it–how many articles with the same LuxChomp list did you want to read? Even in the weeks before Nats, it was pretty clear that there were only a few decks that would be played there. But right now, I don’t think anyone knows what’s going to win BR’s, and there are a ton of candidates. (Like the Republicans. But less nutball.)

  • Quarter-Turn

    I’m really really curious why no Twins is being played.

    • Anonymous

      In my testing I don’t get behind too often.  I feel that its better to use that space for drawing and hand refresh supporters.  Though if you played some it would not be a terrible play

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  • Mark

    Great article! And i cant wait to start contributing with articles of my own. Also thanks for the shoutout by calling our game the game of the night! It was extremely close but in the end smoochum did her job and screw donphan haha.