Pikkdogs Day 2 Nationals Report

by Pikkdogs ~ July 1st, 2012.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a review of the second day of Nationals.  I’m sorry that this was so late, but I was ill the 2nd day and I didn’t feel up to writing another report.

Day 2 Report

I had a tough nights sleep the night before, so I was very tired going into this day.  I started the day with another plate full of waffles, which is a good thing.

Round 6 vs Darkrai/Tornadus/Mewtwo

My opponent goes first again and flips over a Mewtwo EX.  Yay, I get to play another one of my bad match-ups.  He doesn’t get an energy drop, so I think I might have a chance.  I use an N on my turn, but my hand afterwards is very bad.  This makes me lose an energy drop myself, I also don’t have another supporter or things like Eviolite.  On his next turn he gets a DCE on Mewtwo and attacks with “X-Ball”.  I am able to take away the damage on my next turn, and I use Pokemon Catcher to stall and bring up Darkrai EX.  This goes on for a while where I am able to keep my Entei up and stall with Pokemon Catcher.  But, he eventually gets energy on Darkrai and is able to get a second DCE on Mewtwo.  I still have a supporter drought on my side of the field, and I have to scoop once he has a third DCE on Mewtwo.


2-4– I wanted to get a 500 record for the tourney, so going behind 2 games is not something I wanted to do.  But there were still 3 more rounds where I could still get a winning record.

Round 7 vs Accelgor

I’m sorry that I don’t remember much for this round because I forgot to take notes, but I know it didn’t go well.  I had never played this deck before, but I did here one good strategy when I was reading some random article.  I read that a good strategy was to only attack Accelgors so that your opponent will fill up their bench and not be able to get an Accelgor chain.  I might have been able to use Pokemon Catcher to kill the Vileplumes, but I tried to do the bench thing.  On cue my opponent started first with Sunkern and began to fill the bench.  He only had one Accelgor line going, so I thought I could lock him.

This made the game very long, but he had the upperhand later in the game.  I eventually decided that I needed to take away his free retreat Tyrogue, but these couple prizes didn’t really help.  He still was able to get a lot of special conditions, and he kept the lock on for the most of the game.

2-5– Not happy after getting paired against a trainer lock deck.  I didn’t really have any experience against this deck, so I probably made some misplays.  If i would have been aggressive on the Vileplume I might have been able to win.

Round 8 vs Kim with Klingklang

This is my first game against a Klingklang deck, so I am excited to see how it goes.  Kim was a very nice person from Virginia, it was fun to play against her.  She starts first with a Cobalion, she attaches and then passes.  I get a good start and get a steady chain of supporters which allow me to get everything I needed except Eviolite.  Fortunately I didn’t really need any Eviolite.  I was able to use Pokemon Catcher and her weakness to my advantage.  Because she had prized her Kyurem EX she really didn’t have a chance.  It took me a little while to KO all of her EXs, but after I took away all the Klingklangs she didn’t have much of a chance.  I end up with a 6 prize win.

3-5 – My chance to get to 4-5 just got a little better.  One more game to give me an okay record.

Round 9 vs CMT I think

I don’t really remember much about this game and I didn’t take notes again.  If I remember what happened I will update this report.  All I know is that I did win.  It might have been against a CMT.

4-5– Well that is not a great record, but its not terrible either.  It is about what I thought I would get.  But, I thought I would get a little better match-ups then I did.  Oh well.

Conclusion and 64 Man Pod

Nationals even brought out a bug catcher.


After the main event wrapped up we went to lunch.  I had some good Chinese food and some root beer and cheese curds from A&W.  Up next was a big side-event, the 64 man Pods.  This was more of a fun event that had packs as prizes for winning either 3 or 4 games of a 4 round Swiss event.  I wasn’t feeling to excited since I didn’t do well at the main event.  I started the four round tournament with a bye since my opponent did not show up after lunch.  In the next round I played an Eels/Raikou deck.  Since he could only do about 100 damage, he really couldn’t do much to me.  My deck worked fine as I got to 2-0.  In my third round I played one of the best games I had played in a long time.  This was against a CMT deck.  The opponent should have beat me, but I used Pokemon Catcher to attack the Mewtwos before they were Eviolited.  I was able to get a good 3 prize lead when time was called.  Even though I had just 1 prize card left, I almost lost because I was one turn away from decking out.  But I was lucky enough to win after turn 3 because I was fortunate that time wasn’t called on my next turn.  So I go to 3-0 and am guaranteed some packs, but I can win with some luck.   In the 4th game I play against Jesus from Florida.  He was a nice guy who informed me that he and his wife just welcomed their first girl, congrats Jesus!  This game was against an Eel deck that had 3 Mewtwo in it.  Jesus was not able to get a lot of energies on the field because I kept on knocking out his Eels.  The ending of the game was almost like the opposite of my previous game.  I am able to get a prize lead and Jesus is about to deckout, but I am not able to find another Entei EX when I really needed it, and Jesus ends up winning.  I do still get 5 packs for winning 3 games, but I don’t pull anything good.

After the tournament me and the crew went back to the motel because I wasn’t feeling well.  I immediately went back to the bed and fell asleep.  My buddy James later showed up with some food for me and I started feeling better.  Big thanks to James for that.

So that wraps up my Nationals for this year.  I had a really fun time, especially on the first day.  The concert combined with Day 1 was very fun.  Big thanks to Good Luck Varisty for organizing the concert.  Also big thanks to the judges.  The tournament ran a lot smoother this year than last.  There were a lot of delays on the second day, but that was more due to players playing late into time than anything else.   It kind of sucks that I did poorly in the main event, but did well in the side evemt, but that’s how it goes sometimes.  I finally have my pictures together, I fused them all together in a Youtube movie which you can see below, enjoy.


So long and thanks for all the fish.

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